Xeranad Lekard
Dark lord xeranad
Real Name: Alexander Gerard Kahner (Body)
Angra Mainyu (spirit)
Gender: Male
Hair: White, with long bangs coming down the sides of his face
Eyes: White on black schlera, his left eye is slitted.
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 139 lbs
Marital Status: Widow/Divorced: Gwendolyn Winterhaven Kahner (deceased)
Pele (Divorced)
Children: Aria Kahner (daughter)
Deimos (son)

Alexander Gerand Kahner is Absolutely off his rocker. He enjoys slaughtering people as if intoxicated by the smell of their blood. He has a morbid sense of humor and often makes terrible jokes. However, he often starts a conversation politely, which in itself is unnerving, and refers to people by their real names rather than their superhero names. In short... he's a grade A sociopath who would love nothing more than to break you.

Background Edit

Xeranad lekard

Once known as Ahriman, he was the god of darkness of the Celestial Court, and brother to Ormazd, god of light. A benevolent, if somewhat mischievous entity, he nonetheless got along well with his brothers and sisters. Prone to watching mortals as they go about during the twilight hours, he one day watched a lovely couple get brutally murdered by a band of thugs. Since then, he watched atrocity after atrocity being committed under the cover of his wondrous night. He then asked his brother one day if he could watch him work. Confused, but generously, he allowed it, and Ahriman saw that practically nothing evil happened in the light of day. This drove Ahriman mad with jealous and hate, until he finally snapped, and attacked his brother, only to be subdued. For his crime, the Celestial Court banished him into the Void, where all abominations are forced to reside.

There, he was beset by the Elder Gods, ancient beings beyond mortal understanding. But Ahriman killed each one that attacked him, and consumed them, growing in power and his mind being twisted and corrupted further by the eldritch creatures. Finally, he broke out of his prison, rending the Void open for all the cosmic horrors to attack the universe in their perverseness. Ahriman appeared before his brothers and sisters once again, calling himself Angra Mainyu. He mocked them and openly challenged them all, declaring war on the Celestial Court.

During the conflict, many gods and horrors fell, including the god of the storm winds, Vayu (whose essence Angra Mainyu consumed, and would later pass to his second offspring, Aria). The conflict became so brutal that Ormazd stepped into the field of battle himself to challenge his dark brother. The two fought, but in the end it was a draw. A truce was finally forged: Angra Mainyu would leave the court alone, and in return he would be left alone. Angra Mainyu agreed to the truce, but warned that any god that strayed from the court was his to do with as he pleased.

Time passed, and new gods were born, among them Pele, the goddess of earthly fire. She heard the stories of Angra Mainyu and dismissed them, venturing outside the court in order to get a better look at the universe. There she was attacked by a cosmic horror, which would have surely killed her if not for the intervention of a dark clad stranger. This stranger was Angra Mainyu, who then cast a spell on Pele's heart, which compelled her to come visit again and again. Each time her ached for him even more, and finally, they embraced and made love, which resulted in the inception of Deimos, Angra Mainyu's firstborn child.

This act, however, was seen as a breach in the contract by the Celestial Court, and the Second Celestial War had begun. It was just as brutal as the first, if not more so. Finally, the king of the Court himself gave up his own child to ensure that Angra Mainyu's evil, the evil of humanity and the evil of the eldritch horrors, was put to an end. Angra Mainyu was sacrificed to purify humanity, and thus was the end of of the god of darkness... his essence forever trapped on the earthly plane inside a tiny, wooden bowl.

Four centuries passed, and a knight named Alexander Gerard Kahner, on his quest to claim the Holy Grail, stumbled upon the drinking bowl that sealed away Angra Mainyu's essence. He drank from it, and though at first it did nothing, it made Alexander believe that his quest to obtain immortality had been achieved. he returned to his kingdom, picking up a Germanic peasant woman along the way named Gwendolyn Winterhaven, and the two of them fell in love, conceiving a child, a little girl named Arianrhod Cadenza Kahner. However, he was disowned by his family, calling the union between a commoner and a noble such as Alexander to be worthy of contempt. Especially enraged was his half sister, Narissa, who harbored feelings of her own for Alex. So much so she was driven mad with jealousy towards Gwendolyn, and she one day snapped, murdering Gwendolyn and burning down his home, believing to have killed Aria in the fire (she didn't). When Alexander returned home, his entire world was now ashes, and Narissa proclaimed her love for him.

