The Freedom Underworld Edit

Although the city government doesn't like to admit it, Angel Falls isn't perfect. The city has its bad side, poor neighborhoods, gangs, organized crime, smuggling, and other troubles, just like every other major city in the world. For the most part, Angel Falls is safer than most and crime rates are relatively low. There are still parts of the city where it's dangerous to be at night, and violent crime still happens. Smuggling is a major part of crime in the city, with ships moving goods illicitly to the docks in various parts of the city. That includes drugs, weapons, and other illegal goods.

The Freedom City Mob Edit

The Mob has been a power in the city of Angel Falls since the early 1900s. It grew considerably during the Prohibition era, selling bootleg liquor and running speakeasies and secret gin parlors. Although the FBI and local police worked hard to bring down the powerful Mob bosses, they were never able to do more than treat the symptoms, rather than curing the disease. For every mobster taken down, another came along to fill his place.

  • "Big Al" Alphonse Driogano

Other Mob Bosses Edit

There are seven major Mob Families in Angel Falls, and the other four bosses answer to Driogano.

  • Frank "The Hitter" Tonifanni
  • Nicholas Guiffre "The Dock Father" - (created by Venom17)
  • Giovanni "Johnny" Oliverti
  • Guisseppe Giancarla -
  • Giordano Roman -
  • Richard Valente - (created by CandelaGreene)

Other Syndicates in Angel Falls Edit

Other criminal syndicates have operations in Angel Falls, although the Mob remains the most powerful force in the local underworld.

The Russian Mafia – Ties between the Angel Falls Mob and the Russian Mafiya have grown over the years. The Russians smuggle a variety of goods out of their country for sale on the international black market, and the Angel Falls Mob and its customers are eager buyers. The contraband includes former Soviet weapons from guns to nuclear and biological materials, to experimental drugs and technology from failed or mothballed Soviet research programs, all of which come into the docks of the Angel Falls waterfront to supply the Mob and various criminals and gangs. The Police come down hard on any shipments of illegal weapons they find.

The Triads – The Chinese Triads have little to do with Angel Falls, although some Triads with loyalty bonds, have undertaken operations in the city. Most of them have involved smuggling or stealing high-tech equipment, acquiring artifacts from museums.

The Yakuza - Japanese Yakuza is not overly influential in Angel Falls. Most of their smuggling operations concern corporations and various money-laundering schemes. The Mob comes down hard on any signs of Yakuza activity in "their" city, so the Japanese syndicates tend to leave Angel Falls alone unless they have a good reason to get involved.

Angel Falls Criminal Organizations Edit

  • (Open Source) The Tongs
  • Dark Hand Gang – Run by Tim Doolan
  • (Contact Soviet Superwoman for Use) Fourth Reich – Run by Major Ilsa Hauppman
  • Rooks – Homo Sapiens plotting methods of neutralizing Metas lead by Jural Kirin (Contact CandelaGreene or TheGreatEdski)

    The Rooks Seal

  • (Contact MrMarcus For Use) The Collective -
  • Circle of the Blue Hand – Mystical Organization
  • (Contact PatheticVirgin for Use) Canadian Syndicate -

Angel Falls Street Gangs Edit

Angel Falls has its share of criminal gangs, particularly youth gangs, as older thugs get rubbed out or absorbed into the Mob. Gangs are most common in Southside, Lincoln, and the West End. Many gang members are runaways who find their way into gangs for protection the authorities and the more dangerous criminal predators in the city.

  • Cult of Darkana – Run by Lisa Chung
  • (Contact Sirdan for Use) Oni Boys – Run by General Shadow
  • (Contact Goethem for Use) Bonecrushers – Led by Marrow Operate from the Docks
  • Sixth Street Strikers – Metahuman Gang
  • (Contact CandelaGreene for Use) Guerreros Setenta y seis/Warrior 76 - The Barrio section of town ran by Bernardo Alvarez.
  • (Contact CandelaGreene for Use) The Skells - Drug pushing gang in the old Skelton Heights District

Illegal Drugs Edit

Despite the best efforts of the city police and government, illegal drugs remain big business in Angel Falls, netting millions for dealers and organized crime. Drug-use is most obvious in the Fens and Southside, where street dealers are commonplace. "Recreational" drug use is the secret vice in the Financial District and Midtown, on college campuses, and even suburban communities like Ashton and Grenville. Heroin is still the most prevalent drug among the depressed areas of Angel Falls. It gets smuggled into the city and sold in the Fens. In more upscale parts of Angel Falls, cocaine and amphetamines are the drugs of choice although crack cocaine and crystal meth can be found in most areas of the city. Some wealthy people in the city indulge in drug parties or use drugs as a means of dealing with their high-pressure lifestyles. Marijuana use is most common in parts of Riverside and around the college campuses. Some students also indulge in LSD, other hallucinogens, and designer drugs coming out of small, independent operations.

