Changeling: Volume 1 Issue 4
Cover Change 1-4
Creator: TrekkieGal
Writer: TrekkieGal
Editor: Pathetic-Virgin
Artist: TrekkieGal
Number of Chapters: 42
Heroes: Changeling
The Cook
Fantastic Lin
Villains: Dock Father
Silver Mist
Doll Maker
Wildcards: Siren
Other Key Characters: Manny Costello
Stuart Chesterson
Father Matthews
Roberta Hunter
Mia Valentine
Bernardo Velasquez
Date Posted: April 2011
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Title Edit

Street Life

Synopsis Edit

Sahlia and Silver Mist break up a drug deal go wrong when they try to take down the Warrior 76. Meanwhile in Bayshore, The Cook is assaulted by the Eastside Rapist before being subdued by Rosalind Chambers in which Cassandra Fuller detected the high frequency psionics she may have used. The next day the Guardians decide to investigate the possibilities that Miss Chambers has Meta-human abilities when it was discovered the East side rapist was Stuart Chesterson. A friendship would develop between her and Tara, but she had some information and knew someone that could make it profitable. he went to the St Bernard Cathedral and passed a not to a maintainer named Lance to pass along to Manny Costello.

Jelani Harper returns to St Bernard Cathedral to see Father Murphy and finds that Manny Costello was working there as the head custodian. Under the church he was running a billion dollar drug business selling drugs in the holy bread, and was planning to hijack a shipment of Spike for the Greenback Bastards. He also received the note from Lance which he told Tank to have Lance killed as he was tainted being in close proximity to Rosalind.

Father Matthews gives Jelani a rosary stone his brother once wore before he was shot due to street violence. The stone is said to have miracle properties, and is proven to give him limited abilities to heal in failed purse snatching attempt.

Invictus and Silver Mist awaken to the shock that they are both human, and have blue eyes. Also there is a chance that Juanita is pregnant with Shard's child.

The Dock Father not surprised that the Greenbacks would still want their shipment arranged for Shard and Turk to deliver the Spike. He also dismayed that The Cook was almost hurt the prior day and had Invictus arrange for a Bodyguard. Rolanus confronted Tara about her new relationship with Rosalind but it fell on death ears.

Cynthis confronts Miss Chambers and accomplishes nothing but she speed dials Manny and arranges to give up some information that would make him rich.

Back in Greenback hard and Turk step into a trap. Turk is killed and Shard nearly gets trashed by the Skells dressed a Hanover Ravens. They hijack the Spike and make their way back to t Bernard' with Shard hiding under the truck and mad as hell. Meanwhile, Manny sent a second team that cleaned out the Dock fathers safe house in the Barrio. Invictus, Silver Mist, and Sahlia track it all the way back to St Bernard's.

To much of Rolanus demeanor he told Tara who could see that she was being used by Rosalind when Polygirl informed her she has Psionic abilities. Lance ended up close to death in the medical center as Dr Hunter try to save his life. When she stepped out it was Jelani who used his White Angel abilities to remove the toxins in his system. A few hours later Lance would overhear Dr Hunter talking to Jelani about the drug shredder and how they use it to keep someone quiet permanently. Lance now knows Manny wants him dead and flees. Meanwhile, Manny plans to leave with a good chunk of Valante Drug money and makes plans to make this final heist of Spike and head for Florida.

hard would reach the compound first and nearly die when he is hit by a Bullet Train. The White Rose Angel heals him, but not in time for both him, and Dr Hunter to be captured by the Skells and taken downstairs for discovering their plot to sale drugs through the church. Shard goes into rescue, and revenge mode when he runs into Invictus, Sahlia, and Silver Mist. Him and Juanita go at it until she gets shot while in human form. Shard take Juanita and Bernardo and the others to get the drugs back to Headquarters. Invictus, and Sahlia follow as Shard seeks out Jelani to heal Juanita.

The Cook is abducted from outside her apartment and brought to the underground compound where she is beaten and tortured. Manny is so sure that the cook is Thomas Graves he strips her only to find out, she's a woman. as he leaves she shape shifts into her true form the Changeling and takes out the Guards. Meanwhile the Warrior 76 attack the compound and try to make off with their stolen drugs. Manny seeing everything crumble as he doesen't have the cook makes preparations to skip town with all the money.

Rosalind makes her way for the church from Bayshore as The Cook, and Polygirl follow. Meanwhile Cynthis, and the Fantastic Lin arrive to hear gunshots from the underground. They head for to sub basement as the Cook, and Polygirl search for Rosalind. The find the Father's mind wiped and Manny Costello vegged out as he sits with a blank gaze. When they catch up to Rosalind she had transferred all the money to her account, and tips off to Tara her friends need her help below.

With Manny not responding, Tank calls for the general evacuation of the compound, but to set everything a blaze. Shard finds the Angel and heals Juanita and make their way back to the Barrio. Bernardo was shot, and dieing after a incendiary grenade went off, but the Angel healed everyone including his friend Diego. The Changeling, Cynthis, and Lin took off after the last two in charge, Tank and Lydia. The Cook and Polygirl arrived ahead of them and uncovered their kitchen. Recognizing the chemicals it all came together about what Rosalind meant by friend. The set a trap, that stopped the two from escaping, but it would take the Guardians to get Tank down, but Lydia made a dash with what cash was in the vault in the compound. Tara gave chase until Lydia was about to fall. he had to make a choice for her life, or the money. She chooses the money and plummeted until the Angel swooped in and rescued her.

It was later reveal Tank was Tamara Anka, and Lydia was Lyle Anderson, both former friends of Tara's from Tanner Pharmaceuticals as well as college that helped develop Spike. After seeing the success that Tara had they decided they too would join the ranks of the illegal drug dealers, yet just like the Cook found out they only care about themselves. They never knew why Tara became a woman, but to find out what the Dock father did to him meant they were chasing the wrong demons. The both testified and had Manny Costello operation shut down for good. The money although was lost but actually was stolen by Rosalind. Juanita was found not to be pregnant, yet Shard left the Clock Tower. Shortly after that, he found the sniper who killed his friend Turk, and slit his throat with a fresh crisp $100 bill. Jelani would perform one final miracle as he we bring Matthew Crowne out of his coma. Tara and Rosalind would also break up, but it was Rosalind calling it off because of her nature to ruin anything that loves her. he gave her as a parting gift a matching necklace and ring inscribed "Cherchez La Femme".

Note Edit

  • Establishes Jural Kirin as the cause to Matthew Crowne's murder
  • This is the Origins Story for Angel.
  • Revelations of Dupoloxene would make Spike a legal psychotropic drug.
  • The Doll Maker makes one appearance to state there is a twin of her, and a plan in the works to gain control of the Vertical Collider
  • Reports of the Stolen Nuclear reactor in Brazil set up the next Weird Science Annual.

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