Inside Alexander, the entity known as Angra Mainyu finally was reborn, and Alexander, his desire for vengeance burning strong, murdered Narissa with his own hands. His mind forever lost to the madness that was Angra Mainyu, the fallen dark god decided to take on a new name, and as his host was named Alexander, he would be the Dark Alexander... Xeranad Lekard.

Soon after, Xeranad Lekard took control of Europe by threatening the ruling families from the shadows, plunging Europe into the Dark Ages. As the populace was attempting to creep out of this shadow of fear with knowledge and peace, Xeranad sent a plague, carried by rats, that decimated Europe. Over 20 million died because Xeranad wanted to teach those insects their place in the world.

But even his might wasn't enough to keep Europe in the dark forever, as the Knights Templar, a holy order established during the crusades, helped lead the way into the Age of Enlightenment. This act was the beginning of the end of Xeranad's shadow empire, but by this time he was prepared, having accumulated enough gold and precious jewels to make his life one of leisure, even in his fall from power. He destroyed the Templar order, leaving one survivor, (a stable boy by the name of Amadeus Croix), and disappeared into the shadows, never to be heard from again...

...until World War II, when the Nazis invaded a small Polish settlement, the people terrified of something that most of the Nazi soldiers considered to be the bogeyman. Soon a man calling himself Xander Aldrake appeared, and offered his services to the Nazi regime, becoming a member of Hitler's Thule Society, and eventually it's Archmage. But, as the war was winding down, he vanished once again... and only now has he recently reemerged as the Lord of Darkness Eternal, his one goal to break everyone's mind and make them suffer in the darkness with him for eternity.

Abilities Edit

Ties of blood pt 5
  • Strength: Xeranad is a Beta Meta in this regard. Able to stop a car but not able to lift one.
  • Assimilation: A rarely seen ability, Xeranad can consume the essence of his victim in order to further enhance his power and strength. However... this requires him to devour the victim entirely, down to the last bite. As Xer has stated... human flesh is disgusting and he prefers seafood.
  • Regeneration and Reconstitution: Xeranad can reattach any severed body part thanks to the tentacles inside his body, which grab and reclaim any lost pieces. Whatever is completely destroyed can be complete regenerated, but this requires more energy. Regardless, whenever he uses this ability he complains about being hungry.
  • Dimensional Manipulation: Xeranad can use his magical powers to manipulate the very fabric of reality to his whim. He uses this to teleport, summon his arsenal of blades and chains and torture devices, and even attack in multiple places at once.
  • Unseen Eyes: Xeranad can use his raven familiar, Mark, to keep tabs on anyone he pleases in Angel Falls. Xeranad is also able to see into the minds of his minions, especially those he has instilled his "gift" into.
  • Curses: Xeranad can cast a myriad of curses, too numerous in number to list.

Weapons Edit

A 5 foot long sword (named "Chaos"), and a gauntlet with a spear tipped chain.

Weaknesses Edit

  • Silver: Silver severely messes up his regenerative abilities, delaying the process by a severe amount. Any damage he receives with a silver weapon will take longer to heal, and some damage is permanent.
  • Short Temper: Xeranad has very little to no impulse control. If someone presses his buttons enough, he goes into a blind rage. This, however, can be a double edged sword, as even when he's swinging his blade wildly he remains a threat.
  • Arrogance: Perhaps his most crippling flaw, Xeranad is supremely arrogant, to the point of making narcissists look humble. He doesn't believe he can truly be bested by anyone, regardless of who they are, and rarely takes anyone seriously. The exceptions to this rule are Aria, Deimos, and Concussion/David Blake.