Silver Mist
Silver Mist 2.0
Aliases: Chica
Chica Bomb
Juliet Ross
Real Name: Juanita Alvarez
Identity: Hidden
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Citizenship: United States
Place of Birth: Kingsbridge, NY
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 138 lbs
Occupation: Exotic dancer, Model, Extortionist
Creator(dA name): CandelaGreene
Base of Operation(s): Silent Hills Clock Tower
Affiliations: Triad Consultant Inc
Marital Status: Single
Mother: Bonita Alvarez
Father: Alejandro Alvarez
Relatives: Bernardo Alvarez, Michelle Walker, Yvonne Walker

Juanita Alvarez is Silver Mist who was created from the Dark Matter community that resided inside Cheryl Crowne and took her as well as Alexis Thorn in desperation for it's survival. She was in prison for aiding known felon Ramone Benitez who killed 2 guards, and wounded several police officers in a armed bank robbery.

History Edit

Juanita is daughter to Bonita, and Alejandro Alvarez, and younger sister of Bernardo Alvarez and Michelle Walker. At age 12 they moved from New York to Angel Falls where she met Thomas Graves and Ramone Benitez. Thomas and her would become close friends, but 4 years time she would date Ramone and they would become a couple. The next several years Juanita was unknowingly a gang's leader girlfriend as he lead the Warrior 76 selling narcotics, and shaking down the neighborhood to extort cash. The revelation to Ramones business dealing caused her to over eat, and gain weight to a point that Ramone broe up with her. In 2008 after Thomas Graves was presumed dead, she once again ended up in Ramones arms. He decided they were going to leave Angel Falls and start a new drug dealing business in San Diego. Unfortunately the trip was marred when he was robbed of both cash, and drugs. He then attempted to rob a bank in San Diego where 2 security guards were killed. Juanita who was driving the getaway vehicle was caught along with him, and she was charged with aiding and abetting a felon. She was charged with 25 years in Federal prison.

Jail Break Edit

Juanita JailBreak

Juanita as a Dark Matter being

Juanita never adjusted to prison life, but she was resigned to the fact she would be there to serve her time. She had a chance meeting with Alexis Thorn. In that brief instance a blast ripped trough the new Female security facility at Terminal Island. With 107 Correction Officers, employees, and inmates killed in the explosion, not all bodies were accounted for, most notably missing is Alexis Thorn, formally known as Invictus who authorities believe is behind the explosion. The two were taken by the Dark Matter and shared Invictus body. First sighting was a small town in Arizona named El Vado when the local sheriff found Ivictus harassing the people at the local watering hole.

Training jail break

Silver Mist training under Invictus teachings.

They would make it to Cole Camp Kansas where they rented a room, and went to the Dark Realm. It was decided that the new alien presence would create Juanita's body. From there Invictus trained her how to manipulate matter, and use the new abilities she has been granted. Invictus connections with Jeffrey McGuire would aid them when the Doll Maker posing as a federal agent came to Cole Camp to retrieve them. The authorities would find out about her plans and try to capture all three resulting in 16 agents losing their lives as well.

Silent Hills Edit

The three would make it back to Angel Falls, and Juanita and Alexis would live in the Silent Hills Clock tower after meeting the Elf Shard. Juanita was fascinated with Shard and they seem to hit it off immediately. She would also secure a job as an exotic dancer. Life in Silent Hills was pretty much close to normal for Juanita as she enjoyed the attention her new body grabbed, and she had no reason to hide as well. It wasn't until she followed Shard one night in the Dock District did she have to use her abilities to fight as Shard was chasing off gang members in the Dock District. She later found out they were the Warrior 76. Fearing they would want reprisals as 4 Gang members were killed she would find out that Ramone Benitez had escaped from jail, and returned to lead the gang. Adding to her worries Invictus and Shard inform her that the Dock Father plans to obliterate everyone in the gang. Needing some answers about Ramone, and the 76 she disguised herself and went to the barrio. She found out that Ramone was holding Tara Genovese (formally Thomas Graves), and using her to extort more money from the Dock Father as well as continue to make Spike. She would return to Silent Hill, and assist Shard but on the understanding he kills no one. The meeting in the Docks was indeed a trap as Ramone turned against Juanita, and trapped her with energy device that left her powerless. It was Shard who incapacitated the remaining gang members. Yet Ramone got off a single shot which Silver Mist intercepted in a puddle state and railed the bullet back at Ramone killing him. The weakened Silver Mist was helped by Shard, and Rolanus as they also released the Cook and made their way back to Silent Hills before Law enforcers found them.

Dark Doll Edit

Eveilus One

Shortly after their ordeal with the 76, the Dark Doll, came for her and Invictus. Despite being joined by the Fantastic Lin and Morganna but she was overwhelmed and assimilated. It would be hours later when the Changeling, Valkeris, and Doll Maker formulated a plan to rescue all that were assimilated by the Dark Doll. With the situation resolved and the Changeling as well as everyone else exhausted she would escape with Invictus, Shard, Rolanus, and the Cook.

Being Human again Edit

Sl 39 restorations by candelagreene-d4gpuhi

Alexis comforts Juanita after finding out she was not pregnant.

The resulting actions from her ordeal with the Dark Doll had left her, and Invictus human once again. They both now had Blue eyes, and there was a possibility she was impregnated by Shard. She became the leader of the new Warrior 76, and with the help of Sahlia as her Lieutenant they changed the gang into a neighborhood vigilante force that helped the community stay clean, as well as stockpile Spike for the Dock Father which was made by the Cook. A plot by Manny Costello and his gang the Skells threatened everything when Invictus alerted her of a plot to kidnap the Cook. The Skells would find their Spike supply, and take it unknowing that Silver Mist had disguised herself in the shipment. She easily incapacitated the Skells and recovered the drugs, but a situation which found Shard in the Skells underground facility lead to an argument. In her human form she was struck mortally by a stray bullet. Shard blaming himself sought out Jelani Harper who had healed him earlier to save her life. Successfully finding him, they gathered the remaining drugs, and retreated back to the Barrio. The following day as she recovered, Shard left the Clock tower leaving Juanita, and Alexis the property. It was 6 days later she found out it was a false pregnancy.

Abilities Edit

Silver Mist was rted more powerful then Invictus yet she has alot of untapped potential.

  • Matter Manipulation
  • Shapeshifting
  • Plasma manipulation
  • Can change her molecular composition
  • Chameleon
  • Can produce Dark Matter mass that can immobilize

Weaknesses Edit

  • Nuetrino bombardment
  • Heavy Water, Dueterium
  • Plasma, and Heavy Dark Matter
  • Electro-Magnetic Pulse

Appearaces Edit