Angel Falls is roughly divided up into several main districts: Eden Island, North Angel Falls, The Old Harbor, South Angel Falls, Downtown, West Angel Falls and The Outer Islands. These districts are further divided into various neighborhoods, describe here

Eden Island District Edit


(High Class Luxury and Corporate Area) Located on the Eden Island, the Largest Island of the City of Angel Falls, this is home to the whose-who of the Rich and Famous of Angel Falls. It is also home to many of the headquarters of some of Angel Falls' major corporations.

1. North Bay: The North Bay Area is a posh neighborhood of expensive waterfront homes and historic mansions owned by some of Angel Falls' wealthiest families. North Bay features exclusive yacht clubs and beach-front property, with few stretches of public beach. During the holiday season, North Bay's stately mansions are beautifully decorated and there are tours to see them.

Places of Interest: North Bay Yacht Club, GLOBEX Headquarters

2. Bayview: The Neighborhood of Bayview is situated on the Eastern side of Eden Island and is the most affluent of the eastern communities on the Island.

Places of Interest: Bayview Waste Treatment Plant, Pianosa Boarding School

3. Port Regal: Port Regal is believe it or not one of the less affluent neighborhoods of Eden Island and some of the old mansions and Victorian-era homes have been sold to businesses or turned into bed-and-breakfast inns. This works well in conjunction with the numerous spas and hot springs located throughout Port Regal. Port Regal clusters around Lake Mackenzie. The Lake area features more upscale homes, particularly those with lakefront property. The Lake is a popular place for recreation during the summer and fall, replete with boating and other water activities.

Places of Interest: Galaxy Spa, Isley Botanical Gardens

4. Kingston: The Kingston Neighborhood is filled with the Headquarters of Many of Angel Falls' Major Corporate Businesses. There are many High-Rise luxury Apartments usually serving those making high incomes. Kingston is also home to a small private airport that caters to Private and Corporate jets.

Globex headuarters

GLOBEX Corporate Headquarters

Places of Interest: Trainor Airport, Meta Life Insurance Corporation, Stranger Industries, Universal Omnitech, Yoyodyne Industries, Nova-Gen Technologies, Global Media, Sunburst Communications, Asmodai Cosmetics, The Rhodes Foundation

5. Halo Hills: One of the few gated communities on Eden Island and the most expensive. It is primarily a place where many of the famous Movie Stars, Singers, etc and those who have summer homes choose to stay. Halo Hills contracts with Stronghold Securities to deal with its security.

North Angel Falls District Edit

(New Industrial Area) North Angel Falls is quickly replacing South Angel Falls as the Industrial Heart of the city.

1. Parkside: Parkside is home to a number of High-Rise apartments and Condominiums, priced for those with money to burn. Most are home to up and coming business people working in the North End and Wading Way, along with some well-off artists and Media Personalities. A Parkside address is a sure sign of someone who's arrived on the Angel Falls scene, however most know that an Eden Island address is when you've made it.

Places of Interest: Liberty Park, Crowne Industry Genetics Laboratory


2. Hanover: One of the largest areas in North Angel Falls District is Hanover. Much of Hanover is focused on Small High-Technology businesses, particularly "e-business". This is enhanced by the presence of the Angel Falls Institute of Technology, one of the nation's most prestigious schools for technical education. New business opportunities have helped revitalize Hanover, property values continue to climb and considerable urban renewal has taken place with the conversion of old structures and the building of new housing, shopping, and other facilities. The area has a "College Town" feel to it, with the area near AFIT campus catering to the needs and interests of students and young technical professionals.

Places of Interest: The Albright Institute, Daily Word Offices, The Fourth World, Angel Falls Correctional Facility, Greeley Street, Angel Falls Institute of Technology, Hanover Square, Hanover Zoo, Jameson Airport, Machine, Master Lee's School of Self Defense, The Promenade, Schuster Auditorium

3. Brigand's Cove: The area of Brigand's Cove is a coastal neighborhood that has seen a major increase in its activity since Yoyodyne Industries announced and built the Yoyodyne Arcology Building, the largest building in the city. In addition to the Arcology building, Brigand's Cove also has seen an increase in its economy from the Light Manufacturing Businesses that have moved into the area and the completion of the artificial Olympus Harbor.

