Some Men Just Want to Watch the World Burn.

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Aliases: Gurn, Maximillian Arturo, Augustus Sinclair, Ryan Sparticus, Bradford A. Donaldson, Frederick Cagliostro, Percival Armitage, Sebastian Moran, and Richard Dastardly
Real Name: Unknown
Identity: Secret
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Citizenship: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Hair: Unknown
Eyes: Unknown
Height: 5'9"-6'1"
Weight: 190-210lbs
Occupation: Wanted Murderer, International Terrorist, Criminal Mastermind
Creator(dA name): SXGodzilla
Base of Operation(s): Varies, currently located somewhere in and around Angel Falls
Affiliations: None
Marital Status: Single
Children: None that he knows of
Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Relatives: Unknown

A shadowy and mysterious criminal/terrorist that has carved a path of destruction throughout a great deal of the world at large. Now he's brought his special brand of chaos to Angel Falls

What is KnownEdit

The man known as Eviscerare was first identified (by Interpol) back in 2005, in Columbia. But evidence in past cases (and from various bureaus across the world) suggests that he was active well before then (sometime after 1999). Interpol thought that they had a significant gang war on their hands due to the high degree of carnage and deaths of key figures within two rival cartels. It wasn't until further investigation and subsequent interrogations of survivors that the agency realized that both cartels were being attacked by some unseen third party. Working in conjunction with the Columbian government, Interpol tried to apprehend the masked fiend, gaining the first documented photo of the subject in the process . Unfortunately the villain then fled that country, amidst setting off a devastating chain of explosives that ravaged significant portions of the surrounding city.

At first it was assumed that he had been trying to corner the lucrative drug business in Columbia, but then sister agencies began to find various (highly expensive) drugs dumped in trash cans or in abandoned cars in seldom-used alleyways. Interpol agents then began to suggest the theory that he was, in fact, doing this for the sheer pleasure of killing and just happened to select the two cartels as a possible means of disguising his activities.

His subsequent attacks and more public acts would suggest this to be the case. Since then he was spotted almost all over the world. Eviscerare has been seen in wartorn third world nations to even developed first world countries, and has cut a bloody swath that follows in his wake.

Paris, France and the "Ten Days of Terror"Edit

In 2011, the fiend surfaced in Paris, France. After a few incidents (including the murder of a wanted serial killer),
Eviscerare pov pic

"I think I'm gonna like it here."

Eviscerare embarked on what would become known as "The Ten Days of Terror", a campaign of terror that would leave most of the great city crippled. Car Bombs, Acid in Household Cosmetics, Sabotaged Elevators in the Eifel Tower, and so on and so forth... which culminated in a daring, cunning, audacious attack that left most of the city in flames and the police infrastructure in shambles.

And after a brief 'rest' (that included plunging the small European nation of Alkara into civil chaos), he's made landfall in the city of Angel Falls. What to come from this is currently unknown as he used to avoid areas with large concentrations of superpowered individuals. It's theorized that he's wanting something new... something more challenging. 

Psychological ProfileEdit

Key item of note: "This is a man whose goals seem to have less to do with the procurement of wealth than they are about spreading fear across cities and civilizations. His true power seems to lie in his brutal sadism, his love of violence for the pure sake of it, and his seeming lack of any conscience. Sure he might pilfer some treasures here or there, but these are merely a means to an end. This is not a man driven by greed, but by a lust for calculated destruction and terrorism. Heaven help us all."

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Eviscerare is quite skilled with knives and other close-combat weapons. Couple that with his seeming mastery of Gyokko Ryu martial arts, makes for a formidable opponent.

Has various weapons and deadly gadgets concealed on his person. His facemask is especially rigged with traps and other devices to ensure that not just anybody can remove his mask.

From the few agents/officers that have survived confrontations with him, (usually with severely compounded fractures or completely shattered bones) reported him possessing extremely quick reflexes.

The level of sophistication shown in his work suggests a high degree of intelligence and specialty in technical/engineering skills.

Eviscerare is also a master of disguise, and is quite fond of impersonating anyone that can bring him closer to a selected target(s). The persons subject impersonates tend to usually be dead by the time he's begun these masquerades. This ability to blend in also suggests he may be multilingual.


Early Sketch based upon Eyewitness account

Subject should be considered armed and extremely dangerous. Agents should use caution when approaching subject. Subject may have accomplices as well, so agents should not approach alone.

Subject is wanted in connection to various counts of: Murder, (in various degrees) Assault, Mutilation, Terrorism, Widespread Arson, Poisoning, Forgery, Kidnapping, Personation, Piracy, Theft, Extortion, Crimes Against Humanity, Wanton Destruction of Public and Private Property, Conspiracy, Sedition, Incitement, Public Endangerment, Child Endangerment, Torture, Vandalism, Offences against the State and Crown, and so on.