Ms. Blitzen
Ms Blitzen
Aliases: Lightning Dancer
Real Name: Emily Heinz
Identity: Public
Species: Atlantean
Gender: Female
Citizenship: United States, Atlantis
Place of Birth: Atlantis
Hair: Frost Blonde dyed Purple, Powder Blue or Flame Red
Eyes: Green with Silver and Gold sparks when her powers are active
Height: 6'
Weight: 135 lbs
Occupation: Adventurer
Creator(dA name): Knight3000
Base of Operation(s): Guardian Hall
Affiliations: Guardians, Dynamic 5
Marital Status: Bethrothed Matthias Geist
Mother: Princess Neramani D`Khan: (Birth Mother)
Pamela Heinz: (Stepmother): Deceased
Father: Ven D`Khan, Avenging Son of Atlantis: (Birth Father)
Frank Heinz: (Stepfather): Deceased

Ms. Blitzen (Emily Heinz) is an Atlantean mutant. Capable of generating and discharging Electrical blasts and Lightning of various Voltage.

History Edit

Her paternal twin brother Ethan is an Omega Class mutant posessing the ability to manipulate and control Gravity and absorb/transfer Kinetic Energy. After being born in Atlantis by their true parents,The Rulers of Atlantis, They both lived in Brooklyn,New York and were raised by the The Avenging Sons best friends to save the twins from being assassinated because of an Atlantean Civil War. When the twins turned 13 they manifested their powers. Ethan manifested first since he is older by about a half hour. The twins are opposites. Ethan is arrogant and aggressive while Emily is more docile but does have a temper when provoked. Ethan spent most of his childhood tormenting his sister. He emulated Magneto while Emily didnt care for either. In a burst of anger, He lashed out at their stepfather (Both twins did not realize they are in fact Atlanteans although Ethan suspected it and were raised by the friends of the Rulers of Atlantis to protect them from a Civil War that was being fought). Ethan callously killed him by crushing him with gravimetric pressure. Emily lashed out on him with her electrical powers when she saw the murder. Their stepmother also witnessed both twins manifesting mutant powers and soon committed suicide. Ethan fought Emily but soon left seeing that she 'Wasnt worth his time' after she refused to join him in making humans bow down to them. Alone and soon in a foster home Emily met with and became friends with the heroine Phyrefrost. Maddie raised Emily as her own and became her Legal Guardian where she trained her in controlling her powers. They soon went to Paragon City and made a name for themselves thwarting villains and criminals. Emily soon met with Ethan again a few years later and once again they battled. But this time Ethan defeated her and placed her into his machine called a weather dominator as its living powerscource. Maddie soon battled the evil twin and freed her Ward. Ethan though was not going to give up that easily and the older heroine stood her ground by slowing him down with her blizzard and freezing his legs. Maddie soon called on Emiy to finish him off but she couldnt do it, eventhough he is evil he`s still her brother and she couldnt kill him. In fact she was scared of him despite his helplessness. Maddie decided to put matters into her own hands and killed Ethan instantly with her ice sword piercing the evil twin in the heart. Emily soon decided to move to Angel Falls to not only leave the memory of Ethan behind her but to also improve on her powers. Maddie gave her her blessing but soon went to Angel Falls to watch over her.

