AFWiki-Template:General Character

This section should be a short description of the characters purpose in Angel Falls. It need not be long, nor overly descriptive, just a generalized description.

History Edit

This should have all information on your characters history that is impertenent to the character. It can be known, or unknown information.

Sub Category Edit

This can be a period of their history such as events in another reality, another universe, another city etc. It can be an episode in their history but inclusive in the subcategory. If there are more then one, just add another Sub Category header like the one above.

Miscellanous Edit

This should pertain why this character is being posted such as if a Business eader, then how they affect others. This can also be used for such impertinent info like Criminal record, business dealings, Historical dates, etc.

Relationships Edit

As stated if any. ub categories can be added, or deleted as needed.