Walkiria pt
Aliases: Walkiria, MJR. Maia Bonner
Identity: Secret
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Citizenship: United States
Place of Birth: Silverdale, Washington
Hair: Red
Eyes: Greene
Height: 6'2"
Weight: She wouldn't say
Occupation: Hero
Creator(dA name): Teri-Minx
Base of Operation(s): Eden Island
Marital Status: Married:
Olga Yezhov (Wife)

Walkiria is probably the most powerful Superhero in all of Angel Falls. She is married to Olga Yezhov. Her popularity is only second to Polygirl and is infamously the enemy of many villains, most notably U1trawoman.

History Edit

Maia Bonner was born in Silverdale, Washington to a military family. Following in the family footsteps, she became a Marine Corps officer after graduating from the military academy. Always looking for new and harder challenges, she applied to and was accepted for the Marine Corps Special Forces . She served in the Special Forces for many years, rising to the rank of Major.

Disheartened End Edit

Her military career came to an abrupt end during a covert mission. Mistakes made by the Intelligence operative in charge of the mission nearly resulted in the death of her team and caused a large number of civilian casualties. Enraged, she physically took control of the mission and got her team to safety. The entire affair turned into a huge political black eye for the United States. Political maneuvering by the NSA sought to place blame for the failure squarely on her shoulders. Only the discovery of secret satellite footage vindicating her and saved her from a dishonorable discharge. Disillusioned by the entire affair and disheartened by the lack of support she received from the military, Maia resigned her commission and left the Marine Corps.

A New Beginning Edit

Entering the private sector, she quickly found employment with a private security company. She saw action in the Middle and Far East theaters of operation working on corporate security details. It was during this time that the event occurred that transformed her into the superheroine she is today.

Transformation Edit

Her company had been hired to provide security for a secret lab doing cutting edge research into extra-dimensional sources of energy. The lab, located on a corporate-owned island in the Caribbean, boosted a high degree of security. Maia’s team was assigned to close security around and inside the laboratory complex. The lab was attempting to create a stable dimensional rift into a dimension of pure energy. The idea was to create an opening through which endless amounts of clean energy could be siphoned off from. The scientists were successful in creating the rift but before it could be dimensionally anchored the lab was attacked by a super villain. Maia’s team attempted to defend the lab and give the scientists a chance to shut down the dimensional portal. At a critical junction the head scientist lost control of the dimensional portal as the battle raged around her. A massive explosion all but leveled the lab. The super villain retreated, believing the portal was lost.

The truth was a different matter. The un-anchored portal had been blasted into Maia’s body. Over the next couple of months it merged with her body. She found she needed less sleep and food, and had a surplus of energy and stamina. She healed quickly from her wounds, unaware of the energy source now residing in her body. It wasn’t until she was at home working out that she first accessed the dimensional portal inside her. The rush of extra dimensional energy immediately transformed her body. She grew over half a foot in height and increased her musculature by a large degree. Her hair became a darker red and her eyes became a deeper green. She found she had super strength and durability. Retiring from her job, she lived off her military pension while she worked to explore and master her new-found abilities. In a nod to her military call sign and her German heritage, she took the name “Walkiria”; the Germanic variation of the word Valkyrie .

Batlling U1trawoman Edit

After crafting a costume she used her new powers, which now included flight and the ability to shoot energy blasts to fight crime. It was during that time that the villainess Ultrawoman escaped from the dimensional prison she had been banished to. Researchers at a Yoyodyne Industries lab inadvertently released her while experimenting with a recovered piece of alien technology. The villain was nearly insane following her imprisonment and immediately lashed out at the personnel in the lab. She killed several people, including three members of the security detail assigned to the lab. It turned out the security personnel were members of Walkiria’s covert mission team. Upon learning of their murders at the hands of Ultrawoman, Walkiria tracked her down and managed to surprise and overpower her. She defeated and brutalized Ultrawoman before dumping her body into a volcanic vent.

Walkiria underestimated Ultrawoman’s invulnerability. The villainess survived her lava bath and made her way to her hideout, the KEEP . Once there Ultrawoman crafted a special suit of armor to draw out the ionic radiation poisoning here. This armor also was designed to weaken Walkiria when she was in close proximity to it. Ultrawoman then attacked a Marine base in hopes of drawing Walkiria out and killing her. When Walkiria arrived, the two super-beings clashed in an epic battle. Ultrawoman’s armor did serve to weaken Walkiria but the heroine refused to surrender. Walkiria pushed herself further and further in an attempt to defeat her enemy. This extreme effort combined with the effects of Ultrawoman’s armor caused a chain reaction overload. Walkiria’s body released a massive energy pulse that rivaled the force of a 15 kiloton nuclear explosion. Fortunately the explosion took place in a sparsely populated area so civilian casualties were relatively light.

Reinforced Edit

The explosion nearly killed Ultrawoman. Only her armor kept her from being obliterated in the blast. As is was, her armor was vaporized and Ultrawoman was seriously wounded. Walkiria was blasted away, her body landing in the backwaters of the Potomac River. She was recovered by the heroine Mako . After the explosion, Walkiria’s body went into a seven month long period of metabolic stasis. Whereas before her body was flesh infused with Ionic energy , the overload and explosion triggered a metamorphosis that converted her body into energy made solid. The metamorphosis increased her powers and her control over them. Her powers may still be changing at this time as her body settles into this new form.

A New Home Edit

Regaining consciousness, she rejected the government’s offer to become a government sponsored heroine. Her experiences with the military leadership and government intelligence agencies had left her skeptical about both. Learning that Ultrawoman was active in Angel Falls, she travelled there to confront her enemy. She settled into the city, fighting alongside other heroines like Fantastic Lin , Mindy Marvel , Diamond , Firebrandi , Soviet Superwoman , and a host of others. While defending the city from a seemingly endless array of threats, she has developed a romantic relationship with Olga Yezhov, the Soviet Superwoman . She was also approached by a benefactor who has provided her with material and logistic support. She and Olga now live in a penthouse apartment on Eden Island in a building owned by a subsidiary of Yoyodyne Industries.