The Imperial
Imperial 001
Real Name: Unrevealed
Identity: Secret
Species: presumed Human
Gender: Female
Citizenship: Ruler of her own empire
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Gray
Height: 5'11' (in armor)
Weight: Unrevealed
Occupation: Ruler,conqueror
Creator(dA name): Pathetic-Virgin
Base of Operation(s): Some point in the future


Nothing is known about the background of the time-traveling tyrant who calls herself the Imperial and claims to have ruled her time period for ten thousand years. She first appeared in the modern era on the day most of the Guardians were gathered to dedicate their new headquarters. When she made her intentions know that she was going to, paradoxically, start her reign by defeating the team, some of the heroes tried to attack her, but she summoned an attack drone to defeat them. A number of Guardians working together managed to destroy it, only for her to summon more. However, these too were destroyed through teamwork. The Guardians then turned their attack to the Imperial and she fled, swearing that she would one day return and destroy them. Once she was in her own time, however, she considered what just happened as a success.

Some time later, the Imperial abducted General Bardak as he was on his way to a vote on whether or not Gordon Martin, the repentant criminal known as Raging Bull, should be allowed to join the Guardians, and challenged him to a duel, using his life and her assurance not to use assault drones again as the stakes. She quickly proved to be the better at swordsplay, as she told him that events in the past determine how a person would act in the future. She also revealed that her ability with a blade was due to a computer in her gauntlet and not skill, something that Bardak used to his advantage by damaging it and then defeating her. She kept her word but said she would find another way, and then returned him to Guardian Hall, where he voted to accept Gordon, partially due to her words.

When the Fastest Ostrich was travelling to different eras in time, he came to the future where the Imperial ruled. Captured, the Imperial revealed that he was a temporal anomaly; he soon escaped when he was pulled back through time. However, after he left, it was revealed that the Imperial had used holographic imagery to create everything he had saw in her time, for reasons unknown.

Note: In a potential future, the Inperial use dupli-clones, genetically identical dopplegangers, to try and turn the GuardiaNext and the Young Guardians, two teams mostly comprised of the children of the Guardians, agianst each other. However, they quickly realised the deception and the Imperial confronted them and unleashed the dupli-clones. However, the young heroes defeated the duplicates by switching opponants; afterwards, the Imperial chose not to battle them and returned to her future.


The Imperial possesses no known superhuman powers. However, her armor is greatly resistant to damage, and the helmet can automatically disassemble with a voice command. She has access to time travel technology. She also has numerous advanced technical devices from the future, including: assault drones that can counteract any one ability used against it (she claims to have a hundred million), force fields, levitating platforms, access to a "room outside time", a rapier-like weapon that can bypass armor, a computer within her gauntlet that gives her great skill at fencing, technology that can interrupt teleportation, spatial warping tubes, and vast holographic simulators, among other unrevealed technology.