Aliases: Tamara Blackwood
Identity: Hidden
Species: Succubus
Gender: Female
Citizenship: United States
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Yellow Iris (human)
Yellow including Pupils (Succubus)
Height: 6'5" (human)
Up to 60' (Succubus)
Weight: 150 lbs (human)
Occupation: High School health Teacher, Succubus
Creator(dA name): GentlemanPlayer
Base of Operation(s): Angel Falls
Marital Status: Single
Mother: Eisheth Zenunim

Watamaraka is a Succubus Queen by birthright. Daughter of Eisheth Zenunim, she was born some 150 years ago. She feeds on mortal men seeds and souls, and takes a personal interest in these endeavors as she prefers not to have a number of Succubi, and Incubi.

Background Edit

Tamara was born in 1860 as daughter of Eiseth Zenunim. It is believed her father was a mortal but not much more is known on that as Eiseth had many mortals on 4 different continents. From the outset, Tamara seemed to be very intelligent as she excelled in knowledge which made most believe she would never become a Succubi. By her 14th year, that would change as she matured early. She spent most of her life among humans and enjoyed being social. By the 1880's she began a trek that would take her 50 years to complete, from Portugal east to Japan. She became skilled in the practices of sexual encounters in every culture and along the way took many men souls. By the 1920's she developed the ability to become Hermaphrodite, and thus became a devout bi-sexual.

Demons and Human Relationships Edit


Watamaraka human appearance. Her current identity Tamara Blackwood.

From 1930 to 1956 Watamaraka would travel abroad to the Philippines, South and Central America, Cuba, and finally to the United States. Over this period of time, she had strong relationships with several notable demons, most notable was Samael whom she seemed to be at his beck and call. She also had friendships with Lilith Mephistopheles, and Naamah. She also had a number of Succubi and Incubi in her employ to bring her souls. She kept busy working in the mortal world in any profession involving sex. She was prominent for being an escort of discreet taste, as well as appearing in a few blue films of the era. By 1942, World War II was in full swing and Watamaraka found herself in New Orleans where she made a living as a prostitute in the French Quarters who became so popular that she had a few visits frm Dr Alfred Kinsey. These visits were actually research as there was no sexual encounters. It is believed she was the driving force for him to write his second book Sexual Behavior in the Human Female. Even after the War, she continued to have interviews with him until 1951 when she moved westward to Las Vegas. That is where she met Agrath Bat Mahlat who at the time was looking to expand her business Hedon International. Their friendship would become reknowed as they gotten so close that Agrat took her under her wing as her own daughter, much to Eisheth dismay. They would become business partners as Agrat opened her newest Hedon Resort in Rio De Janiero, Brazil in 1954. Watamaraka was given the helm to the resort as business was eclipsing the then flagship resort in Cyprus. It was in 1956 that Agrat decided to take Hedon in a new direction and expanded even more globally but she needed Watamaraka to help her do this.

Tempatation Magazine and the bitter Rivalry Edit

1956: Hedon International, seeing the success that Playboy Magazine has had, launched it's own magazine named Tempatations. Unlike Playboy, Agrat would use her very own staff as the Centerfold, and use their fame to promote Hedon International. In January 1956, it was Watamaraka who graced the centerfold in her human form under the name Tammy Black. The magazine sold out worldwide in 3 days. Watamaraka was looked upon as the face of Hedon as well as Temptations magazine. It would be some 15 years later when Agrat was fed up with the attention she garnered from her hard work. The long time friends would become enemies when Agrat spread stories about her personal life to the media. Watamaraka, infuriated with her, decided to leave Hedon International and started to keep a very low profile. So disheartening was the betrayal that Watamaraka also freed a number of succubi and incubi from their contracts as she began to become a loner.

New identity Edit

Watamaraka would reappear in the United States in Angel Falls. She applied for a job as a health teacher. Being well qualified, she got the job and became a favorite among her students. She still works alone as there is much sin in Angel Falls, plus she is blanketed by the fact that Lilith is the succubus queen in the region. It was her search for an incubus named Antagus who had broken her contract and avoiding her like the plague that made her seek the aid of Excalibur to capture him and the man responsible for raping women every Friday the 13th.

Appearances Edit