Invictus-Deep Blue
Aliases: Alicia Ross
Real Name: Alexis Thorn
Identity: Hidden
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Citizenship: Wanted Globally
Place of Birth: Port of Deposit, MD
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 136 lbs
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Creator(dA name): CandelaGreene
Base of Operation(s): Silent Hill Clock Tower
Affiliations: Triad Consultant Inc
The Dock Father
Marital Status: Single

Invictus is the identity of 1st Lieutenant Alexis Thorn who was part of a top secret experiment to create a true covert agent. She became a dark realm being after returning from the realm and posses the ability to manipulate matter, and assume any shape or identity. In 2011, after her battle with Eveilus, her and Silver Mist both regained their human bodies from left over human DNA from Evelus who was impregnated with Jeffrey McGuires child. Both also obtain McGuires eye color of blue.

History Edit

1st Lt Alexis Thorn was provided as a test subject for Project SHADOW. The technology was to be used for espionage purposes. But after 7 months testing, and unfortunate accident rendered the test subjects molecules were scattered, and irretrievable. Project SHADOW was immediately shut down.

1-002 Bounty 1024

Alexis in her true form.

2 years later, we were informed by INTERPOL that she was spotted is Oslo, capturing a known terrorist leader. We deployed a team to recover her, and after 5 months they were unsuccessful. She has the ability to assume the identity of others. Until further notice she is considered a security risk if she is found in the United States. Use of deadly force is advisable. She is a Global Bounty hunter, and uses her shape shifting abilities to aid her. Her Shifting abilities are comparable to the The Changeling (20 minutes), but unlike her she can shape shift, and take the appearance of others. , as well as mimic voices (although there are sometime errors depending on information she has on said person like birthmarks, and scars). Like the Changeling, her transformations are on a molecular scale, those only intense Radiation, and heat can truly be used against her. While in human form, she has the same vulnerabilities as any human.

Jail Break Edit

3 034 jail break by candelagreene-d3498ws

Invictus Busting out of Federal Imprisonment.

Invictus would be captured and placed in prison at the Federal Correctional Facility at Terminal Island in California. 9 months into serving her 50 years to life sentence, she was visited by a mass of dark matter that was expelled by Cheryl Crowne. The Mass grabbed her, and Juanita Alvarez, and then exploded killing over 100 in the blast. It also covered Invictus escape, although she was in fact both Alexis, and Juanita sharing the one identity. Their escape would culminate with the Dark Matter community creating Silver Mist.
Invictus jail break 7 by candelagreene-d34cj3d

Invictus training Silver Mist in Kansas.

From there Invictus trained Silver Mist to use her abilities, as she also corresponded with the Doll Maker who represented Jeff McGuire and helped them return to Angel Falls.

Upon their return they would live in the Silent Hill Clock Tower with Shard where they would build their next criminal venture.

Assassin for Hire Edit

Partners oy by candelagreene-d34gsj8

Shard and Invictus in the Dock District working for the Dock Father.

Invictus would work for the Dock Father with Shard the following months as an Assassin. So trusted was her work the Dock Father hired her on sight. It was this that lead into more dealings with the Doll Maker who requested a strand of DNA for an experiment. Using hair follicles from Invictus Brush she created Dasrk matter, and submitted to the community inside that was ruled by Eveilus. Invictus knew that only an Enforcer could defeat the power of Evelus, and called a truce to aide the Changeling in defeating this alien threat. In the effort Evelus would assimilate her, as well as Silver Mist. It would be the Changeling that retrieve them, and allowed them to escaped as they both were exhausted after their ordeal.

Invictus becomes Human Edit

Sl 39 restorations by candelagreene-d4gpuhi

Alexis comforts Juanita after finding out she was not pregnant.

After their battle, the two had a common experience of awakening to having blue color eyes. They thought that this was just an anomaly, if it wasn't for the fact that Invictus awoken to find her self menstruating, something that was impossible in the past 6 years. It confirmed her belief that they both now had human bodies. The difference being now their bodies were vulnerable just like the Changeling, as opposed of their Dark Matter Bodies that were more versatile.

It was Silver Mist injury after being shot that would affect her as she almost died because she was human when the bullet struck her. It was also the fact that Silver Mist may have been pregnant with Shards child that ended their living arrangements at Silent Hills.

Abilities Edit

  • Matter Manipulation
  • Shapeshifting
  • Light bending Camouflage (Cloaking)
  • Full body Impersonation (including voice)

Weakness Edit

  • Nuetrino bombardment
  • Heavy Water, Dueterium
  • Plasma, and Heavy Dark Matter
  • Electro-Magnetic Pulse

Appearances Edit