Many Angel Falls residents get around by driving and the city is relatively "car friendly" although there are the occasional traffic problems, particularly in the Downtown area. Angel Falls offers several other transportation options, as well as ways of getting into and out of the metro area.

Angel Falls Transit Authority Edit


The city government is justifiably proud of the Angel Falls Transit Authority or AFTA. The system handles mass transit in the metropolitan area, using a combination of buses, subways, and a monorail line. The city prides itself on having a mass transit system that is efficient and in widespread use, reducing traffic congestion on the city streets. Any part of the Angel Falls metro Area is reachable by public transportation (and possibly a bit of walking). City buses run throughout the metro area with frequent stops. Angel Falls has one of the most modern and efficient subway systems in the country. The trains run throughout the metro area, to the outskirts of the city, with regular stops. Numbers (1 through 8) designate the different subway lines. Angel Falls Union Station is the oldest subway station in the city, opened during Angel Falls Centennial celebration. The pride and (usually) joy of the AFTA is the city's monorail system, running around in a ring around the downtown metro area, carrying passengers quickly around the city. The Monorail runs on an elevated track two stories above street level with regular stops at street side platforms or even inside some buildings. Two tracks run in parallel, allowing trains to run in both directions at once. The Monorail is a popular means for tourist to see the city, as well as inexpensive public transportation.

Bridges & Highways – Two Bridges connect Eden Island to the Angel Falls Mainland. To the North is the first bridge, connecting Eden Island to the City and The Second Bridge connection Eden Island to the Old Harbor District.

Taxis – Many different taxi service operate in Angel Falls. The City government takes pains to ensure the city's taxis are clean and efficient. The Primary cab companies in the city are the Red and White Liberty Cabs, ubiquitous Yellow Cabs, and White Cabs with painted Angel Wings on them popularly called Angel Cabs but hometown Angel Falls residents.

Rail Edit

Railroad – A Union Railroad freight yard is located on the outskirts of the metro area in Greenbank, where the tracks are located. Boxcars arrive here from all over the country bound for various destinations. Warehouses in Greenbank handle freight entering and leaving the city, although some of them are derelict these days. Some conceal hidden bases or serve as meeting places for criminal activity.

In Brigand's Cove there is the Empire State Intermodal Railyard that provides for 85% of Angel Falls Intermiodal freight service.

Freight Providers - The Empire State Railroad, and the Atlantic Seaboard Railroad (Owned by CandelaGreene)

Subway - Operated by AFTA.

Bullet Train – A new passenger bullet train also stops in Angel Falls and is a popular way for tourists to arrive in the city in style. The train rides along a maglev track, and stops at a restored 1930s Art Deco style train station on the outskirts of the downtown area.

Bayrail – Operated by AFTA

Boats and Ships – The Angel Falls Port Authority handles all shipping in and out of the city. The docks along the waterfront see all kinds of ships, from fishing boats and tugs to cargo-haulers ad tankers to cruise ships and private vessels.

Arts & Entertainment Edit

Angel Falls bills itself as a cosmopolitan center for the Arts, and lives up to that claim in the variety of concerts, museums, galleries and other attractions it offers.

Music Edit

Angel Falls has an active classical music scene within the city.

Angel Falls Philharmonic – This is a 115-piece orchestra who gives regular performances at the Angel Opera House, but the highlight of the year is their Independence Day Concert, accompanied by a spectacular fireworks show. The Current conductor of the Philharmonic is Melanie Tan, well-known Chinese American composer.

Angel Falls Opera Company – This is one of the best Companies in the nation, also performing at the Opera House. They put on between six and eight operas each year, attracting the cream of Angel Falls High Society. Performances from the Opera Company tend towards the traditional fare.

Angel Opera House – Originally built in 1874, the Angel Opera House has long been a landmark of Angel Falls. The Opera House was painstakingly restored after it suffered from a fire and the current Opera House is considered even grander than the original but with at least as much Old World charm and class. The Angel Opera House is home to the Angel Falls Philharmonic and Angel Falls Opera Company. It also serves as host to a number of other events, including plays, musicals, and even rock concerts.

Drama and Dance Edit

Libraries Edit

Angel Falls has a number of libraries ranging from neighborhood branches of the Angel Falls Public Library to college and university libraries. The City also boasts private collections such as law and medical libraries, not to mention the extensive collections owned by the Super Museum and the Angel Falls Historical Society.

Crimson Pass Memorial Library – Angel Falls Public Library System – The City's public Library system has – branches throughout the metro area encompassing a total collection of more than 400 million volumes and bound newspaper archives spanning the periodicals of Angel Falls for the past 210 years. It also contains microfilm and microfiche files, audio and videotapes, and electronic information to support all the printed materials.

