Aliases: The Conqueror of Guth
The Dark Doll
Identity: Public
Species: Charnarth Hybrid
Gender: Female
Citizenship: Charnarth
Place of Birth: Charna
Hair: Black
Eyes: Metalic Silver
Height: 8'10"
Weight: 218 lbs
Occupation: Conqueror
Creator(dA name): CandelaGreene
Base of Operation(s): Varies
Marital Status: Single

Eveilus was a genetically augmented Charnarth female who became a danger to her creators. Her ship was sabotaged in hopes she would perish in the diaster. Instead she was imprisoned in the Dark Realm until Astrid Summers released her.

History Edit

Millennium ago, Eveilus was created as a grand weapon on the Arion race to battle the Velorian race. Her DNA is made from the Charnarth race a reptilian humanoid species that has some intelligence, yet live a life based on dominance and superiority. It is for that reason and her superior strength, as well as abilities to be the equal of any Velorian. Her mind was the key as the Arion used a form on neural reconfiguration to give her a superior intelligence and to restrict her primal nature.

Initially she proved to be the ultimate warrior, but her passion for conquest, and battle proved to be too great. Scheduled for termination, Eveilus would escape on a transfer ship, and nearly escaped when a fleet was sent after her, and destroyed her ship before she escaped.

Believed dead, the explosion from the ships reactor would open a portal into the Dark Real Universe, were she was trapped, and become part of the Dark Matter Community. Her ultimate goal is to take control of a universe and use it to regain her corporeal body.

Rebirth Edit

Eveilus One

Eveilus post Dark Matter.

After regaining her control of an open mind (Astrid/The Doll Maker), she attempted to destroy the only remaining Velorian on the planet U1trawoman, as well posses the body of her clone Valkeris. The process would in the end send the earth into the Dark Realm and mean the destruction of all life on the planet. It was U1trawoman, and Valkeris interference that would thwart her plans as well destroy her abilities as the Dark Doll. After the re-appearance of the Valkeris did the Government believe that both U1trawoman, and Eveilus had survive the anti-matter explosion that would believe to be the end of all three.

Relationships Edit

In her short time on Earth, she has attracted Rolanus who was heavily affected by her pheromones. She was also impregnated by Jeffrey McGuire before she was stripped of her Dark Matter persona. It is believed that after Invictus, Silver Mist, and Matthew Crowne were extracted, they took the human DNA from the unborn fetuses to give them all human bodies.

Abilities Edit

Dark Doll Edit

  • Assimilation: This ability is unique to Eveilus, she can envelop organic matter and store it to add to herself.
  • Multiplicity: Can split into individual clones of the whole, that can act independently.
  • Shapeshifting: Can assume any shape or form for long periods of time.
  • Mimic: Can assume anyones appearance no matter what size, or gender, and match their voice identically.
  • Matter manipulation: Can assume any state Solid, Liquid, Gas, plasma
  • Plasmatic Travel: Able to assume plasmatic state of electrical arc, and travel common data streams at the speed of light.

Lost all these abilities after the Dark Matter was removed.

General Edit

  • Strength: Equal and somewhat superior to a Velorian
  • Flight: (Capable of out of atmosphere flight)
  • Tachyon vision: Can decode where tachyons have passed allowing her to see through most objects
  • Sight: Several times greater than an eagle.
  • Invulnerability: Only limited to her own force (meaning only a force equal, or greater can defeat her)
  • Reflexes: Dozens of times faster than human, she can watch a bullet floating toward her and reach out and pluck it out of mid-air at the last moment
  • Hearing: Equal if not greater than a dog

Weakness Edit

  • Extreme cold around -10 degrees Fahrenheit;
  • (unknown to public or most agencies) A band of gold around her neck or body will interfere with internal energy flows and reduce her strength to nearly human levels while making her act and feel as if she's consumed excessive amounts of alcohol.

Appearances Edit