Angel Falls Edit

When she first came to Angel Falls, Emily met with the Deputy Mayor, Cassandra Devereux and participated in her Midnight Queens Photoshoot Event. Soon afterwards she met Connie,The Crimson Conservative and they both foiled a smuggling ring that brought deadly Quantum rifles to Angel Falls. At the time, Her maximum Voltage was 50,000. However,after a battle with Ultrawoman she was pushed to her limit which was a maximum of 75,000 Volts. Unfortunately, The charge did not hold because it was actually feeding off of her anger. After her Adrenaline wore down, Her Max Voltage couldn`t be held, Leaving her depleted and weak enabling Vyr-Na to defeat her easilly afterwards. Emily soon met and became friends with Soviet Superwoman and her wife Walkiria after they mended her wounds from her battle with The Velorian Juggernaught. Emily soon broke down when her twin Ethan called out to her in her mind. She explained to the Soviet Powerhouse what happened to her in Brooklyn and the last time she battled with Ethan and the two heroines bonded. Olga vowed she would protect her anytime she needs help. She has even given Emily the nickname Kotehok (kitten). Maddie evetually moved to Angel Falls after Emily was killed by the Reich Leader Genocide. After she was resurrected by the Guardian Angelina, Maddie trained her further and was helping her in her battle with Ultrawoman and Dark Star. She was once again defeated by the Velorian Juggernaught. But not before Vyr-Na delibrately pushed Emily to the point of going berserk when she ordered War Cat to pull Maddies beating heart from out of her chest. When U1trawoman forced her to watch the brutal murder of her beloved Guardian, Emily went berserk and broke the She-Cats back. In a savagely brutal fight with U1trawoman in downtown Angel Falls and Liberty Park, Vyr-Na eventually defeated Emily. After the elastic girl Coil brought Maddie to Guardian HQ, Emily asked the Guardian Polygirl to help restore Maddie. She agreed and made her a fusion powered heart replacement. Maddie soon formed a strike team called the Dynamic 5 after Emily is once again healed by Angelina for serious injuries to her face caused by War Cat. This time her Atlantean traits, ie. Her pointed ears and upswept eyebrows became permanently prominent. Recently, Emily met with Malachi Quinn and she fell in love with him when he later revealed to her that he is actually an Ancient Atlantean Warrior-Cleric Shaman from another dimension. The two instantly became lovers. Mal aka. Matthias Geist bonded their souls and the two became lifemates. Matthias also bestowed her 13 runic tatoos to consumate their love for each other. They are now betrothed and soon to be married. In a scheme to test Emilys growing strength and powers, The Darklord Xeranad Lekard resurrected Ethan and pits the twins against each other to attempt to enthrall Emily against his daughter Aria Kahner.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Her Electrical blasts consists of:

  • Short, Medium and Long range Electrical Blasts that can stun targets depending on the voltage.
  • Ball Lightning that originally can be fired on one target at a time, But now it can hit multiple targets.
  • A Short-Circuit blast that can scramble and disable electronics, machinery and robotics.
  • Electro-Shackles; Previously Emily can only grasp one target at a time with it, But now, She can grasp multiple targets.

She can either hold them in place or more importantly, Absorb their Bio-electric aura to replenish her electrical charge that she expels.

  • A Tesla Cage which is a bubble of electricity which, Like the Shackles, Can either hold targets or absorb their bio-electric aura. (Emily often uses both to abosorb bio-electric auras)
  • She can summon "Fluffy" Her Voltaic Sentinel:

It`s a concentrated Ball of Electricity and Lightning, Which can fly and shoot its own Electrical blasts and Pure Lightning. It also protects her in case she`s outnumbered, Needs a diversion or to recharge herself if she`s in trouble. It`s normally about the size of a Basketball but it can become the size of a Beachball when Emily is angered. Originally after 15 minutes "Fluffy" dissipates. Now, it lasts a half hour before dissipating. Emily can summon "Fluffy' again. In her most recent battle, She can now summon 2 Fluffies at a single time and both last a half hour before dissipating or if Emily absorbs one.

  • She can fire an Electro-snipe (That she calls a zap!) from her index and forefinger which she can aim.

The long range concentrated electric blast does not do damage but does stun a target and has good accuracy.

  • In addition to absorbing Bio-electric auras,

Emily can absorb electricity from any power source or electronic device to replenish her blasts, stamina and strength. It`s crucial in a prolonged battle that she periodically absorb bio-electric auras or electrical devices like streetlamps or even car batteries.

  • Her own bio-electric aura serves as a type of Protective Armor for her.

In close range, Her aura can protect her from pistol fire, But not from knives or swords or other blades. Heavier ordinance like machine guns can hit her. It can stun an unarmed target that`s in range of her.

  • Most importantly, Her Electrical Armor heals her wounds.

When she becomes semi-conscious or seriously wounded, It envelopes her and replenishes her stamina. In extreme conditions (Unconsciousness or near-death), It encases her inside a chrysallis.

During her battle with DarkStar, Emily discovered she can transform herself into a Living Bolt of Lightning! In this form, Her blasts are exremely powerful and she managed to defeat the villainess. However, When she changes back, It will leave her severely depleted and weak. In this case her Bio-electric armor would kick in to replenish her stamina.

Her electricity can also build up her speed enabling her to run at bursts. Emily can hover and fly using electrical currents. Her top speed has not been reached yet, But she can fly at the speed of sound (720mph).