Movies Houses Edit

Museums Edit

Angel Falls has a number of Museums and Art Galleries. Museums are popular tourist attractions and play host to numerous school fields trips. Many are also available for private parties and events. The galleries exhibit the best and brightest of Angel Falls' artistic communities.

Angel Falls Historical Museum – This nineteenth century building was a privately owned mansion until 1906 when it became the Angel Falls Historical Museum. The Museum features a variety of attractions related to the history of Angel Falls from its founding to the present day. Most of the museum's exhibits are re-creations, although local individuals have donated some genuine historical pieces.

Angel Falls Museum of Natural History – Funded by an anonymous donor, this three-story marble and steel building resembles a Greek temple on the outside, and inside the museum features displays on archeology, anthropology, paleontology, and technology. The museum is assisted in being run by Dr. Athena Nikos.

Angel Falls Museum of Fine Arts – This world Famous museum contains a large number of paintings, sculptures, and other works by American and International Artists. The Museum itself is a marvel of modern architectural designs with five levels and seven wings off the main lobby area and the impressive lit crystal spire that makes it an easy to spot landmark. The museum runs regular theme exhibits.

Patrick Noir Museum of Natural Mysteries - Base of Operations for Patrick Noir who studied the mysteries throughout the Globe. Opened in 1934 he has hosted many a find in his museum that would rival the Natural Museums venue. the museum located next to the Angel Falls Aquarium also has a zoo. (owned by Paudraic)

Visual Arts Edit

The Angel Falls art scene is strongly concentrated in the Riverside community, though there are some artists and galleries in other areas of the city. Riverside features a number of small galleries and the Angel Falls Museum of Fine Arts. While the city government hires artists for public works intended to enhance the city's appearance.

Notable Artists Edit

These are some of Angel Falls' artists who stand out in many ways.

  • Blue Tanner – Famed Sculptor
  • Roberto Diaz – Famed Sculptor
  • Joanna Enrikson – Painter
  • Christina Valley – Famed Photojournalist and Art Photographer

Health Care Edit

Angel Falls cares deeply about the health and welfare of its citizens and has some of the finest medical facilities in the world, both in terms of mental and physical health.

Physical Health Edit

Angel Falls Regional Hospital

Seraphim Hospital – Located on Eden Island

Angel Falls Medical Center – One of the foremost hospitals in the city is the sprawling Angel Falls Medical Center. The AFMC is affiliated with Angel Falls University and serves as a "teaching hospital" for interns and medical students. The 1000-bed hospital has a staff of 1500 physicians and 2500 employees in all, including students and volunteers. Most of the physicians on staff are renowned specialists in their fields, including seven specializing in superhuman, their powers, and how to treat them.

Angel Falls Veteran's Hospital

Cherub Children's Hospital

St Bernard Medical Center - Located on West 12th Street and St Bernards Avenue next to the St Bernard Cathedral, Dr Roberta Hunter is the Director (owned by CandelaGreene)

Mental Health Edit

The Providence Asylum – The Providence Asylum was originally the estate of the Phillips family, one of Angel Falls' founding families. Mr. Howard Phillips, the patriarch at the time, willed the estate to Dr. Reginald Carter to establish an asylum for the mentally ill upon his death in 1908. Dr. Carter set up the asylum and served as it director for many years, until he disappeared under mysterious (and still unexplained) circumstances in 1929. The Board of Trustees hired a new director and the asylum has continued to operate until this day. Facilities at the Providence Asylum have been greatly updated since its establishment, although they still lag somewhat behind state of the art. Though the board of trustees wanted to treat Superhuman Mental patients at the Providence Asylum, it was determined that they would pose a threat to the more normal patients there and established and built the Santa Julia Asylum for the treatment of superhuman mental patients. The Providence Asylum is currently run by Dr. Avis Ellis.

Notable Doctors Edit

Current Director of Angel Falls Regional Hospital

Current Director of Seraphim Hospital

Current Director of Angel Falls Medical Center

Angel Falls Veteran's Hospital

Cherub Children's Hospital

Dr. Roberta Hunter - The Current Director of the St Bernard Medical Center

Dr. Avis Ellis – The Current Director of Providence Asylum

The Media Edit

The Media, from the newspapers to radio and television, is a powerful force in Angel Falls. The city is home to one of the world's largest media corporations and its citizens are used to a constant stream of information and entertainment. Naturally, a big focus of Angel Falls' media is on superheroes and supervillians.

