26 Mesmeratrix Gong63 by Sean-Loco-ODonnell 2011
Species: Meta
Gender: Female
Hair: Silver
Eyes: White

Mesmeratrix is a solo villain that operates in Angel Falls, committing crimes purely on whim.

History Edit

The woman called Mesmeratrix was born a mutant with abnormal appearance and the ability to read and control the minds of others. From a very young age, she realized she could make people do whatever she wanted, and took great pleasure in doing so. Every person she encountered in her life, from acquaintances to her own family, fell under her power and satisfied every whim that would cross her mind.

When she reached adulthood, she had usurped the entire town of Pleasant Valley, Connecticut, being treated like royalty by the enslaved populace, but she quickly grew bored. She soon discovered that there were other beings of great power in larger cities, and decided they would make superior slaves.

Entering the "Super Hero" scene, she casually began assembling a collection of mind-controlled super slaves. The press quickly dubbed her Mesmeratrix, due to her powers, fashion sense, and her seeming hedonistic tendencies. Authorities were powerless to stop her, as anyone attempting to apprehend her was converted into one of her mind-slaves.

Finally, a group effort by heroes involving psionics providing mental shielding, and a liberal use of robots, managed to bring Mesmeratrix to justice.

The Villain Edit

Mesmeratrix follows no patterns, uses no themes, and hires no henchmen. Her modus operandi consists of acting on her desires at any given moment.

Abilities Edit

Mesmeratrix is an Alpha-level mind-controller and telepath. She has no other skills or abilities, as she has never felt the need for them.

Personality Edit

Mesmeratrix displays the lack of remorse or guilt, complete lack of empathy, and failure to accept the responsibility of her actions of a textbook psychopath. She never learned the need for social mores or interaction, always being able to control minds. For example, it would never even occur to her to ask somebody to hand her something, she would simple take over their mind and force them to do it. She simply has no checks or balances for her behavior.