The maximum Voltage of her electrical powers when she first came to Angel Falls was at 75,000 Volts. However after absorbing the Bio-Electric auras from The Velorian Juggernaught, U1trawoman, The Asgadrian Enchantress and DarkStars Orgone aura (Which she tricked Emily into thinking it was her bio-electric aura) It made her go into convulsions. Her Bio-Electric armor immediately encased her inside a Chrysallis of Electricty and Lightning to heal her.

When Emily emerged out of it, Her physical appearance has changed:

  • She is now 6 inches taller,
  • Her muscle tone in her arms, legs and stomach has increased as well as her breasts.

The most surprising aspect now is that Emily posesses Superstrength and her electrical powers have also been boosted by it. Increasing the maximum voltage of her Electrical blasts to 100,000 Volts.

  • Originally she could use her electrical absorbing powers to increase her Strength which enabled her to lift 500 pounds!

She had to be careful though because it depleted very quickly. She can now lift 25 TONS without the aid of her electrical powers! Connie,The Crimson Conservative and Emily discovered this while working out in Titans Cove!

Emily is a fierce streetfighter and uses her Electro-punches and kicks to stun targets. Her fists become Electrically charged and depending on the target, When the punch hits, the person is stunned. For stronger foes like U1trawoman and The Enchantress, She uses what she calls The Thunderbuster punch and Thunderbuster kick: An electro-punch and kick that hits with the force of Thunder itself. Anyone hit by it is instantly knocked unconscious. It can even demolish a tank!

Demeanor Edit

Emily is easy-going and gets along with everyone and has a cheerful attitude. But she has no tolereance for bullies, Since she too was a victim of bullying from her paternal twin brother Ethan. Being still relatively young, Emily has a short temper and sometimes goes into fits of anger however. Especially in battle! She is also very competitive

== Weakness ==:

The only real weakness Emily has is when she exerts the more physical aspect of her electrical powers; Her Lightning Form. It will weaken her considerably. Her anger sometimes fuels her powers but if it`s used up shes drained and has to recharge herself. Maddie is working with her to not let her anger control her powers. Also her Electrical Armor aura does not protect her from stabbing weapons and heavy gunfire. Emilys fiery temper can be used against her. Its both her greatest strength but it`s really a Major Achilles Heel!

Miscellaneous Edit

When she manifested her powers, Emilys skin pigment became chalky white and she had all of her body hair singed from her except her eyebrows and hair on her head. She often dyes her hair in crazy colors to be 'unique' since its frost blonde. Emily has 8 hole scars on her left shoulderblade and between her breasts in the front and back after taking hits from U1trawomans laser eye beams. She is very protective of children and is fiercely loyal to Maddie, Her Mentor and Legal Guardian. She would sacrifice herself to save anyone.

Absorbing DarkStars Orgone aura and having pure liquid Orgone injected into her, Has made Emilys lust become uncontrollable. Most especially when she uses her bio-electric absorbtion, It increases to the point that she`ll have an orgasm.

Her electrical blasts, Electric aura and Fluffies are now colored Red for some strange reason that Emily hasnt found out about. Also during her battles she was revived from serious injury and had her physical Atlantean traits restored; She now has pointed ears and upswept eyebrows.

Her new Ancestral Atlantean lover, Matthias Geist purified and removed the Orgone that was affecting her. He also bestowed a runic tattoo on her left breast over her heart with the symbol of Lightning. The tattoo itself has unknown properties but glows depending on Emilys emotions. Matthias cosummated their love for each other and bonded their souls becoming lifemates. As a token of their lasting love, He bestowed 12 more Runic tattoos on her wrists and ankles.

The tattoos on her wrists are: Love,Soul,Life,Rythm,Power and Faith Her ankles have: Past,Present,Future and Eternity

Matthias also bestowed two special tattoos on her pinky fingers that are: Creation. While they are bonded to her, they will not appear until she is ready to become a mother. They will only appear and glow, to give the Elemental Warrior-Shaman an indication that she is ready to bear him a child. Her Runic tattoos cannot be removed or taken away from her even in battle. Since Matthias performed the ritual on her the rune tattoos themselves are boons from the Gods and do not fade.

Emilys electric aura,blasts and Fluffies have once again changed color to Gold and Silver to match with Matthias` elemental mastery. With their souls bonded, Her powers have strengthened.


Ms. Blitzen Is on the Guardian Active roster. They are the ones who are the first responders and their membership is known to the public at large.


Ms. Blitzen has a history in the City of Heroes online Roleplay game continuity.