Print Media Edit

Angel Falls has a number of daily newspapers and other publications reporting the exploits and accomplishments of Angel Falls' common and super alike. Like many businesses in the city, Angel Falls' major newspapers have made the transition to the electronic market with websites and online services for their readers.

Playpet Magazine -

Uncharted Comics – A publisher of superhero comic books. Uncharted Comics relocated to Angel Falls and became the officially licensed publisher of comics based on the adventures of many of Angel Falls heroes and also other teams and independent heroes around the country.

The Daily Herald – Known as the most conservative paper in Angel Falls, the Herald is a morning daily. It focuses on business and political news and its editorials support one right-wing cause after another. Due to its frequent hard-line editorial stances on crime and other issues, the Herald building and its presses and staff are favorite targets of some supervillians. The Publisher Lana Loeb uses the paper as her personal platform to sound off on a wide variety of topics, following the tradition set by her former late husband and former publisher, Lester. The Paper questions the actions of almost every hero almost daily. If they make a mistake, they can expect to read about it in the Herald the following day, alongside a scathing editorial.

The Daily Word – One of Angel Fall's smaller daily newspapers, this tabloid-format morning daily carries stories relating to Angel Falls Society and Entertainment. It has an excellent art and entertainment section as well as a number of juicy gossip columns. Some dismiss the paper as superficial fluff, but many take their reviews of local restaurants and attractions quite seriously. The Paper also delights in digging up dirt on Angel Falls' celebrities, including its superheroes.

The Angel Falls Ledger – The Angel Falls Ledger is Angel Falls' oldest newspaper started in 1853 by Henry Poole. It has run morning and evening editions for more than 150 years through wars, disasters, strikes, and more. Even alien invasions and cosmic calamities have failed to delay its publication, though they did reduce it to a single daily edition during World War II. The Ledger operates out of a building equipped with state-of-the-art printing presses and computer equipment. Dominic Beaumont is the paper's publisher and Shellard Royce is Editor-in-Chief. Beaumont writes a weekly editorial column for the Sunday Edition. The publisher has a reputation for expressing his opinion which has a decidedly liberal bent. The Ledger has always vocally supported the City's superheroes except for some of the more violent and bloodthirsty vigilantes. The Ledger is published seven days a week with Sunday being the only day with a single (but larger) edition. It also has a massive website which provides online content for readers and access to up-to-the-minute news updates and information. The Ledger employs some 2,000 people at its downtown offices. Its primary "Bullpen" of some 55 reporters covers state and local news, while the business, sports, and lifestyle departments each have a dedicated staff of five to ten reporters.

Print Media Personalities Edit

While some reporters become known to their readers, most people in Angel Falls either know the columnists or publishers, as their names are more prominent on the Op-Ed pages or among the headlines.

Schmuck-O – Independent Interviewer

Shellard Royce – The Editor-in-chief of the Angel Falls Ledger

Julie Streeter – Star Reporter for the Angel Falls Ledger

Harry Wiseman – Editor-in-Chief of Castle Comics

Radio Edit

The Airwaves of Angel Falls are filled with a variety of different radio stations and programs. The Top six stations, ranked by numbers of confirmed listeners, are: WING-FM (News/Talk), WAFS (New/Talk), WFAN (Top 40), WNCC (Classic Rock), WNTT (Alternative) and WHIT (College). WPWR (Country) is also popular.

Radio Personalities Edit

There are plenty of deejays and commentators on Angel Falls airwaves, but the most well known are

Ben Trek – Syndicated Radio Host for WING-FM

Tori Midnight -

Freddie Lemanche – Daytime Deejay for WNTT

Dr. Andrew Love – Syndicated Radio Host of "Ask Dr. Love" for WNTT

Roger Omak – Traffic Reporter for WFAN

Television Edit

Angel Falls supports six television stations, five of which are affiliates of national broadcasting companies. The Major networks are the American Broadcasting Network (ABN), Columbia Broadcasting Network (CBN), The National Broadcasting Network (NBN), The Angel Falls Network (AFN), and the Global Broadcasting Network (GBN). GBN, headquartered in Angel Falls, is the undisputed king of television there. In addition to local channels, nearly ever household in Angel Falls is hooked up to cable television, providing access to dozens of different channels, including premium and pay channels.

The Major Angel Falls TV stations Edit

WTF - Last of the old UHF stations to go major (owned by CandelaGreene)

Television Personalities Edit

Angel Falls residents' joke that all TV personalities have a common superpower to keep their hair perfect at all times. Among the More notable TV celebrities are:

Ted Youmans – Channel 4 News Anchorman

Amy Feng – Reporter for Channel 3 "Action News" team.