Places of Interest: Yoyodyne Arcology Building, Olympus Harbor

Old Harbor District Edit

(Old Docks) The Old Harbor is one of the oldest areas in the city and its history is one of the foundations of Angel Falls. It was up until the influx of the Industrial Movement and later Modern Manufacturing, the leading economic drive of the city. Today the area is the third largest source of income for Angel Falls. Recnetly the area was hard hit by a supposed "Rogue" Tidal Wave which has lead to a refurbishment of the area and the influx of many businesses, such as Casinos and various entertainment venues.


1. The Waterfront: The city's Waterfront is located on the west side of the Peninsula lined with piers that handle most of Angel Falls' shipping traffic, along with warehouses storing goods being shipped into and out of the city. The Waterfront is considerably cleaner and more prosperous than many similar areas in other eastern cities, which is a source of considerable civic pride to most Angel Fallsians. The Waterfront also features the Angel Falls Aquarium, located along the southern edge of the Waterfront, a modern tourist attraction and scientific research facility. The City's labor unions are quite influential on the Waterfront and most of the dockside workers are union members. Thus far this has caused no disputes, since workers are well paid and working conditions are generally good. Despite this, the criminal element is often attracted to places like the Waterfront. The Angel Falls Police Department has expressed some concern over smuggling from other areas working it way up to the Waterfront and keep a close watch on shipments moving in and out of the docks.

Places of Interest: Angel Falls Aquarium, Angel Harbor

2. Fisherman's Wharf: By definition Fisherman's Wharf could not be called a true neighborhood, as there are very few residential homes in the area. Fisherman's Wharf is where the concentration of Angel Falls Fishing Industry is located with Canneries, Piers, Warehouses dotting the area and the World Famous Fish Market selling fresh seafood.

Places of Interest: The Angel Fish Market

3. The Boardwalk: The South Area of the Old Harbor district is dominated by the Boardwalk, a pseudo-neighborhood only because there are some residential areas around the area, but its nothing major. The Boardwalk is lined with Hotels, Casinos and various entertainment venues, since gambling because legal in the area before the rest of the city. Originally built during the heyday of gangsters in the 1920s, some of the hotels show their age while others have been recently rebuilt and renovated. Money pours into the Boardwalk from local people and thousands of tourists from all across the world. The local government and law enforcement are well aware the Boardwalk is riddled with Mob corruption and influence, but efforts to close it down are met with stiff resistance because of the substantial amounts of income the city earns from taxing gambling and other recreational activities along the Boardwalk. Where the Police are often stymied, some Heroes have made greater progress.

Places of Interest: Atlantis, The Golden Calf, Paradise, The Southside Palace, Infinity (Nightclub), Pier Two Shopping Center

South Angel Falls District Edit

(Old Industrial Area) South Angel Falls is where Angel Falls' Industrial nature first began, many of the old buildings still remain and are currently being considered for New use by the city. The District is changing slowly losing the identity it held for Decades as the city looks to use the Old Section to build towards the future.

1. Ledge Hammer: Ledge Hammer was the first area of South Angel Falls to receive city revitalization so it does not show many signs of its Industrial Beginnings. A few living areas are present mostly in renovated warehouse buildings. Ledge Hammer also has a heavy restaurant and Club Scene.

Places of Interest: Club Sin, Paudriac's Getaway, Hedon International Resort, Casino, Bordello & Golf Course

2. Little Broadway: Bordering Arcadia Bay, is Little Broadway, a neighborhood of small apartment buildings clustered around a number of local theatres and clubs featuring some of the Best Nightlife in Angel Falls. Entertainment ranges from Broadway-Style plays and Operas to avant-garde productions of performance art and concerts. The emphasis in Little Broadway is on performance; gallery shows and he like tend to take place in Riverside. Many young actors and performers live in the area, although some complain the rents are becoming to expensive for them. The truly successful move up to Parkside when they hit the big time. The eastern edge of Little Broadway is home to the Massive Angel Dome and Angel Falls Coliseum, which holds sporting events and concerts. Little Broadway also features many restaurants and eateries, open late to cater to the after-show crowds.

