Shard by venom
Species: Dark Elf
Gender: Male
Hair: White
Eyes: All Red
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 125 lb
Occupation: Assassin
Creator(dA name): Venom17
Marital Status: Single

Shard is, in simple terms, an psychotic nut-ball; he's zany and goofy one minute, then tearing into his victims the next, he uses any means necessary (or what he wants to) to get his target (or whatever he wants).

Background Edit

Shard arrived in Angel Falls via a vortex between his realm. Upon his arrival, he fit in nicely, finding the abandoned clock tower in Silent Hill where he made a home for himself. As he learned more about life in Angel Falls , he found himself in need of employment. He went to the Old Dock District and picked up a job from the Dock Father. A simple assassination job of one of the Valenti crime syndicate Captains. Although it didn't go totally textbook, Shard had proven himself to the Dock Father and got himself his first commission in Angel Falls.

Companions Edit

Inv SM DM Shard

Silent Hills Clock tower, and Shard has found guest at the Bus stop. L-R Silver Mist, Invictus, and the Doll Maker

It wasn't long after that Shard played host to Invictus and Silver Mist who arrived in Angel Falls after their cross country trek. Initially Shard was resistant to the girls invading his space, but soon found them both useful. Invictus introduced him to sunglasses as well as turning out to be a skilled assassin in her own right. Shard admired her despite his zany antics that drove her up the wall. Silver Mist was a puzzlement to him, as he thought she was very beautiful and couldn't fathom why she would like to hang out with him. None the less, they shared many a good time at the strip club she worked as well as partying at home.

Partners oy by candelagreene-d34gsj8

Shard and Invictus in the Dock District working for the Dock Father.

Shard was later joined by the closest thing he had to a friend in the form of Rolanus. Rolanus came to Angel Falls seeking Shard as he was always a trusted person to fight beside. The two would get their chance when the Dark Doll came in search of Invictus and Silver Mist. She would assimilate Silver Mist who would confess her love for Shard. Shard would pay it no mind, yet was a 'Elf on Fire', as he was determined to hunt down the Dark Doll and somehow rescue Silver Mist.

Blood, Sweat, and Tears Edit

With the return of Silver Mist, he became much closer to her than he wanted. The news that she was now human, and possibly pregnant, made him despondent. He had a mission to run with his somewhat good friend from the Docks, Turk. They were to fix a drug deal that went bad in the Barrio. But they drove into a killing field as disguised Skell gang members fire bombed and shot all of the Greenback Bastards, and Turk as well. Shard took multiple hits, but still struggled to stay with the truck with the shipment of drugs. He would make it all the way to the Skells underground hangout but irreverently got banged up worse when hit by a bullet train. It was the Angel that healed him and he continued back to the Skells compound when he ran into Invictus, Sahlia, and Silver Mist. After a welcome back argument, shots rang out as they were spotted by a Skell gunman. Silver Mist, who was in her human form, took a stray bullet and was mortally wounded. Shard once again showed determination by carring her body to find the Angel and have him heal her back to health. From there, they gathered the remaining drugs and fled back to the Barrio.

Street life shard by candelagreene-d4dn9j7

Shard in Skells underground compound.

With Silver Mist safely home and being nursed to health, Shard left Silver Mist, signed over the deed to the Clock Tower to her, and departed without words. Four days later Juanita was told she had a false pregnancy.