Camilla Gomez
Amazonia Golde Era
Aliases: Amazonia
Identity: Secret
Species: Human
Gender: Female (Hermaphrodite)
Citizenship: United States (formely Brazil)
Place of Birth: Amazonas, Brazil
Hair: Jet Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 158 lbs
Occupation: Zoologist, Personal Assistant to Patrick Noir
Creator(dA name): TrekkieGal
Base of Operation(s): Varies
Affiliations: The Protectors
Marital Status: Single
Children: Stunning Gomez
Mother: Name unknown(deceased)>br> Adopted by Queen Etheria (deceased)
Father: (deceased)
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Amazonia (Camilla Gomez) is a Golden Era article as subject concerns Angel Falls before the 1950's


Amazonia (Camilla Gomez) is the goddess of the Etherian Amazons. Her mythos is a combination of Ancient Greek, and South American religions. It is believe she is the direct reference to Hermaphroditus, and is sometimes address as Salmacis. Her powers also are connected with Arion technology given to her by the Arion Zaros.

She first appeared in 1936, and has since then appeared mostly in the United States. She is considered a Super Heroine in most circles and rarely called herself a Goddess. She was instrumental in World War II, as well became a beacon for the Civil Rights movements. In 1987, she died from a fatal gunshot and laid to rest in Angel Falls.

History Edit


Camilla Gomez 1937

1908 The cargo ship Atalaia Negron sank in the Amazon river near the Jurua River mouth. It is believed there were a few survivors from the crew and passenger listed of 22. Although it's not certain how long they survived. It is believed Camilla was an infant on the boat, and was rescued by native Indians. They would teach her how to survive in the Amazon. It's not known why, but in 1917 she was given to a passing ship, which two passengers Dr Pablo and Milena Gomez would take the child back to Macapa. She was listed as the only known survivor to the sinking of the Atalaia Negron.

Upon her discovery it was also noted that Camilla was indeed inter-sexed at birth. This was down played by the media, and never released to the public outside of Brazil. She would fit in well with society although she had a fear of people in general, and choose to spend her time with animals. It is this factor that help her choose a career in zoological, and veterinary.

Her being a female limited her in her chosen professions in Brazil, so in 1930 she took a boat back down the Amazon River, and never returned. In 1936, while studying Army Ants she ran into Patrick Noir who was also exploring the Amazon in search of the Amazonian tribe that raised Camilla. Patrick's interest was purely to find a celestial object that may of crashed in the Forest back in 1892. Camilla would inform him of the Sky Temple and that once he sees it he would understand no one must know of it's existence. In several days they would find the famed Sky Temple which in actuality was a crashed Arion Sky Hammer space craft. Upon their discovery, they were met by an Italian military recovery operation led by Professor Daimano Infierno. After sending Camilla to hide, he was captured, and forced to offload Arion weapons for the Italian military. It was during this time that Camilla activated the Key of Amazonia on her necklace, and was transformed into the Amazon Goddess.

Camilla Gomez and Patrick Noir 1936

The Etherian Amazons would capture Patrick and the others and planned to execute them. Amazonia would come to their rescue, and save their lives, as well tell them of the dangers of removing the weapons that were overloading and would destroy everything for miles. After saving the men, she wiped all but Patrick's mind of the Sky Temple. It was decided that since he had a pure mind, that Camilla would be his custodial responsibility to never reveal knowledge of the Sky Temple to the outside world, or Amazonia will kill him.

From 1941 to 1945 she was instrumental in the World War for the Allied forces. After the war she was approached by the United States State Department in forming a team of Super Heroes to battle against other humans with abilities above normal humans that threaten the world. She would become one of the founding members of the Protectors.
Amazonia Patriot

This was the Uniform she graced as a Protector from 1946-1953

In September 1950, under the urging of Spartan One, Amazonia assisted United Nations forces in the Korean War after forces of the North had pushed southern forces to the southern tip. She was instrumental in regaining lost territory, but it was the decision of the United States to push northward that had cause her to second guess the United States Military and Political agenda. By November 1950, sghe would end her assistance. After UN forces were overrun by the Chinese backed North she became a pariah for the Political forum in the form of the McCarthy Hearings. Despite their accusations public opinion was not wavered by the indictment. It wasn't until a threat to lock up Patrick Noir and label him as a traitor did she relent, and surrendered herself for incarceration for treason. She would serve 9 months until she was cleared of the charges, over this time Patrick Noir would mysteriously disappear. From 1954-1963 she would search globally for him with no trace of him ever found.

