Cheryl Crowne
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Citizenship: United States
Place of Birth: Washington D.C.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 180 lbs
Occupation: CEO, Physicist
Creator(dA name): CandelaGreene
Affiliations: Crowne Industries
Marital Status: Married: Matthew Crowne
Children: Cynthia Crowne

Cheryl Crowne is mother to Cynthia Crowne, and wife of Professor Matthew Crowne. She is also the CEO of Crowne Industries. Like her daughter she carries a Dark Matter community, but doesn't carry the same abilities as her daughter.

History Edit

Cheryl was a prominent nuclear physicist at Georgetown University. She met Matthew Crowne in her Junior year, and the two had been inseparable since then. In 1982 she was instrumental into getting Federal funding for the vertical collider in Dover Delaware. In 1985 they were married as the finishing touches were being added to the facility. The following the collider was finally ready, but an presumed act of sabotage caused Tachyeons, and ionic radiation to escape the collider. atthew sacrificed himself to shield her, and was vaporized shortly before the shutdown sequence finally shut down the collider. Cheryl would recover, although recieving a clean bill of health she also found out she was 6 weeks pregnant. The lost of her husband was too much to bare as she took a hiatus. Richard Hayes a trusted friend, and former boyfriend would get her through her depression. It wasn't before long that Cynthia was born.

Post Crisis Edit

When she returned to take over Crowne Industries the failure of the Crowne vertical collider saw a major downturn in the market for Crowne industries. It was Jeffrey McGuire who offered to merge Crowne Industries into GLOBEX. Cheryl had little choice but to save Matthews memory by saving his work. She believed that McGuire was behind the sabotage, but had very little evidence to go on to prove it. By 1988, authorities believed the United Human Fundamentalist leader Jural Kirin was behind the sabotage of the vertical collider.

The Birth of Cynthia Edit

With Cynthia's birth came alot of changes to her life. Cynthia was born inter-sexed in a rare form. She was biologically a perfect hermaphrodite. This fact not known publicly was kept from media sources as not to raise suspicion about possible side effects from the vertical collider incident. Unfortunately there was a major one, but directly from the accident. Over the next several years there were episodes of parts of her body changing states, apparently disheartening as an uncontrollable function. It was a 1993 social function that was caught on camera that finally brought to light a possible connection with the accident. It would be Captain Richard Hayes, who now was working for the United States Naval Intelligence who diagnosed her with having dark matter molecules in her body. The revelation were they were also in Cynthia, and there was no way to know what dangers they could be in. None the less Cheryl continued to keep these facts from the public.

Modern Day Edit

Today Cheryl still heads Crowne Industry, even after the hostile take over in 2000 by GLOBEX, she remained at the helm as a board member. Although her daughter does not trust Jeffrey McGuire, she tends to deal with him alot as he heads GLOBEX. In 2010 when Jeffrey McGurire was incarcerated, and GLOBEX stock had weaken Henry Tanner, Lawrence Dodd, and herself attempted to leave GLOBEX as not to damage their companies holdings. It was Doll Maker that launched her plan to replace the board members with clones that abducted her, and placed her in a stasis tank. It was the only time her secret about her Dark Matter abilities were known as the Doll Maker created a Dark Matter clone with the body of Brenda Tanner.

3 032 purge

The purging of the community inside of Cheryl Crowne.

The Changeling would rescue her, in turn the following months Cheryl's episodes of phasing increased. It culminated with Cynthia suggestion she talk with her community in the Dark Realm. It took several hours before she expelled a large amount of Dark Matter. It was revealed that the Dark Matter in question was expelled by it's own community and was left to perish. In the following year we find out that it was Eveilus being expelled who would find Invictus in a desperate plane to survive. Today Cheryl has much more control over her Dark Matter abilities. With the return of her husband Matthew Crowne she continues to helm Crowne Industries until he is ready to take back his company.

Appearances Edit