Lady Liberty
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Real Name: Jessica-Nicole Matthews
Hair: Blonde
Mother: Elana Matthews
Father: Nigel Matthews
Relatives: Jack Matthews
Jon Matthews

Early YearsEdit

Lady Liberty was born Jessica-Nicole Matthews to Nigel and Elana Matthews. She is the half sister of Jack and Jon Matthews. From Grade School all through High School, Jessica participated in sports.But she found her true passion in middle school, Volleyball. Jessica played varsity all though High School and helped lead her team to two state titles. Jessica also displayed excellent academic skills, She graduated third in her class. She kind nature and approachability made her very popular among almost the entire student body, weather it was the quarterback of the football team or the most awkward kid in school, Jessica knew there name and treated them all the same. Prom, she went with the president of the AV Club.

College Years Edit

After High School thought about joining the Marine Corps, her parents, especially her father who was a retired Marine and her brother Jack, who at the time just received the rank of Captain. When Jessica confronted her father and brother on the subject, they simply looked at each other then back at Jessica and said "Your too sweet for the Corp, go to college". Jessica enrolled in community college then planned to transfer to State. Jessica did well with her school work. She met a boy, Chris. After dating for two years, Chris and Jessica were engaged and planned to get married after graduation and start a family. That all came to an end when Jessica caught her fiancee in bed with his professor, who happened to be a man. Jessica ended the engagement and continued with her original plan. Only problem was Jessica was broke and couldn't afford to continue her education and finding a job was hard. One of her professors mentioned a small firm that was hiring in Angel Falls. With the prospect of employment and the chance to start new, Jessica packed up and moved to Angel Falls.

Angel Falls Early Days Edit

Jessica took a job as a receptionist at a local accounting firm. The job paid well but Jessica still wasn't quite able to pay for college. Two months later, The owner retired and pass control to his former partners daughter. After an office altercation, Jessica was fired from her job and was left unemployed. Unable to return to school, the bills piling up, money running out. Jessica almost took a job as a dancer at Club Sin, but just then she saw an ad to test a new "beauty product". Jessica returned to her apartment to try this new product out called 'Amazex'. After dulluding the liquid with the only liquid she had that was she could keep down, milk. Jessica drinks the strange elixer then Jessica doubled over. Her muscles began to increase in size, as well as her breasts and buttock. After Jessica picked herself back up in a daze, when she looked in the mirror she saw shocked her. She was now 5'11, had breast four cup sizes bigger and her muscles were three times the size they were (her buttock was about four times bigger than before but was solid muscle)