Jennifer Locksley – Weather Girl on Channel 7 News

Charles Maxfield – Evening news Anchor on Channel 5 News

Steven and Joanne Parker – Host of a Popular Morning talk show on Channel 3

Alexandra Morgan – Reporter for WAFN

Ashley Moore - Reporter for GBN - Global Network News (GNN)

Parks & Recreation Edit

Although Angel Falls residents like the city life, there's no lack of places to get away from the city for a little while and enjoy the peace of nature, or just have some fun. Outdoor activities are quite popular for people in Angel Falls, and the city offers several places to indulge in them.

Isis Park

Isley Botanical Gardens -

Angel Falls Aquarium – The Angel Falls Aquarium is located on its own pier on the city's waterfront. A walled-in area underneath the pier serves as a habitat. The Aquarium building is three stories tall and constructed around a massive seawater tank rising through the middle of the building's full height. Part of the Aquarium is "The Ark" an oceanic research vessel moored alongside the pier and serving as additional space to accommodate and display specimens. The Aquarium houses a wide variety of fish, sharks, dolphins, and sea lions.

Lake McKenzie – Lake McKenzie is a large freshwater lake in Port Regal, the only major lake in the Angel Falls area. The Lake's narrow beaches and calm waters are popular for swimming, boating, and water sports during the summer and early fall. Many homes with lake front property surround the outskirts, many of them with private piers reach out from the shore.

Liberty Park – In the midst of Angel Falls is a broad swath of verdant green, a testament to the beauty of life and nature. Liberty Park was a central part of the city plans since the early 1800s – an area where people could come to get in touch with nature and enjoy some time away from the hustle and bustle of city life. High Stone Walls surround the park, pierced by open wrought-iron gates every few blocks. One paved road immediately inside the walls encircles the park and is a major jogging path. Two paved roads cross the park north to south and two more east to west, but only for foot traffic (along with bicycles, skateboards, and rollerblades) is permitted on them. The roads are closed to all but emergency vehicles and a few horse-drawn carriages offering rides around the park. Numerous unpaved foot and bicycle trails cross the park. Liberty Park has a number of attractions, including the open lawns and athletic fields, the Botanical Gardens, the City Reservoir and its surrounding trails and picnic areas, the small children's Zoo, and the Bandshell for outdoor concerts and performances.

Ocean Heights Amusement Park – The Ocean Heights Amusement Park was established in 1958 and has remained a popular tourist attraction in Angel Falls. It suffered through a long dry spell through the late 1980s and 1990s, but the resurgence of the city has given the amusement park a new lease on life. The past few years have been some of the park's best and next year looks even better as more and more people are paying visits to Ocean Heights. The Park is surrounded by a high Chain-link fence with a single entrance toward the south. The Amusement park features several rides, including a Ferris Wheel, Roller Coaster, Log Flume, Haunted House, Hall of Mirrors, and a number of other smaller rides like a Tilt-a-Whirl, Bumper Cars, and so forth. Rows of Traditional Arcade Games and an arcade building with modern electronic games are popular with the local kids. The Park's sideshows and live performances have become smaller and fewer overtime and its likely they'll be phased out soon. Stands serve Fried Dough, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, and similar foods, while Candy and Caramel Apples are traditional fare in the late summer and early fall. Ocean Heights is open from Memorial Day through Labor Day in the summer and closed down the rest of the year. Management sometimes rents the park for private events, which can keep it operational until November 1st or the first snows. The park-management company has a year-round contract with Stronghold Securities to provide security personnel for the park when it is open and to protect it when it's closed.

The Promenade – This strip of Land is a park with number walking and bike trails. It's popular place for locals to enjoy the number of gardens and manicured paths in which they stroll, sit, and talk in pleasant weather. The Bandshell hosts numerous concerts throughout the year and its biggest event is the Independence Day celebrations with fireworks. On nights of the new moon an odd mist can be seen forming, and people over the years have seen ghosts here, though reports are unsubstantiated and the mood here is not one usually associated with haunting (unless ghosts seek a peaceful place of rest as well).

The Hanover Zoo – Hanover Zoo displays hundreds of different animals from all over the world. Lions, Gorillas, Tigers, Monkeys, bears, seals, and many other animals can be found at the zoo, each housed in custom-built habitats. Paved walkways wind their way among the habitats, allowing visitors to see the animals. The Zoo also maintains a reptile house, an aviary, and a bat house designed like the interior of a dark cave. The Zoo is busiest on summer weekends, though it sees busloads of children on field trips throughout the school year and families in the afternoons and evenings during the week. In addition to the public facilities of the Zoo, the staff also maintains breeding programs for endangered species and research programs into animal behavior and biology.