Diassappearance Edit

Silver Age

Silver Age Amazonia which she wore this uniform from 1954-1987

In 1965 Amazonia once again was called to serve the United States in the Vietnam Conflict. Her roll was to protect civilian lives, but in 1966 the tide of the conflict had changed, and the United States began to step up their aggression with bombing raids. False intelligence lead them to a small North Vietnamese village of 428 civilians as being a North Vietnamese weapons stronghold. The false report was a trap as they had secured several STA missiles in hopes of bringing down American B52's. Amazonia caught wind of the trap as well as the ploy of having the the civilians bombed. She diverted the bombs to land harmlessly miles of course, as well take out all of the North Vietnamese missiles. The United States once again labeled her a traitor, as the North Vietnamese propagandized her efforts as her acceptance to their cause. By March 1967 she returns to Angel Falls for what would be her last mission as a Protector. Working with The Black Spider she was helping to track down the Red Bear. The Black Spider rejected her aid as he knew that the Red Bear wanted to rape the heroine. It was interference by Tamara Blackwood that persuaded her to help the Black Spider, but upon catching up to the Red Bear she found the Black Spider had fallen victim to his violence and had broken his spine. Unable to heal him conventionally it was his admittance of love for her she healed him by mating with him.


The last time that she used the Golden Staff as a weapon it was in the form of a Gun.

It was afterwards she hunted down the Red Bear, and after a long struggle she found herself unable to defeat the regenerative villain. In a fit of rage and revenge she used the Golden Staff of Justice as a gun, and shot him with a bullet designed by the Black Spider that would kill him. She would disappear from Angel Falls for the next 9 years. Unknown is that she gave birth to her daughter Stunning Gomez

Reappearance, and Death Edit

Camilla would return to Angel Falls with her daughter Stunning in 1976, but Amazonia would appear much later after the theft of Amazon artifacts from Turkey were stolen from the Patrick Noir Museum of Natural Mysteries.

The end of an Era for the Goddess of Justice.

She would continue to appear minus the Golden Staff of Justice. In 1987, Panthera would once again appear this time on a mission to finally destroy Amazonia at any coat. Holding hostages she successfully save all, but in the attempt it would not only cause Panthera's death, but Amazonia's as well. Her funeral was one of the largest in Angel Falls history. There was no body displayed as she was laid to rest privately by Bernie Kovacs as Camilla Gomez. Her daughter attended the funeral as well as several dignitaries, military leaders, former presidents and world leaders.

Temperment Edit

Charming, Thoughtful, very thorough. She is friendly although stays to herself, some what shy if not outwardly cautious. She can be violent, carries a Lady Smith & Weston at all time. Deadly with a blade, and spear (and shaft tool is a weapon to her). Shares a love for adventure as well an admiration for Patrick Noir.

Physical Abilities Edit

Believed raised by native Indian tribes in the Amazon, she possesses numerous traits of strength, enhance sense of hearing, vision, and smell. She also has a high constitution as well.

Sexuality Edit

Heterosexual her past is littered with many suitors. Seeks a relationship with Patrick Noir but is afraid to make him aware of this.

Abilities Edit

  • Enhanced Strength- Can lift and move heavy and large objects.
  • Enhance Breath- Can blow and cirulate air up to speeds of 150 MPH (speculatively rated).
  • Flight- Can reach speeds excess to Mach 1. Can not leave the atmosphere without equipment.
  • Sight- Several times greater than an eagle.
  • Near Invulnerability- Regenerative Constitution
  • Healing- Can heal the injured as well herself.
  • Enhanced Speed- Can run in excess of 90 MPH. Leap speed can vary to close to 450 MPH
  • Hearing- Has very keen sense of hearing on multiple wavelengths.
  • Olfactory- Can follow a scent for miles

Tools Edit

  • The Staff of Justice - Can assume any wepons shape. 1936-1954 primarily as a whip. 1954-1967 a Disc ring.
  • Tiara of Healing - Has Telepathic abilities as well can heal people as well able to wipe out memories as well as restore them.
  • Bracers - Made of alien metal, they can deflect almost any projectiles. Capable of deflecting a Shell from a Battleship.

Weakness Edit

Losing her Tiara makes her unable to use the whip to it's potential as well weakens her invulnerability. Despite her enhance invulnerability can still be harmed by projectiles.

Appearances Edit


Amazonia (Camilla Gomez) Is a member of the Protectors roster. They served the during the Golden Age from 1946-1976.