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CEO: Jeffrey McGuire

GLOBEX is the nations largest producers of Energy in America. It's main asset is oil, as well as coal. Nuclear power plants, military weaon systems, and Genetics round off the many areas that is under the GLOBEX umbrella.

History Edit

Gobex roots begin in 1893 when McGuire-Fergerson Oil is created in Angel Falls. In 1912, Henry McGuire brought out Jordan Ferguson from the company, and renamed the company McGoil Petroleum. After World War II, McGoil made some financial gains by obtaining land in the Mid East, as well as the North Sea. In 1950 the name was changed to Globoil Petroluem, as Henry McGuires son, Kenneth took over the helm. The 1960's would see them develop Nuclear Fision plants for energy, and work with the Space Program to create fuel cells, and solar energy technology.

Alternative Fuel Edit

By the 1970's the energy crisis had struck, and Globoil was there to snap up 14 oil companies. Later in 1976, they would buyout Triton/Grull Aerospace, as well as Tanner Medical. In 1985, Jeffrey McGuire became the head of Globoil, and annouced a joint venture with Crowne Industries in creating a Anti-Matter reactor. After the terrible diaster on 1987, Globex had cut all ties with Crowne Industries.

Rise and Fall Edit


In 2000, the outright brought off all remaining shares of Crowne Industries, and renamed the company Globex Industries. In 2010, it was revealed that Jeffrey McGuire had secretly worked with an underground Government agency to recreate the Anti-matter disaster of 1987. Jeffrey McGuire was taken in on several charges as well, one of the most serious are accessory to murder, and aiding a known enemy to the United States (Invictus). His trial is currently pending. Doll Maker leads the Company for now, that is currently in a Tailspin. It was later revealed that Annika was cloning the board. Meanwhile Jeffrey McGuire returned to helm the company, and it's fortunes soon started to turn around. He took a giant leap by securing Anti-matter energy for the new Fusion Power plant they are constructing at Vahalla point.