Warbuster by rhardo
Aliases: Unrevealed
Species: Human (augmented by power armor)
Gender: Male
Citizenship: US Citizen
Place of Birth: Unrevealed
Hair: Unrevealed
Eyes: Unrevealed
Height: 7' 6" (in armor)
Weight: 500 pounds (in armor)
Occupation: Unrevealed
Creator(dA name): lonestranger
Base of Operation(s): Stranger Industries facilities
Affiliations: Guardians
Marital Status: Unrevealed
Children: Unrevealed
Mother: Unrevealed
Father: Unrevealed
Relatives: Unrevealed

Origin Edit

Seeing the increase in activity from gangs as well as well as the rise of activity from super villains flocking to the city, a project was approved by Stranger Industries to create a suit of power armor to aid the heroes in the city. The project was given to Polygirl who dove into it with full energy.

Development Edit

The suit of armor came together relatively quickly, the components took some time to be fitted properly into the suit. The challenge came from choosing the pilot of the suit.

Pilot Selection Process Edit

The details of the pilot testing have been kept very quiet, and any attempts to find a database in the SI network have proven fruitless. Some day the results of the testing may be revealed to the public, until that happens the actual identity of the pilot will be the results will be endlessly speculated on in most of the bars around the city and on countless websites.

Suit Specifications Edit

The armored suit contains the following systems:

Powered Flight: Boot jets and maneuvering systems on the suit allow for flight up to 250 MPH. External booster rockets needed to achieve orbital flight

Enhanced Strength: Hydraulics in the armor allows maximum lift of 75 tons.

Sensor Systems: Full suite of audio and visual enhancing systems including (but not limited to) Infrared, Ultrasonic, X-Ray, Radar, etc.

Communication Systems: Onboard communication systems allow for the pilot to tap into all non-military communication frequencies. Broadcast modules allow the suit to boost Guardians communication signals.

Armor: High tensile materials provide proof against regular bullets, most types of grenades, and tank shells. High resistance against most types of lasers (including laser vision).

Weapons systems: Modular hardpoints on the armor allow for mission specific armaments to be loaded onto the suit. The standard load-out for the suit is as follows.

Shoulder Mounted Plasma Cannon: Medium output shoulder mounted weapon. Maximum effective range of 150 yards.

Shoulder Mounted Minigun: 3000 rounds per minute shoulder mounted weapon. Ammo loadout is 1000 caseless rounds both lethal and non-lethal. Maximum effective range 400 yards.

Forearm Mounted Machine Gun: 600 rounds per minute dual machine gun mounted on the left arm. 175 caseless rounds both lethal and non-lethal can be loaded into the arm bin. Maximum effective range of 300 yards.

Forearm Mounted Grenade Launcher: 5 rounds per minute grenade launcher mounted on the right arm. Ammo capacity of 10 grenades, with capability to use lethal, semi-lethal, and fully lethal grenade types.


Warbuster Is on the Guardian Private Reserve roster. This is the second line of defense but their membership is not known to the public at large for various reasons.