Matthew Crowne
Matthew Crowne
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Citizenship: United States
Place of Birth: Angel Falls
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210 lbs
Occupation: Physicist
Creator(dA name): CandelaGreene
Base of Operation(s): Angel Falls
Affiliations: Crowne Industry
Marital Status: Married: Cheryl Crowne
Children: Cynthia Crowne
Mother: Harriet Crowne (deceased)
Father: Richard Crowne (deceased)

Professor Matthew Crowne was Angel Falls most brilliant Physicist who was always using science for the greater good of mankind. He was the driving force to build the first Vertical Collider that was sabotaged, resulting in what most people thought was his untimely death.

History Edit

Matthew was born in Angel Falls at the Crowne Estate to Richard and Harriet Crowne. He went to some of the finest educational institutions in all of Angel Falls. He excelled in Math at a very early age. By the age of 10, he was already tackling advance Calculus. At age 14, he earned himself a scholarship at Angel Falls University. He studied there for 3 years before going on to MIT for another 4 years. At age 22, he graduated with full honors, and was considered one of the brightest Physicist in the United States if not the world. He worked on complex mathematical theories as well as tackling the biggest problem of the time. He forecast a bleak future for oil distribution, and calculated by 2020 gas price would be approaching $10 a gallon. By 1980, he would take on the project of his life, to find a clean, efficient alternate fuel source. By 1982, he proposed building a one of a kind particle collider that would cost millions of dollars less then a conventional collider. He called it the Vertical Collider.

The Team, and the Dream Edit

Joining Matthew in his venture was a colleague from MIT, Richard Hayes, who was instrumental in getting government grants for the project. The second part of the team was Cheryl Crowne who was a Graduate Physicist from Angel Falls University. The three would work closely together even after Richard Crowne stepped down as CEO of Crowne Industry. Soon the Collider was under construction, and under the gun. A fundamentalist group called United Humane Fundalmentalist led by Jural Kirin cited that the creation of this collider is just another example of how Meta-science is squeezing out humans, and warned that this collider could be man's destruction. Despite these warnings and numerous threats, the project went ahead. In 1985, Matthew married Cheryl in the Collider control room.

The Dream becomes a Nightmare Edit

The added rhetoric between the UHF and Matthew was becoming too much to bear. Added into the mix was the likes of Jeffrey McGuire denouncing the collider as another "Broken promise from scientists wanting to make man's life easier", which pushed him over the edge. Fears of some nut job blowing up his life work, he decided to test the collider with no publicity and no press for reasons of safety. The collider fired for the first and last time as it created more Anti-matter in one shot then any collider had created with multiple collisions. But a micro fracture in the control exposed Matthew and Cheryl to a broad spectrum of primordial radiation. In a self sacrificing act, Matthew shielded his wife from full exposure as he shut down the collider. Unfortunately, he was vaporized just before the Collider shut down.

Reprucusions Edit

The lost of Matthew Crowne ended the alternative fuel program. Later evidence was found linking the UHF to the diaster and Jural Kirin as the master mind. Without Matthew, the dependacy of fossil fuels continued. The Collider was dismantled rather then destroyed.

Return Edit

It wasn't until 2011, after his daughter Cynthia Crowne, who defiantly built a Vertical Collider at Angel Falls University, that things come full circle. Once again the project was attacked from outside sources, this time an alien named Eveilus was using the Collider to create a Anti-matter doorway to obtain an organic body over her Dark Matter persona. It was the actions of the Valkeris, Doll Maker, and the Changeling that retrieved him from inside the dark realm that resided inside Eveilus. Upon his return, he spent several months in a coma before recovering. It was upon his return that one occurence was noticed; His brown eyes were now blue.

Appearance Edit