Amazonia Meets the Black Spider
Creator: TrekkieGal
Writer: TrekkieGal
Editor: Pathetic Virgin
Artist: TrekkieGal
Number of Chapters: 11
Heroes: Amazonia (Camilla Gomez)
The Black Spider
Villains: The Mason
Other Key Characters: Patrick Noir
Ursula Chase
Date Posted: February 2013
Previous Story: Amazonia; Espionage at the Museum
Next Story: Amazonia Volume 1 Issue 3
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Amazonia Meets the Black Spider is a Golden Era article as subject concerns Angel Falls before the 1950's


Synopsis Edit

Bernie Kovacs comes to town under the guise to take new photos of Angel Falls. Immediately a purse snatching goes wrong when he uses a shoe brush to thwart the would be thief. He returns the purse to Camilla Gomez, So appreciative she brings him to the Black Ice to get a room for his stay. There he meets Ursula Chase and Patrick Noir. Talk of the Mason, a crime lord from Centennial Ridge the may have abducted Vinny Bocci has his interest pique as later that night he goes on the hunt as the Black Spider. Breaking out an illegal gambling house he has a chance meeting with Amazonia. After some coaxing the two head for the piers in search of the Mason. Using herself as a distraction, Amazonia comes peacefully to meet the Mason, as the Black Spider gets into his lab and finds out how he makes his problems disappear. He finds out he has made an instant embalming, bit what he don't know he used it on Amazonia, and she is quite incapacitated by the small dart full of the dip. The Black Spider finds the antidote and works his way into the warehouse to find the petrified Amazonia. Keeping his cool he takes out the Masons men one by one until it is just the two of them. The Mason gets the upper hand but Amazonia was shot with the cure way before when the spider entered, and takes down the Mason. All seemed well until a revived Vinny Bocci tries to kills all three of them. It is the Black Spiders quick reflexes that save Amazonia and himself from being squashed, but the Mason wasn't that lucky.

Notes Edit

  • First meeting of the Black Spider and Amazonia.

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