The Aetherian: Deimos
Aliases: The Aetherian
Ishmaeil the Traveler
The God-Weaver of Shadows
Child of Fire
Scion of Lightning
Offspring of Destruction
Descendant of the Fearsome God of Darkness (honored title)
Identity: Secret
Species: Higher Dimensional Being
Divine God-child
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Within the "soul" of the planet Earth, but in a higher and non-terrestrial plane of existence
Hair: Black
Eyes: Gold
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 225
Occupation: Wandering Archaelogist
Creator(dA name): iamrhaza3617
Base of Operation(s): Angel Falls (Old Dock District)
Affiliations: Sword Trinity
Marital Status: Single
Mother: Pele, Revered Earth Goddess
Father: Angra Mainyu
Relatives: Aria Kahner (sister)
Alastor Kahner (Half Brother)
Gwendolyn Winterhaven Kahner (Aunt/deceased)
Gaia, Spirit of the Earth (Grandmother)

Deimos is, literally, a star fallen from the skies. His abrupt arrival through an undisclosed portal above the city of Angel Falls some time before the 2011 Halloween Havoc event had no witnesses, but the crater left by his impact to the shores of Arcadia Bay was no joke, and the vibrations from that crash were felt by the majority of the shoreline residents. The sound that issued forth from his throat could not be heard by normal humans, but any animal in the vicinity and any being with enhanced or heightened senses detected the aetheric moan of pain with ease.

Deimos assuredly comes across as a well-mannered person above all else, and knows when someone is having a good laugh with him. Even still, this aloof being can be brooding, emotionless, and downright proper to a fault, but when it comes to any person or creature making him angry by insulting him or his ancient lineage, or fighting against any opponent, that individual will be on the receiving end of a highly skilled and deadly warrior fully capable of wielding his incredible powers and aetheric weapons. Despite the fact that Deimos has not made many friends since his arrival in Angel Falls, he does value them greatly, and he will defend them from any harm and mistreatment without hesitation. No one knows just how powerful he is here in the material plane, but there is no doubt that Deimos is not to be trifled with, unless one harbors a serious death wish. He is absolutely sure of himself, and only the most powerful beings and dire of situations can bring any of his buried emotions to the front.

Background Edit

Excerpt from the Villain File, 'Xeranad': "The Angra Mainyu is the spirit of every human evil that ever was, is, and will be. It is sin incarnate, as old as humanity itself. At some point in history, he seduced the goddess Pele, and she gave birth to a son, Deimos... but the other gods ensured that he would never see the child."

This is how Deimos' aetheric tale began, when his mother, the earth goddess Pele, became pregnant by the dark seductions of Angra Mainyu, but evaded his attempts to take the child from her when she sensed the dark power growing within her and wisely retreated into the aetheric bosom of her mother, the majestic Gaia herself. Protected from the dark spirit, Pele gave birth to Deimos. It was a difficult pregnancy to say the least, even for a goddess, due to the destructive and shadowy energies that combined with Pele's intense fiery and lightning-fueled life-force to thus comprise the god-child's powerful multi-faceted essence. Gaia herself knew that the child's power needed to be truly channeled, and she called upon the divine Archangels to aid her and her daughter. They, in turn, (although it was hotly debated) chose to call forth two fallen angels of the legendary Grigori to be his watchers and mentors while they fended off any and all attempts to steal the child before he was ready.

The human equivalent of four centuries passed in the aetheric realm for Deimos, and his teachers and guides all helped the growing god-child learn to understand and control his gifts and powers, while showing him that although his parentage included the heart of darkness and destruction that was indeed Angra Mainyu, the fiery spirit of his mother Pele and the lightning that obeyed her commands was also within him, and that gave him more than enough strength to remain balanced on the path of his own choosing. Then, it happened. On the day that Deimos reached what would be considered his eighteenth birthday, his innate shadow powers emerged with incredible intensity, reverting him to nothing more than a belligerent weapon of destruction. Not even his subsequent abduction by Angra Mainyu himself, and the brutal training he endured under him, could tame him. Realizing that only the most powerful of beasts could now give the raging god-child back his sense of self and control, Angra Mainyu angrily sent Deimos into the claws of the powerful Dragon-God, the Grand Draco Bahamut himself, and demanded that the ancient reptile train the god-child. Bahamut accepted the challenge, tested the boy, and found him worthy of his teachings.

The Dragon God did indeed train Deimos above and beyond what most gods had endured under his watchful eyes, and all of those teachings indeed served to make Deimos whole once more. But, at the end of the training, however, when Angra Mainyu returned to claim Deimos, the defiant god-child told his father outright that only he himself chose when and where he was to travel, and that it was no longer his father's right to do so. Despite the fierce desire of the dark spirit to force his child to follow his will then and there, the Dragon-God, his kin, and even the divine Archangels from before and the two Grigori stood with Deimos by his mother's intervention, and Angra Mainyu was forced to leave the world of the reptiles empty-handed. Not long after that, the dark spirit's power was nearly obiliterated by the holy sacrifice of the Christian God's son on the cross, and Deimos' existence seemed to fade from time, only popping up here and there in encounters with demons, devils, and the like across the universe.

