Joanne bio by singory-d34amj0
Real Name: Joanne
Identity: Public
Citizenship: United States
Occupation: Owner of Jo holding
Base of Operation(s): Angel Falls
Marital Status: Single

Joanne wasn't the top of her class , but she was close , she was renowned by her teachers as a out of the box thinker , so while everyone one expected her to work in one of the many weapon manufacturing companies , she worked in a civilian design company , and after some patents she sold her company to army contracting company

Joanne moved to Angel Falls to try and find new opportunities , she was mocked for trying to establish a new insurance company in a city full of superheroes and villains , she tried none the less

While she barley been able to stay afloat from all the super villains attacks , the invasion just drained her company and she had to close it

The patents she kept were good money still , but she wanted revenge on the people who made her lose her dream , of achieving what her grandfather couldn't , so she stayed in Angel Falls , and she is going after anyone on her list , hero or villain doesn't matter much for her