The Angel Falls Transit Authority Bus System was created in 1976 to united municipal, and private transit systems to provide bus service in the city of Angel Falls. The Bus system dates back to 1878 when the first Horse drawn trolley lines were opened. After peaking in the mid 30's to the end of World War II, city corruption on the part of Anthony Guiffre who racketeered millions of dollars in transit subsidies over this period was exposed in 1967. Upon his conviction in 1973, the Angel Falls Transit Board formed the Angel Falls Transit Authority which began formal operations on January 1, 1976.

History Edit


The rude beginnings of the Bus system started in 1878 when the Hanover Trolley Company began operating 3 lines from Western Hanover to Campbell, Liberty Park, and North Bayshore. By the Turn of the century there would be as many as 12 Trolley companies plying the streets of Angel Falls, and Eden Island. By 1901, Mayor William Brighton who was elected on thre promise to ban Horse drawn trolleys in Angel Falls. The ensuing back lash would leave 5 Companies which make up the core of todays bus system.

  • Eden Island Traction (EIT)- Began operating in 1880, went electrified in 1898.
  • Hanover and Brigand Transit (HBT)- Began operation in 1878, electrified in 1900. Brought out the Brigand Cove Trolley company in 1901
  • Ledgehammer Vahalla and Southside Traction/Guiffre and Stefano Transit (LVS/GST)- Began operation in 1880, combined in 1898 after merger. Fully electrified in 1903.
  • Riverside and Ashton Traction (RAT)- Began operations in 1898, completely electrified.
  • 'Seraphim Gold Line Transit'(GLT) - Began operations in 1881, electrified in 1902.

1900-1920 Edit

Pre prohibition Angel Falls garnered heavy traffic mainly due to the Gambling on Ledgehammer. Yet frequent pedestrian accidents were high yet most were blamed due to drunkenness. None the less Angel Falls was expanding to the south as Southside, Greenback, and Greenville, as well as the Westend began to become populated. The LVS was quick to expand into these areas as well parts of the Northside, yet these would be the last new Rail they would lay.

The HBT as well as the GLT would continue to weave through Angel Falls. In 1917 the LVS would try to garner favor to add a line into Eden Island. It was thrown out because they had no traffic to claim a need to add a second trolley over the Angel Falls bridge seeing that the new Subway system negated the need.

With the United States entering World War I, the Naval base became a big user of the trolley system that infused the LVS as well the EIT, yet bad managment would spell the decline of the LVS in the coming decade.


In 1925 in the midst of prohibition, Anthony Guiffre approached Henry Stefano who was principal owner of the LVS with a proposition to replace his trolleys with motor buses. Since prohibition the LVS has lost a lot of revenue, seeing repairs to their system as well as employees laid off, and fired. The Angel Falls Transit Board had hard lined all contractors to cross honor transfers as well which saw large deficits on a number of lines. Guiffre arranges the removal of lines, and selling the steel overseas to Japan. He also arranged the trolleys being sold for a profit replace 5 trolleys for 3 buses. The agreement made Guiffre an equal partner, and in 1938 renamed the company Guiffre and Stefano Transit.

When the depression hit, the remaining companies were hit hardest, most notable the HBT and GLT. With the end of Prohibition in 1930, the other three would recover, but with lack of business from Brigand's Cove, the GLT would suffer the most for several years.

The 30's would still see the motorized bus replacing more, and more trolley lines. In 1935, inearly 75% of the city Trolley lines were replaced by buses, and 85% of the GST was already replaced. By 1940 all but 5 lines were replaced by Buses.


By the Start of World War II, Trolley cars, and rail were being scrapped for the war effort. The HBT would suffer from this in the end as the wartime economy had giving them enough capital to survive into the 1950's. But by 1952 it was evident with out a fare hike the company was doomed within 2 years. The GLT was also in dire straits as after the war the sales of automobiles had reduced the need for mass transit. The Eden line had also slipped in ridership seeing that 60% of their ridership was strictly tourist. With the Bayrail project looming and the fear of losing 60% of their surface Transit, the Angel Falls Transit Board was forced to take over the three lines leaving only the RAT, and GST as Privately owned.


The last Trolley line left operating is the EIT Ledghammer, all other lines are now bus lines. In 1959, the GST buys out the RAT making their system still more profitable that the Municipal owned system. The FBI began investigations on Anthony Guiffre and several city officials. By 1966, Sal Stefano (Henry Stefanos son) gets wind on Anthony Guiffres trafficking and money laundering. After approaching Guiffre, he ends their partnership and surrenders all his shares in the GST, but keeps the Trucking business. After 3 failed assassinations, he surrenders evidence to the FBI in 1967 proving that Guiffre was buying favors from several former mayors, and at least 26 councilman over the past 40 years. After 5 years of litigation, Guiffre was charged, and place in State prison for his crimes. He died in transit to the Penitentiary.

In 1973 it was decided that the Transit Board take control of the GST, and that a new City agency see the day to day operations of all city transit lines. The agency was named the Angel Falls Transit Authority. On December 31, 1975 at 11:52 PM, the last E4 Trolley made it's last arrival at Lonely Point before closure.


Todays Bus system is mostly a mirror of the past Trolley system. It was initially confusing seeint they changed the letter designations on the trolleys, but withing 3 years they became common place because they color coded the buses as well.

  • Angel Falls Lines- Orange Buses with the designation "A" replacing "G"
  • Southside Lines- Dark Blue with designation "B" replacing "L"
  • Hanover Lines- Light Blue with designation "C" replacing "H"
  • Riverside Line- Green with the designation "D" replacing "R"
  • Eden Line -Red with the designation "E"

The current bus fare is $2.25