Places of Interest: Angel Opera House, The Angel Dome, Angel Falls Coliseum, Third Hammer Studios

3. Silent Hill: Silent Hill is the smallest neighborhood in Angel Falls. Originally Marshy area, it was filled in years ago to allow for the expansion of the city and to eliminate diseases-carrying insects. Now a new sort of disease is infecting Silent Hill. The area becomes progressively more low rent with each block away from the Border of Little Broadway. Silent Hill is home to sleazy porn theatres and adult bookstores, a large number of seedy bars, and relatively cheap housing. More than a few have commented that it is unfortunate Silent Hill has been largely spared the damage inflicted on the rest of the city by super-battles. Of any of the areas of Angel Falls, it's one the should be leveled. Still Silent Hill is cleaner and less dangerous than it has been in the past. The AFPD has undertaken increased vigilance in the area and the city is doing what it can to "Clean Up" Silent Hill.

Inv SM DM Shard

Silent Hills Clock tower, and Shard has found guest at the Bus stop. L-R Silver Mist, Invictus, and the Doll Maker

Places of Interest: Seraphim Heights, Silent Hills Clock Tower

4. Lonely Point: The Most isolated spot in Angel Falls, Lonely Point is named for its seemingly undeveloped and desolate terrain. Lonely Point is home to a United States Naval Base and a single road leads out to and from the Base. The Naval Base sometimes serves as a drop-off and pick-up point for prisoners and staff moving to and from Silver Moon Island where Tartarus Prison is located and often works in cooperation with the Space Control Center on Star Island. Places of Interest: The Crowne Estate, Lonely Point Naval Base, Tartarus Prison, Star Island

Downtown District Edit

(City Center)


1. Verdant Way: Running along the northern side of the Downtown District is Angel Falls' Financial District, centered in Verdant Way. The Street is lined with Brokerage Houses, Banks, Investment Companies, and some Corporate Headquarters, all of which exchange Billions of Dollars on a daily basis. Like the rest of the Downtown area, Verdant Way benefits from the city's ultra-modern infrastructure particularly Information and Communication Networks, carrying tremendous loads of calls, faxes, and E-Mails going in and out every minute. There is even a brand new wireless computer network run by Horizon Communications that blankets this part of the city. The area's buildings are some of the tallest in the city, towers of glass and steel featuring some novel architectural styles and techniques, courtesy of some of the world's most famous architects. The city monorail runs along the outside edge of Verdant Way, carrying many to and from work everyday. Most of the office buildings share extensive underground parking garages as well. Street Parking can be difficult to find and the streets are nearly always lined with cars. The sidewalks bustle with business people, often talking on cell phones, as they make their way between offices, as well as messengers, and other people going about their business. The so-called "Golden Row" of the Financial Area has some of the tallest buildings in Angel Falls, it includes Hart & Soul Plaza, built by the investment corporation of the same name, The Sea Angel Bank Building, a towering structure of steel and blue-tinted glass, and the massive Pyramid Plaza, a trio of triangular office towers set at the corners of a triangular plaza. The Triple-Towers are now the second tallest building in the city, due to the completion of the Yoyodyne Arcology Building. The area also features numerous stores, mostly high-priced national chains like Macy's and Neiman Marcus.

Places of Interest: Hart & Soul Plaza, The Sea Angel Bank Building, Pyramid Plaza

2. City Center: The heart of the Downtown District, City Center is home to the Federal Plaza and other governmental buildings. It is also the location of the City Hall Building and the Angel Falls Police Headquarters.