Designer Drugs Edit

Angel Falls, being at the forefront of so many other techniques, is not surprisingly at the cutting-edge of the designer drug cultrure. Most of the new illicit drugs in the city seem tied to supers in one way or another. The DEA does what it can to keep these new drugs off the streets, while other superheroes bust new shipments and illegal labs producing them.

  • Max
  • Zombie Powder
  • Zoom
  • Spike -
    • Venus Drugs
    • Benders

The Power House Edit

Some underworld circles say there's an outfit in Angel Falls that can "juice up" almost anyone with superpowers, for a price. The Power House is an illegal (and fairly) mobile clinic specializing in artificial enhancements, usually biochemical or bionic. The Most frequent customers are looking for a little super-powered muscle, but they also do less obvious enhancements for athletes, particularly those looking to join the Blitzball League or the Colosseum. The Power House has a decent success rate, but their processes often have various unpleasant side effects. In particular, subjects usually need regular treatments of drugs or radiation to maintain their newfound abilities or even to keep their metabolism stable. Without them, they experience pain, weakness, headaches, and other symptoms, and may even die. This gives the Power House a tight hold over its "clients".

Power House Augment Packages Edit

The Power House offers a number of standard "Packages" for augmenting clients. Custom jobs are available, but they cost a good deal more and these enhancements have proven fairly reliable and cost-effective. They're also among the most in demand among Power House Clientele.

  • Muscle-Max Package
  • Cyborg Package
  • Feral Package

(Contact Shuma-Gorath for Use) The Colosseum Edit

The Colosseum is an underground illegal superhuman gladiatorial arena set as it was in the old roman days, without rules (except for no killing) and without limits. Where mercy is not guaranteed but must be earned and Victory can bring the most ultimate of rewards. All arena fights are fought in secret areas, away from the eyes of the authorities. The Colosseum caters to the amusement and betting pleasure of a jaded and wealthy social elite. The Colosseum recruits fighters from the criminal element as well as those looking for either wealth, fame, power, or the thrill of a fight. If a fighter is accepted into the Colosseum, they must sign a commitment contract. They must fight when told and cannot refuse, if they lose they must pay whatever the price, short of forfitting their lives. They cannot quit the Colosseum unless they successfully run and win the gauntlet. The Colosseum supports an arena champion, but only the number one contender can challenge the Arena champion at any time directly which must be agreed to by the Colosseum Manager. If another ranked person wants to challenge they must work their way up through the ranks in order to do so. The Arena manager is responsible for recruiting fighters, running the Colosseum, picking the fights and handling money matters with the fighters. The Arena owner is responsible fo untimate oversee of the arena through business matters, final acceptance of fighters into the Colosseum, amoung other things. The Owners and Masterminds of the Colosseum are the Twin Sisters Gianna and Gianina Roman and the Manager of the Colosseum is Zelda Virgil.

  • Gianina Roman – One of the twin daughters of infamous crime-lord Giordano Roman, Gianna is as cold and cruel as she is beautiful. She has been accostomed to getting what she wants without much effort on her part and is slightly more spoiled than her sister and has come to enjoy a lifestyle of wealth and priviledge it has led to. The Colosseum was her idea, at least partially, becuase she enjoys the money and power that it brings to her and also watching the men fight it out in the arena is a bonus. Gianna is a strikingly beautiful woman, with long, lustrous black hair, perfect olive skin, and dark eyes. She always dresses to impress in the lastest fashions and she also likes to keep a few "toys" on hand for defense (and amusement, if she becomes bored).
  • Gianna Roman – The other twin daughter of infamous crime-lord Giordano Roman, Gianina is much like her sister Cold, Cruel, and Calculating. She also tends to hold grudges seriously if she is wronged. She has always been able to wrap any man around her little finger, including her father, to get what she wants and she has come to enjoy a lifestyle of wealth and priviledge. The Colosseum was her idea, at least partially, becuase she enjoys watching powerful brutes fight it out in the arena for her amusement. Gianina is a strinkly beautiful woman, with long, lustrous black hair, perfect olive skin and dark eyes. She always dresses to impres in the lastest fashions. Much like her sister she likes to keep her own "toys" on hand fo defense (as well as musement if she becomes bored).