Crowne Industries
CEO: Cheryl Crowne
Notable Products: Vertical Collider
Anti-Matter Power cells
Medical organ replacement
Vehicle energy conversions
Notable Characters: Matthew Crowne
Annika Sorenson
Cynthia Crowne
Cassandra Fuller

Crowne Industries is one of the largest energy providers in Angel Falls after the recent operation of the AFU Vertical Collider that produces enough Anti-Matter in a day to supply energy for the entire Eastern Seaboard for a month.

History Edit

In 1967, Richard F Crowne began the Crowne Energy Cosortium, by 1976 they were the leader in alternative energy solutions in the fields of Solar, Wind, and Hydro Electrical palnts. In 1977, they changed their name to Crowne Industries. In 1983, Richard Crowne stepped down, and handed over control to his son Matthew Crowne, who was on the break through of creating anti-matter. The process involved building the worlds first Vertical atom smasher, Which was able to do the work of a 60 miles in diameter collider, while only measuring 325 feet in diameter, and 190 feet in height. In 1987, a disastrous test of the new collider left Crowne Institute without their leader as Matthew was vaporized in the accident. Cheryl Crowne was chosen to take the helm, but could not stop a hostile takeover by GLOBEX in 2000.


Cheryl stepped down in 1993, citing health problems, but returned in 2006. In 2010, she, and the board members of GLOBEX disbanded their partnership with GLOBEX, on the heals of Jeffrey McGuires legal problems with the US Government