Places of Interest: City Hall Building, Federal Plaza, Angel Falls Public Library Main Branch, GBN Building, Lady of Liberty Statue, Ainur Park, Guardian Liaison Bureau

3. Midtown: To the east of Verdant Way is the neighborhood of Midtown. Among other things, it is the largest downtown residential area and features a number of high-rise apartment buildings and condominiums. Midtown is also home to shopping with the Massive Millennium Mall and other stores. There are a number of fast-food restaurants as well as more upscale establishments, small bistros and the restaurants of the Fine Hotels in the area. On the spiritual side Midtown has a number of churches, including St. George's Cathedral, located on 52nd Avenue, which also features expensive townhomes and private clubs such as the Cape and Cowl Club and the Midnight Society.

Places of Interest: The Cape and Cowl Club, Castle Comics, Angel Falls Ledger Building, Angel Falls Historical Museum, Millennium, The Midnight Society Club, The Millennium Mall, St. George's Cathedral,Hedon International Headquarters, The Licker Cabinet, Angel Falls Union Station

4. The North End: The neighborhood of North End centers on the campus of Angel Falls University and focuses on high-tech companies like ASTRO Labs. Small businesses catering to students and people in the tech industry are found throughout the area, including computer stores, clothing stores, small cafes and coffeehouses.

Places of Interest: ASTRO Labs, Angel Falls Museum of Natural History, Angel Falls Medical Center, The Calliope Nightclub, Angel Falls University, AFU-Vertical Collider, St Bernard Cathedral

West Angel Falls District Edit

(New Urban Development Area)

1. Riverside: The Bohemian, Old World charm of Riverside contains several small parks, tree-lined streets and brickwork buildings. Riverside is also considered the Art Hub of Angel Falls. The neighborhood is popular with young people, particularly students and artists, for its relatively low rent and loft apartments; Riverside is becoming pricier, but not as quickly as parts of Midtown. The rest of the neighborhood features small shops and restaurants, often catering to the avant-garde. There are vegetarian restaurants and bistros, craft boutiques, pagan, New Age, and Gay/Lesbian/Transgender bookshops, comic book stores, game stores, and so forth. Meadow Street is the main thoroughfare where many of these places can be found. A number of the side streets in Riverside, such as Dominion Street, are closed to all but foot traffic (and the ever-present locals wearing rollerblades and skateboarders), making them popular places for afternoon strolls and shopping. In the evening, Riverside offers a number of bars, coffeehouses and nightclubs many with open-mike nights showcasing local talent.

Places of Interest: Dominion Street, Angel Falls School for Music, The Never-Ending Story, Riverside Park, The Midnight Hour (Nightclub)

2. Angelic Hill: Where the north area of West Angel Falls is situated lays an area that is the site of some of the oldest settlements in Angel Fall. Angelic Hill was built up in Revolutionary Times and became one of the most exclusive neighborhoods for Judges, Bankers, and the "Old Money" of Angel Falls. These days Angelic Hill isn't as exclusive as it used to be, the Garden Apartments and Row Houses are still wonderful examples of 18th and 19th century architecture, many of them having undergone modern renovations. The neighborhood has a distinctly colonial flavor with narrower tree-lined streets, brick-front buildings, and small garden plots or window boxes of flowers. Angelic Hill is home to a number of historic sites, from the home of Revolutionary War Hero Nathan Sheridan to the Angelic Hill Cemetery and one of Angel Falls' oldest houses of worship, St. Stephen's Church. In addition, Angelic Hill is know for the occasional haunting, weird sighting or other paranormal event, often connected to the city's colonial history (such as the witch trials of the 17th century) or even when Angelic Hill was a sacred spot to the local Native American Trials of the area.

Places of Interest: Angelic Hill Cemetery, St. Stephen's Church

3. The West End: Flowing down from Angelic Hill, is the neighborhood of West End. The West End was originally a number of small ethnic communities settled around the end of the 19th century. Today, they have blended together into an overall community, although pockets of the original cultures can still be found along with a number of newcomers to the area. It's a boisterous, mostly lower-middle class area. Row Houses and Apartment buildings are common, along with Garden-Style apartments with common courtyards. Due to cheap housing in its infancy, the West End became home to Irish, Italian, Greek, and Swedish Immigrants. African-Americans, Hispanics, and Asians followed in later years. The West End features the best ethnic restaurants in the city, particularly delis and pizza places. Unfortunately, the West End still sees a fair amount of crime, particularly from gangs, and organized crime retains a stronghold here, despite the best efforts of the AFPD. Culturally, the West End is squeezed in terms of location, leaving the area with little room to grow and some feel Angel Falls' growth will eventually mean the end of the older neighborhoods as they're torn down to make way for new developments.