Religion Edit

The People of Angel Falls have a strong need for faith. It helps carry them through crises and the loss of loved ones, and it gives them the strength to rebuild and go on rather than give up. Faith forms an important part of life in Angel Falls, and the city embraces a diverse range of faiths, from the most traditional religions to relatively new or fringe beliefs. Of Course, having gods walking the streets of the city from time to time only reinforces some people's faith, one way or another.

Major Religion Edit

Major Churches and Temples Edit

The Angel Falls metro area has hundreds of churches and other places of worship. Some of the most prominent are described here:

  • St. Jude's Church
  • St. Bernard Cathedral - Located in the North End it borders the City Center at the Barrio, and East Skelton Heights. Once the largest patronaged church in all Angel Falls, it has suffered a steady decline since the 1980's with the ravages of drugs, and Gang violence. It Gothic stylings date back to the Mid 18th Century as the church has stood in Angel Falls since 1797, (owned by CandelaGreene)
  • St. George's Cathedral – The largest and most magnificent church in Angel Falls is St. George's Cathedral. The cathedral is built in the Gothic style like that great cathedrals of Europe. It features tall, thin steeples, a high bell tower, a cruciform shape, and space enough for hundreds of parishioners. The church is named for the famed dragon-slaying saint, and a huge stained glass depiction of St. George's greatest deed is a centerpiece of the cathedral. The numerous other stained glass windows depict other saints and religious figures. The cathedral is the seat of the Catholic Archdiocese of Angel Falls. Archbishop Charles Fairwell heads the Archdiocese. Over the past 30 years, the cathedral has been subject to superhuman battles on its premises.
  • St. Sebastian's Church
  • St. Stephen's Church – Located near the top of Angel Hill, St. Stephen's is a landmark as the oldest standing church in Angel Falls. It was established in 1742 and recently restored to its original glory. The Church is a tall, narrow building with high, thin stained glass windows and a tall steeple. St. Stephen's claims hundreds of local people as parishioners. The graveyard adjacent to the church, Angel Hill Cemetery, has tombstones dating back to just after the church's construction. No new graves have been dug there since 1934, but it's still church property and the church maintains it as a historical site. The current pastor of St. Stephen's is the Reverend Madeline Dickenson.
  • The Southside Botanica – This small storefront is actually the most active Voodoo temple in the city. The Store in front sells candles, herbs, trinkets and charms long with simple household goods. A Space in back and the main temple area in the basement serve the needs of members of the Voodoo community when they gather for worship. Madame Marie Otando is the Mambo or Priestess, and Proprietor of the establishment.
  • Temple Ben David – The Temple is the largest in Angel Falls and has had trouble with youth-gang vandalism, but the community rallied to help repair the damage and keep the area safe with neighborhood watches and the assistance of the AFPD. The synagogue follows Reform Judaism and is led by Rabbi Murray Feingold.

Cemeteries Edit

Crimson Pass Memorial Cemetery

Osiris Cemetery

Restaurants, Bars & Nightclubs Edit

Angel Falls has a profuse number of places to eat, drink, and have fun. For a City on the move, places to go out and blow off steam or enjoy a pleasant meal are important, and Angel Falls has attracted plenty of entrepreneurs up to the challenge. The city already has a reputation as a place that doesn't sleep; you can find somewhere to eat or have fun at nearly any hour of the day or night.

Restaurants Edit

Angel Falls is home to hundreds of restaurants serving a wide range of food, from the finest four-star nouvelle cuisine to ethnic restaurants to old-fashioned home-style cooking and fast food.

Lee Chung's Noodle Shop

Bobby's Rib Shack – Robert "Bobby" Turner, Owner and Proprietor Located in Verdant Way

Burger Barn – Standard Fast Food Burger Joint, Multiple Locations

Carmen's of Cuba – Carmen and Ricky Reese, Co-Owners and Managers Cuban/Latin and Southern Cuisine with 4 Locations throughout Greater Angel Falls Area

Planet Pizza – Multiple Locations throughout Angel Falls

Clancy's Irish Pub & Grill – 1 Location in Downtown Angel Falls

Marcello Brothers Italian Ristorante – 1 Location in Downtown Angel Falls

KIYOMI Japanese Steak & Seafood House – 1 Location in Downtown Angel Falls

Madden's – A Chain of franchised restaurants, Madden's serves American style food in a cozy atmosphere. Madden's is popular with middle-class families, and they always have a great selection of ice cream and desserts.

The Plaza – Located on the second floor of the Plaza Hotel, the Plaza restaurant serves High-Class cuisine in a refined atmosphere popular with the well to do businessmen.

