Nicholas Guiffre
Dock Father
Aliases: Dock Father
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Citizenship: United States
Place of Birth: Angel Falls
Hair: Bald
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 247 lbs
Occupation: Shipping Owner
Drug Trafficking
Creator(dA name): Venom17 & CandelaGreene
Base of Operation(s): The Old Dock District
Eden Island
Affiliations: The Guiffre Crime Syndicate
Angel Falls Commerce Department
Marital Status: Widow: Kelly Guiffre deceased)
Children: Mark Guiffre
Mother: Margret Guiffre (deceased)
Father: Anthony Guiffre (deceased)

Nicholas Giovanni Guiffre is Angel Falls last true mob boss after the fall of the Valente Crime Family. The past 22 years, he has single-handedly chased, extorted, and murdered the competition out of town. He has become popular with the working class for his generosity, and has stepped on friend and foe to obtain his position. His two greatest allies are Mayor Quimby, and Paudraic.

Background Edit

Born in 1960, he was raised in the rich affluent part of Angel Falls. His father, who was CEO of Stefano & Guiffre Transportation", 'had a Monopoly as they had all the city contracts for Trucking, and Busing in 75% of the city. By age 8, Anthony Guiffre was teaching him all the family business including number running, drug trafficking, and money laundering.'

The mid 70's saw the first signs of erosion in their crime business. A number of major bust had the city council investigate the families business practices. Although most charges of wrong doing were dropped, the city council voted overwhelmingly to drop Stefano & Guiffre Transportation and form the Angel Falls Transit Authority to run the buses. The rift from this was felt as the Guiffres were no longer wanted in their own business, and Anthony stepped down yet vowed one day he will crush Stefano for what he had done to him.

Coming of his own Edit

In 1982, Nicholas was handed the reins to run several of the Family's illegal operations. Prostitution was the first area he planned to tweak into becoming bullet proof. Blackmailing several city councilman, the police chief, and the deputy mayor, he set out to create a high end prostitution ring on Eden Island. This caught the attention of a man he met a few times prior by the name of Paudraic. He approached Nicholas with an offer to buy the 42 acres in Vahalla hills for his resort. In return, he promised that he could provide him with the means to obtain any of his goals. Nicholas didn't take him seriously but by 1984 he relented, and told him he will come to him we he needs to.

By 1990, the drug trafficking ring was priority; as well, he would take a bride named Kelly Hines. They were married that year and she was pregnant with his son Mark. Unfortuantely, his father would pass away 6 months after their wedding, making him the new mob boss. He vowed he would keep his father's promise to ruin the Stefanos. First he bought out major shares in the Atlantic Seaboard Railway, thus gained control of the Old Dock District railyard. He started evicting everyone, but Stefano's lease was air tight. The next two years, he was in and out of court trying to evict them but couldn't. Paudraic, hearing of his problem, offered his assistance for a small price of closing down his high end prostitution ring. Nicholas resisted at first but knew it was a matter of time before the authorities would come sniffing around. It was a matter of 2 weeks before the city zoning board overturned Stefanos lease, and sold the property to Nicholas. From that moment on, Nicholas owned the Old Dock District.

The Valente's and the lost of his wife Edit

By the late 90's the Valente crime family was the last of the families still in Angel Falls. They have lost a lot of business to the Guiffres, and thought it was time to give him a scare. Several attempts to assassinate him failed. One day, he was heading to wor, and instead of taking the car, he took a limousine. 4 hours later, Margret was going to pick up their son at his grandmothers house. When she turned the ignition, the car blew up, killing her instantly. The evidence pointed to a car bomb, but not to who planted it. Guiffre blamed the Valente's and the feud began. It wasn't until 2010 he hired an assassin named Shard to exact revenge, killing his 2 sons and wiping out all of his business interest. By 2011, Richard Valente was in jail on charges of murder, extortion, and money laundering.

Drug Dealings Edit

Since 1985, Guiffre has been making profits on drugs. In 2004, he met Thomas Graves and offered him a job producing Spike. It was on Paudraics urging that he hired Thomas, which proved very profitable. Later Paudraic would offer him a deal fo a form of Spike he was interested in called Venus drugs. Thomas developed the new drugs and they were a success especially in the LBGT communities. But the bulk of the drugs were sold to Paudraic for millions of dollars a gross. Seeing the success of Venus drugs. Nicholas wanted more and had Thomas develop Benders.

Betrayal and Perversion Edit

Nicholas had not dated since his wife death, and there was rumors in circles he was attracted to Transsexuals. In 2008 while Thomas was working on benders, Nicholas conveniently replaced his supply of Spike with the experimental drug. The results was Thomas became female in 5 days. Highly depressed, he attempted suicide several times. On the third attempt, Nicholas staged his death letting the world believe Thomas Graves was dead. Using his connection via Paudraic, he had the State senator pull the records on Thomas Graves and transfer data into a female named Tara Genovese. He had him seal her records and placed on the Witness Protection Program indefinitely. From that point on Nicholas made her into his consort, and made her a media starlet. But her addiction to Spike was his control as he fed her spike so he can force sexual intimacy on her. It wasn't until 2011 that Tara found out what he was doing, and left him.