Guardian Liaison Bureau
GLB Seal
Group Type: Intelligence and Resource
Leader: Colonel Jonah Parsons
Current Members: Captain Vivian Vance
Dr. Maya Hudson
Tara Genovese
Amanda Sterling
Base of Operations: Federal Plaza

The Guardian Liaison Bureau was set up by the United States Government in late 2011. Their purpose is to be the US Governments Representative on all villainous actions carried against the United States that may require help of the Guardians.

Based in Federal Plaza in Angel Falls, it is under the leadership of Colonel Jonah Parsons. Although given a military rank, the GLB is not considered a military organization, but has equipment and weapons at it's disposal to handle any major conflicts that can erupt. They and their agents have Carte Blanche when it come to civil and government laws, and are recognized by 272 countries as a Global Law Enforcement agency.

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