Starbase Coffee – Starbase Coffee is the survivor of a series of cyber-café's that sprang up along the east coast. It has become one of the most successful chains of its kind with locations throughout Angel Falls. It sleek science fiction theme is popular with its patrons – mostly younger people in the high-tech industry and college students. All of its locations offer free wi-fi connections for Internet surfing.

The Starlight Room – High atop the Tremont Hotel is the Starlight Room, a revolving restaurant offering a spectacular view of the city Skyline and serving fine cuisine prepared by its staff of chefs. The Starlight room also features nightly dancing and live music, making it a popular nightspot.

Tia Marta's – This restaurant's serves a unique blend of Spanish and Italian cuisine and it comes family-style with enormous portions; people always take home leftovers from a meal here.

Timothy's Bistro – A Chef-owned bistro, it serves a variety of cuisine based on Chef Timothy Kandro's ecletic tastes. It's small, upscale, and popular with local people and tourists alike, so make a reservation for one of its few tables. The Bistro offers live Jazz on weekends.

Toys – Toys is a Chinese restaurant popular with the late crowd and club-goers, since its open until 3:00 am. It serves a variety of Chinese-American foods and has an extensive buffet.

Verdant Way Brewery – A microbrewery and American Pub-Style restaurant, it's popular with young families and local businessmen.

Bars Edit

Nipsy's Sport Bar and Grill – Popular Hang out, Angie Santana bartends here

Hot Licks – This jazz bar features live acts for the connoisseur. It's in a rebuilt early 1900s house that's deliberately cozy – some would say "crammed".

The Secret Bar – Not so secret, this bar and restaurant's name comes from its motif – 1960s style spy movies and television shows. The bar maintains an innocuous front as an "import/export business". Patrons enter through a "secret passage" from the reception area into the bar. The entire two floors of the Secret Bar are filled with spy memorabilia and the bartenders serve code-named drinks not for the faint of heart. The Back Wash Inn - Located off the Boardwalk, and favored by many a sailor in the Old Dock District. (owned by CandelaGreene)

Nightclubs Edit

The city has nightspots catering to nearly every kind of taste, although the clubs lean toward the young and hip crowd making up so much of the nighttime scene. A few of the hottest spots are described here:

  • Club Sin
  • Doolan's Dancing Girls
  • The Licker Cabinet - Lesbian Strip club (Owned by CandelaGreene)
  • Dockland Gentleman's Emporium
  • Calliope - Music and Dance Nightclub. Live Orchestra style club, Rosalind Chambers performs there often.
  • Cha-Cha's Latin Dancing Club – [Ricky Reese, Owner and Band Leader]
  • Abyss – [Lady Ceara, Owner] Brothel and Strip Club
  • Eclipse – This Club caters to the Goth and industrial crowd. The Owners like to claim the club was built in an old church, but the building was simply renovated to look like a church. The club's is a popular nightspot for students and the rumor it was made up of actual vampires has only enhanced the club's reputation.
  • Fourth World – A Modern entertainment complex featuring three dance floors, an arcade, a billiards room, and a full bar. The Four-Story building was bought out and heavily renovated by the current owner while retaining its red brick and steel "industrial" look.
  • Infinity – A popular downtown nightclub near the waterfront, Infinity is filled with smoked glass, chrome, and pulsating lighting. Dance and disco music are popular and Infinity has live deejays on the weekends.
  • Machine – The city's foremost gay club, the building is a renovated warehouse with plenty of exposed pipes and brickwork overlaid with a lot of exposed metal. Pounding dance music fills the entire place. The main dance floor spans the building's first floor while tables and bars occupy the two upper balcony areas that overlook the scene.
  • Midnight Hour – This underground alternative (and dry) dance club was opened by the owners of the original Midnight Hour in Los Angeles. It's located not far from the waterfront area and very popular with the high school and college patrons not yet old enough to enter the other clubs legally.
  • Millennium – One of the biggest nightclubs caters to the young and upwardly mobile. It emphasis is on futuristic, sleek, and stylish and deejays mix different styles of music for different nights of the week.

Casinos Edit

Gambling is legal within a number of hotels and casinos within Angel Falls. Money pours into the city with newer and glitzier places going up all the time. The Angel Falls Mob has a stranglehold on the casino business, and a lot of the Mob money gets laundered through the casinos. Although some in the city government would love to shut the gambling industry down, but it's a valuable source of revenue and tourism for the city, to say nothing of the jobs its provides for the city. If there's to be any hope of improving the economy, the city has to live with the Boardwalk and its casinos for the time being, at least.

