Hailey Storm
Hailey Storm Figurine
Real Name: Hailey Storm
Identity: Public
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Citizenship: United States
Place of Birth: Ruby Crest, Massachusetts
Hair: Red with Black Streak
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 155
Occupation: Student, Dancer
Creator(dA name): moxiee
Base of Operation(s): Angel Falls
Affiliations: Guardians
Marital Status: Single
Children: None
Mother: N/A
Father: N/A
Relatives: Justin Storm, Sophia Storm

Hailey Storm

Backstory Edit

Hailey is the Grand daughter of one of the most evil Sorcereser’s of the Silver Age. After his final defeat his family quickly gathered all evidence of his activities and hid them, hoping that the world would soon forget about him and his evil deeds. Unfortunately For the family Hailey found three of his books when she was sixteen and began learning about the magical arts and her Grand Father without her parents knowledge. A couple of months before moving to Angel Falls her Parents discovered her secret and, believing that the Magical arts would drive her to madness like her Grand Father, threaten to disown her if she didn't stop. Now, Alone in a strange City, She is determined to prove that she won't go down the same path as her evil Grandfather by standing up for the little guy and make the life's of bad guys and girls miserable. Hailey’s Guitar is a Skyblue Les Paul custom with a crimson red butterfly flying on it.

  • Hailey has a tentacle Phobia.
  • Magical energy can be seen flowing through her eyes. This happens at random and is uncontrollable.
  • She has a small criminal record. She has spent some time in Juvi for defacing public property when she was sixteen.
  • She has been a part of two Rock Bands. Her first was at the age of fourteen when she joined a garage band called Spew. The second was a band she formed at the age of seventeen called The Leather Whips.

Personality Edit

  • Positive character traits: Loyal to friends, Sarcastic, A strong since of justice, She has a weird since of humor, She never forget about looking out for the little guy.
  • Negative character traits: Can be insecure in very tense situations, Abuses her powers sometimes, She's a perfectionist, She says what she is thinking at the time. Sometimes that’s a good thing but sometimes it isn't.
  • Likes: Strawberries,The colors Red and Black, roses, watching movies or T.V. in a very dark room, Her guitar, muscular people, Nerds,

Dislikes: Cats, Las Vegas "Magicians", Cheerleaders, Bats, Anything with tentacles.

Abilities Edit

Source of Magic Edit

She draws energy from three sources. First is from herself although this will make her physically weak for a short time. Second is drawing from all life in the universe. Third is drawing raw magical energy from a small dimension.

List of sample spells Edit

These are her favorite spells but she knows more:

1. Traveler's Song = A teleportation spell that can take her and others any where as long as she knows it exists in her reality. Can't use this to time travel. she must sing Travon Na Tora.

2. Multi-Shield = An invisible barrier that she can cast on herself or others. If the barrier is broken, another forms in it's place. The barrier disssipates if the user is unconsicious. Cast with hand gestures.

3. Levitation = Can levitate herself or other people/objects. While it might not be considered flying, she is more agile. Cast with hand gestures.

4. Death Blossom = A ball of energy forms in the target area and then shoots several beams of energy in multiple directions before finally exploding. A risky and dangerous spell. Cast with hand gesture.

5. Storm of Dracona = Pain and sometimes death from the heavens. Large storm clouds appear over the target area and powerful blast of lightning bombard the area below. Cast with hand gesture

6. Spirit Jump = Through meditation she is able to transfer her conscious to another's body and completely taking over for a limited amount of time. The downside to this is that her own body is in a comatose state at the time.

7. Flame Dragons = Two dragons made of magical flames. They attack a target until they are destroyed or the spell is canceled. This is a black magic spell. Cast by hand gesture.

8. Eclectic Orbs = Two orbs of raw magical energy form around her fist. They can be thrown at the target. Cast with hand gesture.

9. Eclectic Beam = Similar too Eclactic Orbs but is a beam of energy.

10. Astral Projection = She can separate her astral self, her essence, from her physical form and travel unbound by physical laws while retaining human consciousness. She can only be harmed by another astral being or the most powerful magic.

11. Reflective Aura = This spell surronds her with an aura that reflects spells and energy attacks back to the caster. Effects wear off within seven to ten minutes.

12. Enchanting Items = The ability to enchant items that already exists.

13. Blackhole = She can open a blackhole by creating a star and then collapsing it in on itself.

14. Matter-Energy conversion = She able to convert matter to energy and back to matter in whatever form she desires. For example: she could transform a cement brick to energy and to a gold brick.

Weaknesses and Limits Edit

1. Some spells requires that she draw energy from her own life force. Using to much energy would cause her to lose consciousness.

2. If she has any doubts while casting a spell.


Hailey Storm Is on the Guardian Private Reserve roster. This is the second line of defense but their membership is not known to the public at large for various reasons.