Now, Deimos is here in Angel Falls, but in more ways than one, since the Halloween Havoc event has spawned two new beings from the aetheric essence of the god-child. One of them is an obsidian black-scaled dragonoid of fearsome power and strength, and the other is a literal guardian golem that claims to be from an ancient race of living celestial machines. Much more awaits those who encounter Deimos, and who chose to see where his travels take them.

Abilities Edit

  • Supernatural Strength / Durability (most likely equal to or easily exceeding Alpha Class at 90-100 tons+, full level unknown at this time due to him possibly being from another, higher plane of existence; this fact also applies to all of the documented abilities below)
  • Supernatural Speed / Reflexes / Endurance (most likely equal to or exceeding Alpha Class for the same aforementioned reasons; the rumor of him fighting with Ultrawoman and remaining in one piece give credit to this fact, but remains unconfirmed)
  • Supernatural Resistance to Injury / Damage and Complete Regenerative and Recuperative Capabilities, all Alpha Class (heals virtually all injuries in mere seconds, and remains fully capable in all respects during such periods)
  • Supernaturally Acute Sensory Abilities and Perception (Physical / Mental / Meta-physical) with unique innate safeguards against sensory overloads and any intrusive probative methods
  • Supernatural Psionic Abilities (unconfirmed at this time, but the possibility of his home realm being a higher plane of existence than Angel Falls and Earth suggests this is most likely)
  • Energy Manipulation / Generation / Creation (Alpha Class, primarily from either one of his Battle Gauntlets as he sees fit and desires to make use of) with Blast / Beam / Projectile Capabilities; Types:
    • Right Gauntlet: Aetheric Energy (green) / Darkness (shadow magic and shadow/darkness manipulation)
    • Left Gauntlet: Fire / Lightning (both elements of varying colors and intensities)
  • Supernatural Ability to Manipulate / Alter / Control / Create Matter (both organic and inorganic) and Energy, most likely at the sub-atomic level (Alpha Class), used primarily in:

Creation / Summoning of Energy and Elemental Weapons Edit

  • Supernatural Handguns
  • Elemental Dueling Blades (paired)
  • Ultimate Battle Sword: the Sword from Beyond the Void
  • Summoning of Self-Aware Weapon Familiars (swords)
  • Manifestation of Wings for Flight Capability:
    • Metallic and crimson red in color, seeming to be almost mechanical in nature.
    • True organic wings, silver and crimson red feathers; both sets of wings grant Deimos faster than sound flight ability, but only his feathered wings are protected with gilded golden wing shields; which one appears depends greatly on his current mood and his demeanor, as well as battle conditions)
  • Dimensional Teleportation / Portal Creation (very limited at this time, but how much is not known; currently using his affinity for the shadows and darkness to travel through the shadow realm as a medium, allowing him to move from place to place very rapidly)
  • Control over Time / Space / Gravity (extremely limited at this time; currently can only be utilized while in a "trance" state)
  • Aetheric Voice: Deimos is capable, with or w/o his unique battle mask that enhances its power, of unleashing a massive concussive sound blast from just shouting with his voice; this unique ability can bring enemies to their knees by its sheer power, or by Deimos altering its quasi-elemental harmonics to simply put others to sleep by suggestion or by force; Deimos knows the aetheric tones of the universe, and by using his unique voice to speak them, can alter several qualities of the known universe at a whim

Known Combat Skills Edit

  • Hand to Hand Combatant with seasoned skills similar to Kenpo /Capoeira / Grappling / Submission)
  • Master of Kapu Ku'ailua (Kuilaua or Lua) > Hawaiian Martial Art involving Bone Breaking, Joint Locks & Pressure Points)
  • Blunt Weapons / Bladed & Edged Weapons (Knives, Swords, etc.)
  • Ranged Weapons / Firearms
  • Special Weapons and Battle Tactics (from places unknown)
  • Tribal Folklore / Dance Knowledge (several cultures, from both Earth and other realms, especially in Hawaiian lore)

Weapons Edit

  • Aether Cannon (supernatural handgun, various ammunition)
  • Vengeful Crimson Lightning (left-hand dueling blade)
  • Seething Ebony Reaver (right-hand dueling blade)
  • Grimoire Ethos (ultimate sword, summoned only by breaking the weapon's protective Obsidian Seal with his dueling blades, and possessing various abilities related to his elemental natures)

Weaknesses Edit

Deimos currently suffers from a severe number of gaps and holes in his personal memories, brought on by his unplanned arrival in Angel Falls and his subsequent 'trials' which he has used to regain them. He can be surprised at times, but very rarely long enough to pose serious danger to his person. Given his power level and various abilities, only the most powerful of depraved villains or determined of foes stand a fighting change against him. Blessed weapons, such as those of a pure nature like silver, can damage him, but since he is in control of his essence and not being led by the wills of darkness, they do not seem to do more harm than other such weapons. Such weapons of a higher nature also seem to recognize him and hum out a tone of acknowledgment as to who he is, and he returns this greeting in kind, no matter which of his weapons are in his hands.