Paudriac's Getaway – Resort, Casino, Brothel and Convention Center

Atlantis – A hotel and casino built on an aquatic theme, Atlantis features a massive fountain with a statue of King Neptune and his frolicking nymphs outside. It's heavily decorated in gold leaf, marble, shells, and gauzy fishing nets. The Colors of everything are predominately sea greens and blues. The below ground restaurant (specializing in seafood, of course) features a wide window looking out into the South River, and the glass tabletops rest on tanks of exotically colored fish. As might be expected, the Atlantis casino is none too popular with actual Atlanteans.

Paradise – The Biggest and oldest casino on the Boardwalk is Paradise, owned by Al Driogano, the most powerful mobster in Angel Falls. The casino features all sorts of card and dice games as well as rows upon rows of slot machines. It also features nightly entertainment from singing to dancing to stand-up comedy routines. The police and the local FBI office keep a close eye on Paradise, although Big All is smart enough to keep the public face of the "family business" clean.

Hedon Resorts and Casino - Planned to open in 2012. (owned by CandelaGreene)

Social Life Edit

Get a large enough group of people together and they naturally gravitate toward those who share their interests. The people of Angel Falls are no different, and many different clubs and social groups can be found in the city, some of particular interest to super and their associates.

Clubs and Organizations Edit

Numerous clubs and social organizations cater o the Interests of people in Angel Falls. They include various ethnic heritage clubs. These organizations promote cultural festivals and education for youth and adults on their heritage. Organizations like the Masons are common in Angel Fall, with a Masonic Temple in the area. There are also veteran's organizations like the Veteran's of Foreign Wars and the like.

The Cape and Cowl Club – One exclusive club in Angel Falls is the upscale and utterly discrete C&C Club, located in a rebuilt Tudor-Style mansion on Eden Island. Unknown to the general public, the C&C stands for "Cape and Cowl" and the club caters solely to costumed adventurers, super or not, offering them a place to met and relax in the presence of their peers. The club's history and tradition dates back to when it was known as the "Black Mask Club" in the 1930s. Club rules require formal dress and prohibit costumes. Members are expected to attend in their "civilian" identities, although they're not required to reveal their real names, and domino masks are permitted (and even provided, if a member wishes). More than a few club members attend in some sort of a disguise that does not involve their usual masks. Concerns about eavesdropping are alleviated by the club's hidden security; any attempts at surveillance by any means only pick up scenes from Marx Brothers films rather than the exposed faces of club guests. No one asks how the security works, but everyone is glad it does. The club is well known throughout the superhuman community, and people come from all over the world to visit it (particularly those about to travel quickly and discretely). However entry is by invitation only unless someone is a guest of an established member. The Club's owners remain anonymous, although rumors abound, claiming a trio of retired heroes active in the 1940s own the Cape and Cowl, that it's a secret government operation to monitor supers, a front for super-criminals, or the Albright institute's latest means for gathering information.

The Midnight Society – The Midnight Society is the most exclusive social club in Angel Falls, and quickly on its way to becoming one of the most exclusive in the world. It includes some of the wealthiest and most influential people in the country and throws the most exclusive parties. Membership is by invitation only and such invitations are a social coup of the highest order, rarely, if ever refused. The Club has a reputation for old money, Old World Charm and civility, and a high degree of snobbery. At least part of its popularity is in direct proportion to the exclusivity of the C&C Club. As it happens, supers are not invited to join the Society. It's not an official rule, but no superhuman has even been invited to become a member of the club.

The North Bay Yacht Club – One of the more prestigious organizations in the city, the North Bay yacht Club accounts many of Angel Falls' wealthiest and most influential people among its members. The Club is based at the North Bay Marina and its annual summer regatta is a major social occasion. Parties and informal gatherings at the Yacht Club from part of the "insiders" network of the wealthy and powerful of Angel Falls.

High Society Edit

Angel Falls is a place of opportunity, where people can make their fortune if they're willing to take chances. There's a great deal of money to be made in a wide range of business endeavors from the booming real estate market to the high-tech industry or the media. Angel Falls also has its share of "Old Money" dating back to the first founders of the city.

