Girl Friday: Issue 3
Creator: TrekkieGal
Writer: TrekkieGal
Editor: Pathetic-Virgin
Artist: TrekkieGal
Number of Chapters: 10
Wildcards: Crusader
Lilith Mephistopheles
Alana Raven
Other Key Characters: James Taggart
Previous Story: Girl Friday: Issue 2
Next Story: Girl Friday: Issue 4

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Inspector [[James Taggart pays a visit to Professor Alana Raven in hopes her skills in Demonology can give him some insight on capturing the succubi that were spotted during the incident with the Angel Bay Rapist. She offers him some information on what occurred, and unwittingly has him following her as she shows him the SINDEX. Meanwhile Ashley Moore and Vanessa Potts are summoned by Lilith Mephistopheles and Samael. Apparently their contract is null and void, and they are no longer bound by hell. Ashley recognizes the ploy as a back door maneuver to have them serve in Hell either way. Their united decision toi stay as succubi ends with them having to attend school. The are assigned to be taught by Watamaraka, and are introduced to three other succubi Melusine, Izanami, and Brooklyn who happens to be a queen as well. They are taught directly from the SINDEX the basic general rules, and circumstances that make them all succubi, and also revealed is at one time Brooklyn, and Watamaraka were lovers. Lilith then has an audience with Deimos who needs a residence as he has come to Angel Falls on business involving the Pandora's Box. He also request to go to the school as his plans may involve the succubi services. He then pays a visit to see Alana Raven to retrieve the Pandora's box which she claims four of the seven sisters were inside of it. He then reveals that Circe has been active in Angel Falls, and he believes she is about to involve the Meta-Humans in a plot that will gain her unspeakable power. Alana is quite aware what he asking means that if he captures all seven sisters he would then have the immense power of all the evil in the world, yet she gives him the box. Back at the school, Watamaraka and her students recieve a change in the curriculum and are summoned for an assembly. They are introduced to Professor Cruz who is in fact Deimos human persona. He told them he was changing the curriculum for an coming storm in which the succubi need to know how to defend themselves, and the first order of business was to pay a visit to the Guardians in hope of protecting Amazonia.

Note Edit

  • First appearance of Brookly, Melusine, and Izanami.
  • First appearance of Deimos which sets up Amazonia Vol 2: Issue 1.
  • First mention of Circe, and the Pandora's Box

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