Aegis thinking 1a

Aegis is physically powerful but ever the thinker.

Name: Sally Blevins

Callsign: Aegis

Height: 6’3” (190 cm)

Weight: 230 lbs (104 kg)

Skin pigmentation: Mediterranean

Eyes: Emerald Green

Hair: Dark Red

Last known origins: Angel Falls—exact address unknown.

== Known Powers==

Super-strength: Aegis was engineered so that she would posess tremendous physical strength far beyond what a woman of her physical stature would normally be capable of lifting. Through years of intense and rigorous workouts she has honed her body to the point where she can now lift about 80 tons.

Super-endurance: Aegis’ heightened endurance and physical recuperative abilities are truly remarkable. It is believed that she can operate in a field of engagement for several days without appreciable rest and with minimal impact on performance parameters. Her wounds appear to heal at an accelerated rate though this ability falls well short of regeneration. Likely it is a combination of supreme physical conditioning and a powerful natural immune system. She does appear vulnerable to drugs and poisons, though dosages must be amplified dramatically beyond what would normally be administered to a human.

Heightened Reflexes: Aegis possesses reflexes that are marginally better than those displayed by Olympic class athletes. This puts her at the maximum of what could be expected from a normal human or perhaps slightly beyond. Years of training have honed her fighting skills into precision muscle-memory responses. Expect text-book fighting maneuvers designed to minimize damage and maximize expenditures of energy. She prefers to wear an opponent down, but isn’t opposed to a fast and aggressive attack. Don’t present an easy target.

Heightened Intelligence: Aegis displays genius levels of intelligence. She tested at a 160 IQ when she started college at age 14. She is considered one of the brightest minds in the area of Vector Combinatorics. Her work on displaced fields around movable platforms is considered revolutionary.

Super-Willpower: It is believed that Aegis’ great endurance is partially due to a greatly heightened mental fortitude. It seems likely she has undergone years of intensive training to harden her resolve in the face of otherwise incredibly daunting or mind-altering circumstances. As of this time, her limits in this area are difficult to gauge. It is noteworthy that she appears not to possess any psychic abilities or the ability to wield magic of any kind.

Admantium-reinforce Tissue: Blood samples taken from recent activity show that Aegis’ tissues contain small deposits of organically produced admantium. This likely makes her bone, muscle, skin, and organs highly resistant to damage. It also likely means she has a special organ in her body that produces or extracts the admantium components from food sources and then manufaturces the metal naturally. It is believed she has a very specialized diet. Further conjecture speculates that the admantium deposits are arranged in a fine mesh around her cell walls. This would likely provide a semi-regid defensive barrier that stiffens and redistributes energy all along the mesh thus making her capable of withstanding tremendous punishment. ***Censored***

Addendum: It is believed that her body accumulates the densest quantites of organic admantium in her bones. Her skin or possibly nerves contain the least. Her musculature seems to contain a moderately dense amount of the molecule. It is highly probably that increases in muscular volume will increase these deposits within her skeletal muscle.

Force Vector Manipulation: Aegis’ signature power is her ability to manipulate force around her. This power originates in her ability to actually perceive force with a sixth sense. She can literally “feel” the movement of objects in close vacinity. The second part of this power is her ability to intensify, weaken, or alter the force acting upon the object and thus affect its movement. The easiest metaphor for this power is the classic pool situation. Aegis could literally sense the cue-ball striking the eight-ball on the table. She could also mentally alter the collision by increasing the impact force of the cue-ball, deadening it, or redirecting the force. She could likewise alter the force acting upon the cue-ball from the eight-ball in any of the previously mentioned manner. In practical terms, this power can be used to redirect an enemy, enhance the force of one of her blows, decrease the force of an opponent’s blow, fly, or create fields where force is generally deadened, enhanced, or repelled. This power is believed to have a maximum force capacity considerably less than her own strength, perhaps as low as 10% of her super-strength. Ground and satellite radar have tracked her flying in the upper-atmosphere at speeds approaching what would be Mach 8 at sea level.

Skill setsEdit

Her martial skills include mastery of Pankration, Jui-Jitsu, and Muay Thai. She excels at fencing and Kendo, and has recently begun studying Escrima. It is recommended to avoid physical or prolonged engagements with her as this is her strength. Also avoid her legs wherever possible. Her arms and upper body are imposing, but pale to the force she can deliver with a kick or knee.

She posesses five degrees, all from MIT. She has undergraduate degrees in mathematics and physics. She posesses a masters degree in applied mathematics and has recently graduated with two doctoral degrees in applied mathematics and theoretical physics. Her informal training probably includes substantial knowledge of the field of genetics and biology due to her association with the former Director of Project Genome.