Prominent Wealthy People Edit

Here are some of the wealthiest people in Angel Falls:

  • Angela Beaudrie – The Matriarch of the Beaudrie family married into her fortune. Mrs. Beaudrie's late husband, Thomas , was the grandson of the man who built the Angel Opera House, and Mrs. Beaudrie helped see to its restoration. The Real estate she owns in and around the city has greatly increased in value, and Mrs. Beaudrie has used her extra income to help fund a number of charitable organizations, benefitting the arts and effort to help the poor and homeless in Angel Falls. Mrs. Beaudrie is 62 years old has three grown children (ages 35, 33 and 30) as well as four grandchildren. She lives at the Beaudrie estate on Eden Island.
  • Wayne Clark – Owner of Clark & Co Publishers, 54 years old, married to his wife Rose for 29 years and they have two children, Amanda (age 26) and Christopher ("kit" age 22 and a grad student at Harvard University)
  • Jessica Riley

Notable People Edit

  • Jeffrey McGuire - CEO of GLOBEX International
  • Dr. Rose Quinn – Criminal Psychologist at Santa Julia Asylum
  • Min Wong – Model, sister of Lin Wong
  • Kim Wong – Model, Sister of Lin Wong
  • Dr. Sherman – Physical Sciences Professor, Angel Falls University
  • Dr. Andrea Van – Project Ultra Researcher
  • Marrow - Professor Angel Falls University
  • Jessica Riley – Professor of Life Sciences at Angel Falls University
  • Naomi Doolan – Model, Daughter of Tim Doolan
  • FBI Special Agent Douglas
  • FBI Special Agent Jones
  • Jetta Chambers (Techna) – Head Technician for AFPD's weapons, vehicles, cyborgs, etc
  • Carmen Reese – Restaurateur and mother of Sapphira Reese
  • Ricardo "Ricky" Reese –Restaurateur, Latin Band Leader and Father of Sapphira Reese

Sports Edit

Angel Falls has its own local sports franchises and fans are quite devoted to their local teams. Turnout is usually quite high for sporting events in the city.

Professional Sports Teams Edit

Angel Falls has a few professional sports teams along with a number of amateur and semi-pro teams. There is a strong likelihood of the area attracting other professional sports franchises in the future.

Female Fighting Federation – Known as "Triple F" to its most Loyal Fans is a sport that combines mixed Martial arts along with pro-wrestling. Some of the most noticeable names in the sport are Sapphira Reese, Raina Hunter, Nikki Vetter, and Angie Santana.

The Angel Falls Archangels – This is the home team for Angel Falls in the New Modern Sport of Blitzball [An Inter-Gender sport that mixes American Football, Rugby, Ultimate Frisbee, Some elements of basketball and hockey, and fighting. Very Brutal in nature, most participants are usually either meta-humans, genetically enhanced humans, or cyborgs).

The Angel Falls Blades – The Blades hockey team has made quite an impact on the NHL, scoring wins in four out of their first five games as a professional franchise. Some are skeptical whether or not the team's wining streak will continue. A Large part of their success hinges on the talents of star-player Andrea Leroux, who has led the Blades to Victory.

The Angel Falls Comets – The AF Comets baseball team could be a potential "dream team" if Coach Russel Mills can pull the Diverse group of players together into a smoothly functioning team. The Comets put in good showings over the past few seasons, but it remains to be seen if they'll actually make it into the playoffs for the World Series.

The Angel Falls Rayguns – The AF Rayguns basketball team plays regular home games at the Liberty Dome. While they have a number of great players, the star attraction is star player Andy "Lancer" Tyler, a local boy from Angel Falls and a graduate of Angel Falls University. While the Rayguns' fans are intensely loyal, the team has languished towards the bottom of the standings for a few years and currently seeks a new coach and new players to turn things around.

The Angel Falls Heroes – The Heroes football team was the first major sports franchise in the city – Angel Falls fields the first Heroes team in the third year of the National Football League's existence – and it remains the most popular sports team today. Heroes games are always packed with screaming fans, and the team has earned three Super Bowl Championships over the years. Although they didn't quite make it to the Super Bowl last season, they promise that this year will be the one. The Team's star quarterback, Darrell Marks, is a popular local celebrity and beloved enough that folks forgive him for being born in Birmingham, Alabama instead of Angel Falls.

College Sports Edit

Angel Falls University has a full collegiate sports program, including football, basketball, and baseball teams. AFU also supports teams in rowing, swimming, gymnastics, wrestling, track & Field, and other sports. AFU has its own Athletic Stadium and facilities, recently upgraded.

Stone Stadium – A Small Arena on the Angel Falls University campus where various sporting events are held. It's primarily the home of the Angel Falls University Patriots football team. The stadium facilities were behind the times but the school recently allocated some funds to refurbish them.

Stadiums and Arenas Edit

There are a number of arenas and Stadiums throughout the Angel Falls. The three best known are:

  • Angel Falls Coliseum – It is a frequent site for concerts, live events, and various sporting events, such as the local Female Fighting Federation events. It was the largest of its kind in the area, now dwarfed by the newer Angel Dome.
  • Angel Dome – This large Sports Events complex where the city's major sports teams play. The 80,000 seat stadium also plays host to other sporting events as well as major concerts and shows during the year.
  • Schuster Auditorium -