Cedric Grey
Cedric Grey 2
Real Name: Cedric Grey
Identity: Public
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Citizenship: United States
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 7'1"
Weight: 258 lbs
Occupation: Adventurer
Creator(dA name): RolandGrey
Base of Operation(s): Guardian Hall
Affiliations: Guardians
Marital Status: Single


Cedric Grey is a middle-aged man on the younger side of things (28-35 years of age).  He appears to be blonde, muscular and tall.  He stands at seven feet in height and is easy to smile.

Early Career:

Cedric Grey started on his path to being a hero by joining the Marine Corps.  He fought in Iraq and helped repel an alien invasion.  He showed great skill with small unit tactics, marksmanship and close combat maneuvers.

After the alien invasion, he joined his father's burgeoning supergroup.  After being informed that he could not simply be a hero without some brand of super powers or extremely superb skill, he helped foil a robbery and took the golden axe from the villain as a trophy and to use as his super powers.

Lately, he has been working as a heavy-hitter and handsome face for the Guardians of Angel Falls.  He has been enjoying his more prominent role in a group that has a more difficult task ahead of it, because the Guardians police Angel Falls without the backup of a horde of superheroes who are hoping for their time in the spotlight.


Cedric seems to be a normal human being at first glance.  His super strength and resilience originated from a magical axe that came from an alternate dimension, where the soul of a more barbaric version of himself had been sealed inside the weapon.  In recent months, however, he has been demonstrating an increase in physical strength.

Golden Axe:

The Golden Axe is a former soul-drinking weapon.  The sheer rage of Cedric the Gray, the soul trapped within the weapon, kept him from being drained by the weapon's unceasing hunger for months.  While the Prime Earth version of Cedric Grey adventured throughout New England and northern New York, the Barbarian Earth version used his brief altercations with the Nigera Oculo Brotherhood to learn the spells and incantations he would need to alter the behavior of the weapon and give him the means to take over Cedric's body.

When the Barbarian Earth's ruler staged an interdimensional invasion, Cedric the Gray took it as his opportunity to both get his new body and his revenge.  He used an icnantation to battle Cedric on the roof of a building, but lost the fight when the Prime Cedric turned out to be the better warrior and defeated him.  Unexpectedly, Prime Cedric made a deal to help his alternate self and they worked together helped defeat the leader of the barbarian invasion, with Gray's magic augmenting Grey's skills.

Ever since, the weapon has had its enchantment modified to remove its soul-drinking curse, and it has served as the talisman that allows Cedric Grey to serve as a superhero.  The barbarian usually prefers to rest, though it sometimes feels the combat it endures, especially when it is struck against powerful foes, and it will often comment on Cedric's current strategies or the course of his lifestyle.

Super Strength/Invulnerability:

When Cedric's eyes flash white, his strength becomes many times what it should already be.  He has been observed lifting weights well over his prior limits, such as when he is lifting fallen trees or overturning vehicles.  He has also been found deflecting blows that would have killed a normal man and leaping incredible distances.  Nobody is certain where this newfound power has come from, though the hero believes he needs to speak with his father about it, as he had endured similar changes.


Cedric Grey Is on the Guardian Active roster. They are the ones who are the first responders and their membership is known to the public at large.