Alex Bio Bookends
Real Name: Alexandra Xenos
Identity: Private
Species: Altered Human
Gender: Female
Citizenship: United States
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'9" as Alex,
6'4" as Deenate
Weight: 130 lbs as Alex,
300 as Deenate
Occupation: TV Field Reporter for WAFS
Creator(dA name):
Base of Operation(s):
Angel Falls
Affiliations: Herakles, Mark, WAFS
Marital Status: Single

Deenate is a former field reporter for WAFS in Angel Falls who accidently acquired the powers of the Greek god, Herakles. She currently has no control over her abilities which has left her dispondent not only personally but also because of the current situation with Herakles.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Alexandra Xenos is of Greek descent who has lived in Angel Falls her entire life. She attended Angel Falls University having recently earned a B.A. in communication. She used this degree to become a field reporter for WAFS-TV.

One of her first breakthrough assignments was her impromptu interview with Arumvorax after he stopped a convenience store robbery. During the robbery, she attempted to stop the criminal in the act herself but failed although she earned the respect of the vigilante hero. She, however, felt disappointed that she was more than a little underpowered to handle the situation.

Origins Edit

Her whole world changed when the son of Zeus, Herakles, appeared in Angel Falls riding a flying chariot to the center of town. Alex attempted several times to interview him but was continuously interrupted by the god’s drinking and wenching. This irritated her repeatedly and her anger at him brought her into contact with the goddess of discord, Apate.

Apate was seeking revenge on Herakles for supposed slights to her and was searching for an agent to carry out her plans on the god of strength. She mesmerized Alex and attempted to have her render him powerless with an amulet. Alex almost carried the plan to fruition but broke from the spell with the aid of Thunder Woman who revealed Apate’s identity to her.

Apate enlisted the help of the criminal, Ranke, to drain Herakles powers making him more susceptible to her wiles. Alex saw what was happening and tried to intervene but the combination of Ranke’s powers and the amulet that Alex still possessed somehow transferred Herakles’ powers to Alex causing her to grow in size and strength while shrinking the former god to mere mortal status. His drinking landed him in the hospital where Alex is watching over him until he is well.

Alex has been given the moniker, Deenate, which is Greek for feminine strength.

Abilities/Skills Edit

Alexandra was very professional in her field work with the television station always seeking the best scoop available with her cameraman, Mark. She liked to have fun with people although that has changed since gaining Herakles’ powers. She has been trying to control her strength since having destroyed her apartment. She does not like the situation that she’s in and is actively seeking both a mentor to help her and someone to reverse the effects of the power swap.

She is not trained in any form of combat system.

She has a B.A. in Communications from AFU and speaks and writes fluent Greek.

Hobbies/Interests Edit

  • Greek Mythology
  • World History

Powers Edit

Deenate currently has the following known powers:

Super-Strength: She is in the alpha tier range enabling her to lift approximately 100 tons.

Invulnerability: Exact extent is unknown but probably very high end.

Dimensional Travel: Can open up dimensional portals to travel to various planes.

Alexandra probably has some form of super running and leaping due to the vast strength in her legs but this has never been measured.

Weaknesses Edit

Her lack of familiarity to her newly gained powers along with not able to handle her current situation mentally. She needs a mentor to train her so she won't destroy property with a single touch.