Olga Xenia Yezhov
Ssw pt
Identity: Secret
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Citizenship: U.S.S.R. from another dimension with no criminal record
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Height: 1.905
Weight: 230 lbs.
Occupation: Adventurer
Creator(dA name): Soviet_Superwoman
Base of Operation(s): Eden Island
Affiliations: Reserve member of the Guardians
Marital Status: Married: Maia Bonner (wife)
Children: None
Mother: deceased
Father: deceased
Relatives: deceased

Soviet Superwoman is a meta-human from an alternate universe who was transported here during a battle against aliens in her own universe. She resides in Modern day Angel Falls, and is considered one of the cities most powerful Guardians.

History Edit

Soviet glee by candelagreene-d31a828

Olga Yezhov was born in the rural USSR on an alternate earth where she worked as a farmhand on her kolkhoz (communal farm) in the years prior to World War II. After Hitler invaded in 1941, her village was rounded up by the authorities and given injections to stave off disease. In reality it was an untested form of super-soldier serum that killed everyone else in her village but her. Olga was given vast superpowers as her genetic code was re-written. Over time she had become super-strong and durable, invulnerable to physical damage, she gained flight and the ability to concentrate lasers from her eyes, superhuman speed, regeneration and increased longevity. When she was ready, they gave her a new suit and a new purpose: she became the Soviet Superwoman, hero to the people of the USSR. In 1942-1943 she smashed the German armies at both Stalingrad and Kursk, before moving towards Berlin and putting Hitler's war in Europe to an end. The Soviet army marched forward with her at front, driving the Allied forces back and conquering everything the German army had been forced to relinquish all the way to France. After dropping the atomic bombs to defeat Japan, the United States ordered it's bombers to attack Moscow. Olga intercepted the atomic bombs and brought them back to Russian scientists to replicate. The Allied forces negotiated a non-aggression pact with the USSR, giving them all of the territories in Europe. The war was over, and Stalin had won.

After the World War Edit

Over the course of the next decade, the Soviet Superwoman was a champion to the common man. She disrupted terrorists and criminals, saved lives and fought against injustices large and small. In the 1950's, after the first Soviet launch into space, the earth grabbed the attention of the alien invaders. They attempted to conquer the earth, but one of the key problems they faced was the Soviet Superwoman. After months of battle, they blasted Olga into a portal, sending her far away through time and space. When the portal reopened, it had dropped her in the modern Angel Falls setting, present day.

In Angel Falls Edit

Since that time she has had to adjust to a world where the USSR has fallen, the technology is superior and the USA is the dominant superpower. She is still a hero first and determined to find her way back home while also winning the hearts and trust of the people of Angel Falls by fighting against the forces of evil.


Soviet Superwoman Is a charter member of the Guardians and is consider a Founder.


Soviet Superwoman Is on the Guardian Private Reserve roster. This is the second line of defense but their membership is not known to the public at large for various reasons.


Soviet Superwoman has a history in the City of Heroes online Roleplay game continuity.