Cynthia Crowne
Identity: Secret
Species: Human
Gender: Female (Hermaphrodite)
Citizenship: United States
Place of Birth: Angel Falls
Hair: Jet Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 132 lbs
Occupation: Graduate Student AFU
Creator(dA name): CandelaGreene
Base of Operation(s): The Crowne Estate
Affiliations: Guardians, Guardian Liaison Bureau
Marital Status: Single
Mother: Cheryl Crowne
Father: Matthew Crowne

The Changeling is a guardian that has the ability of changing her molecular state as well as her appearance. She also can change her molecular structure as well to match any substance she can envision. She also has the power to create Plasmatic bolts of matter and energy but her ability is only short lived at 30 minutes.

History Edit


Cynthia Crowne became the Changeling after her mother was infested by a Dark Matter Community.

Cynthia Crowne is daughter to Matthew Crowne, famous for his energy conversion process to create anti-matter. Before her birth, an accident at his test facility would doom him, and his project, cause a massive release of quantum particles that changed the molecular structure of living tissue. Although fatal to Matthew, his wife Cheryl seemed unaffected, and gave birth to Cynthia some time after. It was after her birth Cheryl knew that the accident had cause her tissue to inhibit the traits of other matter. The condition was uncontrollable, and thus made her reclusive, yet her daughter Cynthia showed none of these anomalies until she hit puberty. It was under her mothers guidance she learned to control this ability to change from solid, to liquid, to Gas at her own choosing. It wasn't until she enrolled at the at Angel Falls University that she became interested in her fathers death, and believe he was murdered by factions of the Oil industry to prevent his research from becoming a global success. Thus she began her life as the Changeling to find proof of this, and continue her studies to bring her fathers dream to life.

Attributes Edit

Cynthia Crowne was born a Hermaphrodite, the condition is a rarity. Cheryl Crowne believes that when the Dark Matter entered her from her husband, it picked up certain chromosome that were not differentiated in the unborn fetus. This has caused Cynthia to be socially introvert. She rarely socializes, and is consumed in following her fathers work.

Relationships Edit

Cynthia has a small circle of friends.
1-010 Advice 1024

Polygirl - Is a close family friend of the Crownes. She has worked on several projects for Stranger Industries, and Crowne Industries. Her and Cynthia have been friends for the past 5 years. Polygirl provided the Nanites that would become the Positronic matrix to Cynthis her android partner.

Cynthis - Is a android created by Cynthia, using nanites provided by Polygirl. Their relationship is closer to sisters then friends. Cynthis has been known to give Cynthia a lighter side. As Cassandra Fuller, she is her cousin, and tries to improve her social relations.
1-010 Felon at work 1024

Cheryl Crowne - Is her mother, who is always pushing her to go out, and meet a nice young man, and give her grandchildren. Her experiences with the Dark Matter inside her body, has helped her control her abilities. At the same time she is hoping she can cure her mother of her uncontrollable episodes of matter phasing.

Darque - Is the alien presence that is inhabiting her body. Darque is made of Dark Matter, and it is his abilities that aid her in crime fighting. He considers Cynthia as his Universe, and he is the offspring of Primus, the Entity that inhabits her mother. Although they cannot communicate unless she enters the Dark Realm, she refers to him by name often, although he cannot reply.

Brenda Tanner - Is her best friend at AFU, as well as daughter to Henry Tanner of Tanner Pharmeceuticals.

Enemies Edit

Invictus/Alexis Thorn - An international Bounty Hunter who is also the survivor of the failed US Government project SHADOW to create the ultimate espionage agent. Possessing abilities that equal, and some that surpass the Changeling. Has a knowledge of The Changelings identity, but has chosen to keep this information to herself.
1-015 Invictus Attacks 1024

Invictus defeating the Changeling in her first battle.

Doll Maker - An evil psychotic clone of Annika Sorenson, that carries her worse instincts of greed, power, and jealousy. She has a fetish for the Changeling. Later she would take the identity of Astrid Summers.

Eveilus - An alien species named Charnarth that was augmented by the Arions to destroy the Velorans. She would prove to be so deadly that the Arions would turn on her and try to destroy her. She would end up in the Dark Realm and would be part of the community that was inside Cheryl Crowne. She would later become one with the Doll Maker, and take her body in an attempt to get her own body as well destroy the world, and her Veloran enemies U1trawoman, and the Valkeris. It was the Changelings efforts that would strip her of her Dark matter abilities, as well save all the lives she assimilated in her attempt.

U1trawoman - Partnered with the Doll Maker in a plan of producing an army of U1trawomen, it was the Changeling that defeated her with her first use of plasma.

Jeffrey McGuire - CEO of GLOBEX, and suspected by her that he was responsible for her fathers death. Their relationship is confrontational at best.

Abilities Edit

  • Can create clones of anyone (Will only use this option sparingly)
  • Can multiply herself into copies (Will only use this option sparingly)
  • Matter Manipulation
  • Can change her molecular composition
  • Chameleon
  • Limited Shapeshifting
  • Can produce Dark Matter mass that can immobilize
  • Can control Plasma, and achieve flight
  • Can alter her appearance
  • Can change her body appearance and voice
  • Increased her strength to 16 times normal

Weaknesses Edit

  • Strong Electro Magnetic Fields
  • Nuetrino bombardment
  • Heavy Water, Dueterium
  • Emotional stress, and situation

Appearances Edit


Changeling Is on the Guardian Active roster. They are the ones who are the first responders and their membership is known to the public at large.