Real Name: Paulina Wilson
Identity: Public
Species: Human (Mutation)
Gender: Female
Citizenship: United States
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 110 lbs
Occupation: Engineer, Scientist, Inventor
Creator(dA name): Lonestranger
Base of Operation(s): Stranger Industries complex, Guardian Hall
Affiliations: Stranger Industries, Guardians
Marital Status: Single

Polygirl is quite possibly the most famous, and popular among the Guardians. Considered a mutation, and yet has an unassuming ability she has become a Guardian of choice for many others.

Biography Edit

Polygirl by MoonlightAlchemist by lonestranger

Polygirl with copies.

Polygirl has occupied a unique position in her life, being both alone and the crowd all at the same time. She had always been known as “the freaky four-armed girl” causing her to stay inside most of the time to read. At first it was novels but eventually she found she could read the instructions for a model kit among other things while putting it together all at the same time. It wasn't until the last day of 8th grade that what she thought was the end of her world happened. Some girls in her class and a boy she had a bit of a crush were both calling her over to them to talk, basically forcing her to choose one direction to go, one way that could influence how high school would go. So she made her decision...and walked to both of them at once before she realized what had happened to her. As she went home to tell her parents what happened they told her about their upcoming move, her father had accepted a better position in another city.

Polygirl dupe by dfreak235 by lonestranger

Paulina creating a genetic Copy.

In a period of two hours Polygirl's whole world view had improved. She spent that summer practicing with her duplication abilities while finding out she retained the experiences of each copy. Eventually she could be found not only in the library most Saturdays at most every chair reading about all things technical, but she also was able to get some practical learning from people at a nearby racetrack. She did learn during that time how much of a headache she would get from reabsorbing all her duplicates at once when leaving the library and having all that information to have to sort through, which helped her gauge how many she could reabsorb at one time without hurting herself. It was also during this time she realized that regardless of where her clones were in relation to her directly, everyone of her knew what everyone else was doing. Not only could she look through the eyes of any copy but she knew what they were doing as well. Because of that throughout high school she would keep a copy of herself at home to write down all the homework assignments she got and start working on the answers. Also during this time she was being hailed as something of a prodigy eventually getting an invitation to the Claremont Academy to help train her both with her powers as well as help her improve her knowledge of all things engineered.

Today Polygirl is out on her own (so to speak) having graduated from college and set up her own research lab/repair facility. She understands her powers fully and keeps trying to push the number of duplicates she can make even farther than she can now. She's quite happy where she is in life keeping a fairly low profile compared to some of the other super heroes that are running around out there. The one thing she does know is if any heroes do come across any technology they don't understand or a vehicle gets banged up, she has a bay to examine/repair it as needed.


Polygirl Is a charter member of the Guardians and is consider a Founder.


Polygirl Is on the Guardian Support Roster. Those that work behind the scenes but are not part of the fighting force.