Excerpt from Aegis’ journal:Edit

What is it like to have a mother, to be born, to be held in an exhausted embrace, to have the umbilical cord cut? I wouldn’t know; I wasn’t born. I wasn’t even hatched. I was concocted, mixed, constructed, and assembled. Not of brick and mortar, steel and wire, I was built of adenine, cytosine, thymine, and guanine. I was assembled molecule by molecule, stirred in a petri dish, inserted into a synthetically grown egg, and matured in an artificial womb. I was not the first, but I was the first successful. My brother entered the world with me. Of him, I will say little.

All of this was done under the auspice of Project Genome. I don’t know what sacrifices the world made bringing about my existence. I know of the billions of blood samples used to decode human DNA and encode my own. I know of the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on the project, some of it taxpayer money. I know of the seventeen who came before me, the ones who didn’t make it. I know of the love of the man who adopted me when the project folded—the man I still call Doc, my father.

He has told me the story many times. He was young when he joined Project Genome—A supremely talented geneticist looking to make his mark on the world. His first job was analyzing blood samples, samples that cane in from all over the world. A couple of years later he was moved to special samples—samples that possessed evidence of meta-traits. A year and a half after that he was placed in charge of a special sample team. Two years later, he was in charge of special samples. A year after that he was in charge of the entire sampling department.

He told me he worked with some of the brightest minds from around the planet—people who graduated magna and summa cum laude from Cambridge, MIT, Cal. Tech, and Georgia Tech just to name a few. They were paid well—exorbitantly well—for their time and services. It was at this time that Doc made a small fortune on a small Florida video-rental company. It didn’t hurt that he didn’t have much to spend his money on, or that because he was stationed in international waters he didn’t have to pay taxes.

For the next few years, Doc continued to rise rapidly through the ranks. Within another six years, he was officially head of Project Genome. He was directed to initiate two new operational phases coded respectively R and S. His first act as Project Chairman was to rename us to Ryan and Sally. “We were people,” he’d say, “not projects!” He was adamant about that. You care for people; you raise people. You teach people. You can walk away from a project but never people.

One of my earliest memories is Doc holding me in his arms telling Operations Director Allen he was fired. “These are two wonderful children. They are not test subjects! They will grow up strong and healthy whether you like it or not!”

He was half right. The next day Sulustarr shut down Project Genome and came to collect its property: Experiments R and S along with twenty years of research data.

I remember Doc carrying me through the building. His right arm supported my body-weight while his left was wrapped around me, holding me close. I remember wrapping my tiny arms about his neck, clinging desperately to him while tears streamed down my cheeks. I remember the determination on his face as he barked orders to confused men and women. I remember him going back for Ryan and coming back to me empty handed, tears streaming from his own cheeks.

The next evening at exactly 12:01 AM, while the sole security guard at the abandoned Project Genome building was taking a smoke break, a large piece of a Sulustarr satellite crashed into the building. The burning fragment of the communications relay on the satellite smashed through reinforced concrete and hardened bunkers. It completely destroyed the research database. In an instant, 20 years of research and hundreds of millions of dollars of information were incinerated.

News reports indicated that a top-secret Sulustarr habitation and research satellite collided with a large global communications array. Both satellites were believed annihilated and most of the pieces burned up on reentry. The one exception being the large chunk that smashed into Project Genome.

Many years later, when I started my doctoral dissertation in applied mathematics, I started writing a paper on how to calculate a collision with two objects in space so that a large chunk of the collision could be used as a weapon. I worked on it for six months before I realized it was going to take me far too long to complete.

I asked him about it once. He walked up to me, tears streaming from his eyes. He rubbed my shoulders, kissed me on the cheek, hugged me tight, and leaned in close whispering in my ear, “Never underestimate a father’s love for his little girl.”

I don’t know how long he held me crying. I didn’t have a watch, and even if I did, I wouldn’t have cared. There are many things in this world for a daughter to be grateful for: a home, an education, food on the table, friends. Highest among them, I hold the love of my father. I hugged him tightly until we both stopped crying, and then I challenged him to a game of chess. I lost again.

We sat there for long hours next to the window watching the beautiful stars pass by. The entire Milky Way Galaxy was visible, a sea of crystals in the darkness of the universe. We sat in silence, enjoyed each other’s company and played our game. We played until the sun crested the blue-green orb beneath us and the facility windows began to automatically darken in response, windows that read Sulustarr 1: Habitation and weapons platform.

One day, when I’m ready, I’ll go back down there, down to the blue-green world where I began and I’ll pay Sulustarr a little visit. They won’t like the results.