Places of Interest: Ashton Mall, The Secret Bar, St. Sebastian's, Temple Ben David


4. Greenbank: Greenbank was best known as a railroad stop where goods moved in and out of the Angel Falls area by train. It is filled with warehouses, rail yards, and shipping companies, where a lot of the West Enders used to work. These days, Greenbank is a fairly depressed area. Angel Falls doesn't see as much rail traffic, as it use to, and many of the old warehouses are closed down. Still, the area is a haven for criminals and organized crime and the city government hopes the new prosperity and increased activity due to new construction for rail purposes will help to clean it up. Greenbank is centered on the Old Union Rail Yards, where trains move in and out of the city. It's occasionally used for smuggling and clandestine meetings, so the police (and some heroes) keep a watchful eye on it.

5. Ashton and Greenville: The Bedroom communities of Ashton and Grenville are fairly new, having grown up over the past twenty years. Both are clean, modern suburban communities only barely keeping up with the demand for new homes from the people moving into Angel Falls. Although some think the new communities are too "uniform" with their six or seven styles of single-family homes, most find Ashton and Grenville pleasant, with new neighborhoods, schools, shopping, and the like. Many of Angel Falls' middle class families live in the area, with more moving in all the time.

6. Southside: Southside is mostly middle and lower-middle class, but growing pockets of poverty and crime have been eating away at the community for years. Much of the housing here has dropped in value as crime and gang activities have increased. Many parts of Southside have seen crack houses and meth clinics spring up, get rooted out by the police, then show up somewhere down the street. Areas of low-income housing seem to breed crime, and people are careful about avoiding parts of Southside at night. The Southernmost area of Southside remains the safest and most middle-class, centered on Angel Falls Community College and Angel Falls International Airport. However, property values near the Airport tend to be fairly low, creating a kind of "Buffer Zone" of cheap housing. Angel Falls Community College is an accredited state college with something of a reputation as a "party school" and some local businesses (legal and otherwise) cater to the interests of college students looking for a good time. Even Southside is seeing the impact of the prosperity of Angel Falls, with more money going into Public Works and new construction. But, as some point out, there are concerns that the contractors and construction companies getting that money are influenced by organized crime, merely strengthening their positions in Southside.

Places of Interest: Angel Falls City Landfill, Seven Wonders Construction, Eclipse, Angel Falls International Airport, Joseph Clark High School, Lincoln Youth Center, South River State Penitentiary, Southside Botanica, Stygian Juvenile Detention Hall

The Outer Limits Edit

(The Outer Lying Islands)

1. Delta Island: Delta Island is home to a national Wilderness and Wildlife Refuge and it is federally protected established to protect several rare and endangered species of flora and fauna located only on Delta Island, access to the Island is strictly controlled. A Small Dock located in the cove on the northern part of the Island is the only authorized point of arrival. Admittance to the Island is difficult to procure; the fragility of the native ecosystem is the reason usually given as an explanation. The Waters around the Island are notoriously treacherous, with the area being full of reefs and shoals that make navigating these waters a risky proposition.

2. Urim Island: The tiny island southeast of Delta Island is home to the Urim Lighthouse built when the area played host to the first Port built in Angel Falls and used continually until the area could nolonger support the larger ships being built. The Island is now owned by the Federal Government but they allow the City of Angel Falls to maintain the upkeep of the Lighthouse.

3. Navaronne Island: Another Island owned by the Federal Government, who allow the City to maintain upkeep of the Island.

4. Uriel Island: Coming Soon

5. Sulustarr Island: Data Corruption

6. Sariel Island: Coming Soon